Acquisitions and Divestitures

Disclaimer: the information in this glossary has been carefully checked against public sources; however, exact names, dates, and transaction amounts may be incorrect. Authoritative information about the nature and specifics of each acquisition, divestiture, or merger can be found in official filings of Schlumberger Ltd. with regulatory authorities.


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See A. Comean & Associates below.

A. Comeau & Associates (ACA)
A Canadian company, provider of electrical engineering products and services for artificially lifted wells, founded in 1976 and located in Edmonton, Alberta. Acquired by Schlumberger in 2002 and incorporated into the Artificial Lift segment.

Actaris was the European spinoff of the Schlumberger electrical metering business. It was created in 2001 through a management buyout financed by LBO France. Subsequently, Montagu Private Equity took a stake in the company, and resold that stake to LBO France in 2005. In April 2007, Actaris was acquired for $1.6 billion by Itron, based in Spokane, Wash.

AEG Meter
AEG was founded in 1887 in Germany. Schlumberger acquired the AEG Meters division in December 1994, AEG Meters had production sites for electricity meters in Italy, Germany, Spain, and South Africa.

See AOA Geomarine Operations.

Allmess Congermania
A water and heat metering company, founded in 1981 in Germany and acquired in 1987. Following the divestiture of the metering businesses, Allmess is now part of Itron.

Alpine Specialty Chemicals
A business unit of M-I SWACO.

A division formed in 1984 from the merger of The Analysts (see below) with the drilling segment of Dowell. Anadrill later became part of the Drilling & Measurement segment.

The Analysts
A directional drilling and mud logging services company acquired in 1978. Merged in 1984 with the drilling segment of Dowell to form Anadrill.

Anton Oilfield Services
Schlumberger acquired a 20.1% stake in this Chinese oilfield services company for $82 million in July 2012.

AOA Geomarine Operations (AGO)
A privately-owned pioneer in CSEM (controlled-source electromagnetic) and MMT (marine magnetotelluric) technologies for exploration, acquired in October 2004. AGO has offices in San Diego, Calif., and Austin, Texas.

Applicon Inc. was one of the first manufacturers of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) systems. It was founded in 1969 in Bedford, Mass. by Fontaine Richardson, a PhD in computer science from the University of Illinois. During the 1970s and early 1980s, the company had its headquarters and R&D facility in Burlington, Mass., and manufacturing in Billerica, Mass.. Applicon was acquired by Schlumberger in 1981. At the time, it had annual revenues of over $100 million. In 1986, Applicon and separately acquired Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc. (MDSI) were combined into the Schlumberger CAD/CAM division and had their main office in Ann Arbor, Mich. Schlumberger sold the division to Gores Enterprises in 1993, and in turn Gores sold it in 1999 to UGS Corp., a 1996 spin-off of Electronic Data Systems, which was later acquired by Siemens AG.

See Volucompteurs Aster-Boutillon.

At Balance
A wholly owned subsidiary of Smith International incorporated in December 2004, At Balance (also spelled @balance) led the trend in Automated Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) — a new upstream technology segment focused on delivering the benefits of constant bottom hole pressure control. At Balance became part of Schlumberger as a result of the acquisition of Smith in August 2010.

See Automatic Test Equipment below.

Automatic Test Equipment
A division of Schlumberger formed from the part of Fairchild kept by Schlumberger in 1987, plus several companies already part of Schlumberger (Factron, Membrain) as well as companies acquired later (TLA, IVS) devoted to the testing of printed circuit board, microprocessors, and memory chips. The ATE division became part of the Test & Transactions group in the late 1990s. A few years later, all the business in that group were sold as Schlumberger refocused solely on the O&G industry. ATE was spun off as NPtest.

The name of the Schlumberger spin-off, created in 2004 to divest its smart cards business. Axalto merged in June 2006 with its main competitor Gemplus, forming Gemalto.
Baker Jardine & Associates
This London-based company, the original developer and owner of the PIPESIM suite of Multiphase Flow simulators and provider of consulting services for production optimization, was acquired in April 2001 by the GeoQuest division of Schlumberger and immediately became part of the newly formed Schlumberger Information Solutions segment.

Schlumberger acquired in 1981 the measurement transformers activity of the Belgian company Balteau. This business ended up being part of Actaris and was sold in 2005 to the RS ISOLSEC group.

Benson Graphics
Acquired in 1981, this company made graphical printers and plotters. Benson was sold in 1989 to the Dutch group Océ. In 1988, Benson had a revenue of $125 million and employed 850 people. It was based in the Paris suburb of Créteil, with a manufacturing plant in Guérande, France, and a U.S. location in Mountain View, Calif.

A small Italian service company, acquired by Schlumberger in 1996, and integrated into the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim.

Bosco and Cori SpA
An Italian metering company acquired in 1987.

Brazil Research and Geoengineeriug Center (BRGC)
An R&D center established in Rio de Janeiro in 2010.
Cable & Wireless plc (C&W)
The origin of C&W goes back to a number of separate British telegraph companies created in the 1860s. In 1928, they were consolidated into Imperial & International Communications Ltd., which was renamed Cable & Wireless Ltd. in 1934. Schlumberger formed the Omnes joint venture with C&W in 1995 to offer networking services to the Oil & Gas industry. Today, C&W is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone and is headquartered in Bracknell, UK.

Camco International
A US completion products company acquired by Schlumberger in August 1998 for about $3 million in stock (2.6 times its revenue at the time).
Camco included the Riserless Light Well Intervention department (RLWI), which had an exclusive alliance agreement with WellOps (later called Helix Energy Solutions Group). In 2005, the agreement ended and Schlumberger divested the RLWI hardware and personnel to Helix.

Cameron, a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services, was acquired by Schlumberger on April 1, 2016. At that time, Cameron employed over 24,000 people and operated in more than 300 locations worldwide. Schlumberger paid $14.8 billion for the acquisition. As a result of this, OneSubsea, previously a Schlumberger-Cameron joint venture, became fully integrated into Schlumberger.

A metering company founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1962 to produce water meters. Schlumberger acquired CAMSA in year? and sold it in 1993 to Alstom, which integrated it into its Protection & Control business.

Casing Drilling™
The acquisition of this division of Tesco Corporation, for $45 million in cash, was announced in April 2012.

CellNet Data Systems
A provider of advanced metering, energy efficiency, and infrastructure communication systems to electric, gas, and water utilities worldwide. Based in San Mateo, Calif. CellNet filed for bankruptcy in February 2000 and was acquired by Schlumberger in May 2000, and included in its RMS division, which was later divested.

See Comptage Immobilier Services.

A small Italian service company, acquired by Schlumberger in 1996, and integrated into the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim.

COMESA was a joint venture between Seismograph Service Corp., a division of Raytheon, and the Mexican national oil company PEMEX, for the purpose of providing seismic acquisition and processing services to PEMEX, along with technical support. Seismograph provided the seismic crew equipment (recording trucks, Vibroseis energy sources, etc.) as well as seismic processing systems and software (Phoenix systems). Technical staff provided as needed for support and training included field supervisors, instrument supervisors, Vibroseis mechanics, computer maintenance engineers, seismic processing supervisors and software developers as needed to support the operations. It was acquired by Schlumberger in 1992 with other assets of SSC.

Compagnie des Compteurs (CDC)
This company's origins go back to a laboratory created in 1872 in Paris by two French engineers, Gabriel Chamon and M. Nicolas. The laboratory was restructured as the Compagnie des Compteurs (meaning "Meters Company") in 1881. In 1923, it moved its headquarters to the buildings in Montrouge that later served as the largest Paris-area campus of Schlumberger through the 1990s. In 1970, CDC was acquired by Schlumberger and became known as "Compteurs Schlumberger." At that time, CDC controlled 79 companies with a total of 20,000 employees, including 2,000 engineers.
In 1977, Schlumberger reorganized the group into three subsidiaries: Flonic (water, heat, gas); Enertec (electricity); and Sereg (industrial control and valves). These, together with equivalent companies in other countries, collectively formed the Resource Management Services (RMS) division until Schlumberger exited this business around 2004 (see Actaris and Itron).

Companhia Brasileira de Medidores
This company, whose name means "Bazilian Meters Company," was founded in 1946 to produce water meters. It became part of the expansion of Schlumberger into metering.

Companía para la Fabricación de Contadores
This company, whose name means "Company for Meter Manufacturing" was created in Barcelona (Spain) in 1924. It became part of the expansion of Schlumberger into metering.

Comptage Immobilier Services (CIS)
A company within the water metering division of Schlumberger, providing meter reading services in condominium or apartment buildings in France (where the city has only one main meter and bills the management company for the total usage, and there are private sub-meters to measure each unit's consumption so that the management company can bill each owner or tenant).

Constructions Radioélectriques du Centre (CRC)
A company located on rue Daguerre in Saint-Etienne, in the center of France, acquired by Schlumberger in 1971 to develop the instrumentation required for the electronics testing business. Later on, this became the payment terminals manufacturing center, part of the Urban Terminals & Systems division, making in particular the handheld chip-card readers that became ubiquitous in French restaurants and retail stores in the 1990s. In 2003, the payments terminal business was sold to Flextronics. In 2010, a change of stakeholders created a new entity, Elifrance.

See Companía para la Fabricación de Contadores (above).

Conteuro Rigas
An Italian metering company acquired by Schlumberger in 1987. A company called "Conteuro Rigas Cori SpA" has now resurfaced in Asti, Italy.

A metering company founded in Belgium in 1959, located in Uccle (Ukkel in Flemish) near Brussels. Now part of Itron.

Convergent Group
A provider of consulting, software engineering, systems integration and project management services to enable utility companies and local governments to implement Internet-based business solutions, especially in the area of Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Based in Englewood, Colo.
This group started in 1986 as UGC Consulting, offering GIS consulting and implementation services to North American utility clients. The name was later changed to Convergent. Convergent went public on the NASDAQ market through an IPO in August 2000, but was almost immediately acquired by Schlumberger in October 2000 for $276 million. At the time, it had about 285 employees. Convergent was briefly make part of SchlumbergerSema, but as a result of the divestiture of non-oilfield activities, a group of Convergent/Schlumberger employees founded Enspiria Solutions in 2003, and acquired the assets of Convergent in 2004. In March 2010, Black & Veatch acquired Enspiria. Today, Enspiria continues to offer complete smart grid services as a division of B&V.

CP8, the smart cards division of French computer manufacturer Bull, was acquired by Schlumberger in February 2001 for €350 million. It became part of the Smart Cards & Terminals business. Its main location was in Louveciennes, near Versailles, France.

See Constructions Radioélectriques du Centre.

A company that split off from Dexa Systems in 2009. It offers Simplified Identity and Access Management solutions.
A German metering company acquired in 1993.

Data & Consulting Services (DCS)
A segment of Schlumberger, formed when the log interpretation business was separated from the Wireline segment. SIS, DCS and SBC were part of the Reservoir Management Group. In 2011, DCS was divided into Data Services (processing of wireline data) and Geoscience Petroleum Engineering (GPE) for consulting projects. In 2012, the new Petrotechnical Services (PTS) segment was created as a joint venture consisting of DCS and the Geosolutions sub-segment of WesternGeco.

Data Marine Services (DMS)
An Aberdeen-based oilfield satellite communications company, acquired in 2000. Became part of Schlumberger Network Solutions, then of the Global Connectivity Services (GCS) group until it was sold in 2011 to Harris Corp. and rebranded as Harris Caprock.

A measurement instruments company acquired in 1962. As a result of this acquisition, the Heathkit company became part of Schlumberger.

The DBR Group of Canada, provider of phase behavior and fluid property technology, was acquired by Schlumberger in 2002.

See Data & Consulting Services.

An O&G software and consulting services firm acquired in 2004.

Delft Geophysical
This company was acquired in 1990 and merged with Geco.

DeXa Systems
The various product offerings of Network & Infrastructure Solutions (NIS) were branded with names that started with "DeXa," such as DeXa.Net and DeXa.Badge. Upon the divestiture of SchlumbergerSema to Atos Origin in early 2004, some product lines that Atos was not interested in were spun off. One of these new entities, Enterprise Security Services (ESS), became Dexa Systems, a supplier of security solutions to the Oil & Gas industry. In 2009, another security company, Credexo, split off from Dexa Systems.
DeXa Systems and its CEO, Mehrzad Mahdavi, were sued by IberiaBank for non-payment of debts in August 2015 and filed for bankruptcy in September 2015.

A firm specializing in electrical, hydraulic and fiber-optic connector solutions, founded in 1999 and based in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK. It was acquired by Schlumberger in May 2005 and integrated into the Well Completions & Productivity segment.

See Data Marine Services.

Don-Nan Pump & Supply
A company founded by Vernon Carruth in 1962, named for his two children Don and Nancy, and acquired by Schlumberger in November 2014. The company was originally focused on servicing and repairing pumps. A manufacturing division was established in 1981 to enable the company to sell its own pumps, and in 1994 the company obtained an API 11 AX license for subsurface pump products. The company also makes tubing anchors, a gas separator and various parts related to its specialty pumps. It has locations in Midland and Temple, both in Texas.

Dowell Schlumberger
A joint venture (50% Schlumberger, 50% Dow Chemical) formed in 1960, specializing in pumping services for the oil industry. Schlumberger bought the Dow Chemical share in December 1992 for $675 million in cash, plus warrants to buy Schlumberger stock at a future date. Dow Chemical exercised those warrants in 1999. After the acquisition, Schlumberger merged the drilling segment of Dowell with The Analysts to form Anadrill. About mid-1997, a division that made trucks was spun off.

A manufacturer of tubular products and provider of inspection services. At one time, Drilco was a large company with machine shops in field areas, renting and rebuilding stabilizers, reamers, customer equipment, etc. It was acquired by Smith International and became part of Schlumberger with the Smith acquisition in 2010.

Dyna-Drill Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Smith International which manufactures downhole motor equipment for the oil and gas industry, became part of Schlumberger as a result of the acquisition of Smith in August 2010. In 2012, Dyna-Drill moved its headquarters from North Houston to Katy, Texas, a Western suburb of Houston, where it shares a 53-acre (21.5 hectare) campus, the Katy Technology Center, with Pathfinder.
E&P Wireline Services
A company based in Midland, Texas, which was part of Smith International and thus became part of Schlumberger in August 2010.

Eastern Echo
In December 2007, Schlumberger completed the acquisition of Eastern Echo Holding Plc for $838 million. Eastern Echo was a Dubai-based marine seismic company that did not have any operations at the time of acquisition, but had signed contracts for the construction of six seismic vessels.

Schlumberger acquired the ECLIPSE reservoir study team and reservoir technologies in 1995.

EcoArctica ZAO
EcoArctica was a supplier of drilling fluids and solids control equipment, formed in 1992 and based in Usinsk, Russia. It was acquired by M-I Swaco in April 2004. At that time, EcoArctica had 84 employees and an annual revenue of $9 million.

See Eurasia Drilling Company Limited.

Electromagnetic Instruments Inc. (EMI)
A leader in magnetotelluric imaging, operating out of the University of California Richmond Field Station near Berkeley, Calif. EMI was acquired by Schlumberger in early 2001.

Electronic Transactions Integration Services (ETIS)
An alliance between Schlumberger and Atos Origin, created in 1998. incomplete (what did they do, when was it dissolved?)

See Electromagnetic Instruments Inc.

EMR Photoelectric
A manufacturer of photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) and other detector types, located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, previously called EMR Telemetry. It was a division of Fairchild-Weston and thus was acquired by Schlumberger in 1979. While Fairchild and Fairchild-Weston were later divested, this division was retained and is now Schlumberger's Princeton Technology Center (PTC).
Because of the specifications (form factor, shock resistance, etc.) required for particle counters in nuclear wireline tools, EMR's PMTs were the only technology suitable to equip the LIDAR (LIght Detection And Ranging) equipment used by NASA on certain missions, and were bought by that agency from Schlumberger as recently as 2006.

One of the three divisions created in 1977 from Compagnie des Compteurs, devoted to electricity metering.

See Etudes et Productions Schlumberger (below).

A division that provided payment processing solutions, located in Watford, UK. Divested to Euronet Worldwide in 2006. In turn, Euronet sold Essentis to ACI Worldwide Inc. in November 2009.

Etablissements Pierre Clément
See Pierre Clément-Schlumberger.

See Electronic Transactions Integration Services.

Etudes et Productions Schlumberger
An engineering center created in 1959 in Clamart, a few miles southwest of Paris. Renamed Schlumberger-Riboud Product Center in 1994.

Eurasia Drilling Company Limited (EDC)
A Russia-based provider of onshore drilling services. In April 2011, Schlumberger and EDC entered into an exchange of assets and a strategic alliance in the CIS, which included the sale of SGK, purchased in 2006, to EDC. Schlumberger sold all its drilling, sidetrack and workover rigs operating mainly in West Siberia to EDC, and in return purchased EDC’s drilling services businesses, which include the directional drilling, MWD, cementing and drilling fluids services to support 80 rigs. The EDC field crews to support delivery of these services were transferred to Schlumberger. In addition, Schlumberger and EDC entered into a strategic alliance upon completion of the transaction whereby Schlumberger became the preferred supplier of drilling services to EDC for a 5-year period.

Everett Charles Technologies
A company founded in 1965 to make fixtures for the testing of electronic circuits. ECT invented the well-known POGO® spring-loaded pin system to facilitate contact between the tester and the board bing tested. It became part of Schlumberger ATE. In 1996, ECT became a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, which then sold it to LTX-Credence in December 2013 (in the mean time, LTX-Credence had inherited most of the other product lines that once formed ATE and had been spun off as NPtest. ECT is headquartered in Singapore.

Extreme Engineering Ltd.
A Calgary-based supplier of unmanned measurement while drilling (MWD) systems, acquired in 2008.
Do not confuse Extreme Engineering with Xtreme.
Factron was a manufacturer of circuit board testers, with locations in Clifton Park, NY, and Lathan, NY. In October 1986, Schlumberger announced the closure of the Clifton Park facility, whose activities were transferred to Latham. Factron became part of Schlumberger ATE, and was divested when Schlumberger got out of the ATE business.

Fairchild Semiconductor Corp.
This company was formed in 1957 by eight engineers who had left the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in Mountain View, Calif. Some of them would later go on to start Intel and Motorola. The "traitorous eight" secured the backing of Sherman Fairchild, of Fairchild Camera & Instruments Company, hence the name of the new division they established. Their key innovation was to use silicon rather than germanium to make transistors.
After the departure of most of its founders due to internal dissensions in the late 1960s, and an unremarkable period in the 1970s, Fairchild was acquired by Schlumberger in 1979 for $425 million. The division was chronically losing money in the following decade, due in part to the notoriously cyclical nature of the semiconductor market, and in part to the decline of the military market, which had been one of Fairchild's prime customers since its inception. Schlumberger made an attempt to create a joint venture with Fujitsu at the end of 1986, but this plan failed due to the opposition of the U.S. government. Schlumberger then sold Fairchild outright, minus the test equipment business, to National Semiconductor in October 1987 for $200 million. Fairchild Testers became the Schlumberger ATE division. The Fairchild Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research (FLAIR), created in 1980, had been split into two in 1985, with one part residing within Fairchild (Schlumberger Palo Alto Research-Fairchild, or SPAR-F) and one part in the Computer-Aided Systems division (Schlumberger Palo Alto Research-CAS, or SPAR-CAS). The two labs were located a mile apart along Foothill Expressway in Palo Alto, Calif. Following the sale of Fairchild, the remaining SPAR-CAS lab was closed in 1988 and its activities transferred to SLCS in Austin.
National Semiconductor integrated Fairchild into its operations, but in 1997 it spun off (through a leveraged management buy-out, or LMBO) a new company, to which it gave the name Fairchild Semiconductor again, to continue manufacturing some types of low-margin commodity circuits it did not want to focus on. The new Fairchild was based in South Portland, Maine, which had been one of the locations of the old Fairchild, and it acquired the semiconductor division of Raytheon. More acquisitions occurred in subsequent years. Ironically, the reconstituted Fairchild still exists as of 2012, while National Semiconductor was acquired by Texas Instruments in September 2011.

Fairchild Weston
The name of Fairchild Weston Systems was given in 1982 to a division of Fairchild, then owned by Schlumberger (see above), which was set up as a separate legal entity (with a separate all-U.S. Board of Directors) to provide products and services to the U.S. military. It was based in Syosset, NY (on Long Island) and in Sarasota, Fla. It also manufactured devices for civilian use, such as airplane "black boxes" (which were actually painted bright red). Fairchild-Weston was ceded to Loral Corporation in mid-1989. The resulting Loral Fairchild Systems was sold to Lockheed Martin in 1996, and then to BAE Systems in 2000. In 2001, the name of "Fairchild" was revived when the divission was renamed Fairchild Imaging. There is a direct continuity from the original Fairchild Camera & Instruments, which developed means for accurate aerial photography in the 1920s, to the current Fairchild, which makes imaging sensors for medical, industrial and aerospace applications.

Finder Graphics
A supplier of data management software, focused on upstream Oil & Gas, located in Corte Madera, Calif., and acquired in Q4, 1990. The Finder group operated alongside the Data Services team, as it was then called, until they were merged with GeoQuest in 1992. After that, the California location was closed and activities were transferred to Houston. The Finder software took on the GeoQuest brand, which had the most recognition.

One of the three divisions created in 1977 from Compagnie des Compteurs, devoted to the metering of water, heat and gas.

Flopetrol was established in 1960 and was acquired in 1971. It was located in Melun, southeast of Paris. It was combined with Johnston-Macco to form Flopetrol-Johnston, which in turn was merged in 1986 with the Wireline group to create the Wireline & Testing division.

Fluid Inclusion Technologies
In November 2015, Schlumberger acquired Fluid Inclusion Technologies, Inc. (FIT), a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based service company specializing in laboratory analysis of trapped fluids in rock material, and advanced borehole gas analysis on drilling wells. FIT was established in 1997.

Forages et Exploitations Pétrolières (Forex) was founded in 1942 in occupied France for land drilling in North Africa. Schlumberger bought 50% the company in 1959 and then assumed total control in 1964, and merged it with Neptune to create the Forex Neptune Drilling Company (below).

Forex Neptune Drilling Company
Formed in 1971 from the combination of Forex (above) and Neptune. Was merged with SEDCO in 1985 to form the SEDCO Forex Drilling Commpany.

Framo Engineering
Schlumberger acquired a majority stake in this privately-owned Norwegian-based company in 2007, and bought the remaining stake of Framo held by Frank Mohn in June 2011. Framo produces pumps, metering systems, swivels and other marine systems for the O&G industry. In November 2012, Schlumberger announced that Framo would become part of the OneSubsea joint venture with Cameron.
See Global Connectivity Services

Geco and Geco-Prakla
According to Wikipedia, "Geoteam-Computas Ltd. AS [was created] on December 13, 1972. The name was later changed to Geophysical Company of Norway or Geco. Anders Farestveit was the founder and CEO. The main focus was marine seismic surveys. Geco was merged with Statex (owned by Statoil and Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk) in 1977."
"The company enjoyed strong expansion until 1985, when there was a global crisis in the oil industry. In the summer of 1986 Schlumberger Limited purchased first 50%, then the entire company. This brought about a merger with Merlin Geophysical (Seismic Profilers), who had been purchased by Schlumberger a year earlier."
"Mergers with other geophysical companies followed, including Delft Geophysical, PRAKLA-SEISMOS and Seismograph Services Ltd. Following the merger with Prakla-Seismos the company was renamed Geco-Prakla." In 2000, it was then merged with Western Geophysical to form a joint venture, WesternGeco (70% Schlumberger, 30% Baker Hughes), which lasted until Schlumberger acquired Baker Hughes's share for $2.4 billion in April 2006."
GeoKnowledge AS
A Norwegian-based software company, specialized in delivering exploration decision-support solutions for the O&G industry, acquired in December 2012. GeoKnowledge supplies the GeoX software suite for exploration prospect risk, resource and value assessment.

GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies (GRT)
See Intera.

GeoQuest Systems Inc.
GeoQuest was founded in 1984 by Russell Herron, Jim Emmons and others. It was later acquired by Raytheon's Seismograph Service Corporation (SSC). Schlumberger acquired it in 1992, and then combined it with Schlumberger Data Services and Finder Graphics to form the GeoQuest product line. After more acquisitions, including Radian's computer mapping group, the ECLIPSE product line from Intera (1995), and Merak (1999), the combined entity became Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) in May 2001.

A French oilfield services company, founded in 1958 by geologist Gaston Rebilly, which specialized in mud logging, slickline, and production surveillance operations. Geoservices was acquired by Schlumberger from Astorg Partners for $1.07 billion in March 2010. Astorg had acquired Geoservices in July 2005, and had attempted to sell it in 2006 for $1.6 billion. In 2009, the last year before the acquisition, Geoservices (based in Roissy-en-France, near Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport) had over 5,000 employees and annual revenues of $491 million.

A Milan, Italy-based land and marine electromagnetics and seismic imaging firm, acquired by Schlumberger in 2007 and integrated into WesternGeco Electromagnetics.

Geoteam-Computas AS
The original name of Geco. A Norwegian company founded by Anders Farestveit in 1972.

A Richmond, California-based global provider of geothermal consulting services, founded in 1973 and acquired by Schlumberger in April 2010. GeothermEx operates as an integrated part of Schlumberger Geothermal Services.

A German maker of gas station tanks, based in Hannover. Acquired by Schlumberger in 1996, and combined with other acquisitions in this industry segment to form the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim.

Groupement d'Intérêt Economique de Recherche Schlumberger. A joint research facility between the companies that formed the Measurement & Systems group, located on the Montrouge campus in the 1980s. Renamed Schlumberger Montrouge Research (SMR). Dissolved in 1993 during the divestiture of the measurement companies.

Global Connectivity Services (GCS)
Formed from the acquisition of Data Marine Services and incomplete. Sold to Harris Corporation in April 2011.

Global Reservoir Fluids Center
Opened in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Global Tel*Link
Principally located in Mobile, Alabama, this company was acquired in 1993 and became part of Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals. It made secure collect-call telephone systems for inmates of state and federal correctional facilities. The system included voice recording and storage, and automated speech analysis software that could detect the occurrence of suspect words and alert the prison authorities. Global Tel*Link was divested in 2003.

GlobalSoft was a short-lived spin-off company founded in May 1995 by George Steinke to commercialize the Software Management System (SMS) created at the Austin Systems Center in the 1980s. The commercial name for the software was Omniworks. Less than two years after GlobalSoft was formed, in December 1996, Schlumberger signed a partnership with Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS) to integrate OmniWorks into the MKS Integrity Framework, and to use this augmented product to support its software development projects. As part of the deal, the core GlobalSoft development team was transferred to MKS, and GlobalSoft ceased to exist in mid-1997.

GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies; see the Intera entry.

A French maker of gas station equipment, based in the town of Bourgogne, just north of Rheims (Reims in French). Acquired by Schlumberger in 1996, and combined with other acquisitions in this industry segment to form the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim. Tokheim Services France is based at the old Guéant location as of 2012.

Gushor Inc.
A Canadian-based petroleum geochemistry and fluid analysis company, created as a startup by University of Calgary researchers, and acquired by Schlumberger in July 2013. Gushor provides innovative production and exploration solutions, based on oil viscosity measurements, in the heavy oil and oil sand (HOOS) industry.
Edward Heath was an aviator and flight instructor, and an early manufacturer of airplane parts. His first "kits" were for people who wanted to build their own planes in the 1920s. With World War II, the company moved to making radios for airplanes. After the war, the Heath company, based in Michigan, made kits to build oscilloscopes. It was acquired by Daystrom in 1955. Schlumberger acquired Daystrom in 1962. In the 1970s, Heath was selling kits for a large number of electronic products, including radios and personal computers. One story is that Schlumberger was interested in Heath at that time because of their skill at producing easy-to-understand technical documentation, something that was critical in the oilfield. Schlumberger sold the Heath Company to the Zenith Radio Company in 1979 (the news of the sale was for many Schlumberger people the first time they heard that Schlumberger had owned Heath in the first place, even though the name "Heathkit" was widely known at the time). After many successive acquisitions, changes of focus, near-death experiences and revivals, what was left of the Heath company was liquidated in July 2012.

A German metering company acquired in 1993.

Helix Energy Solutions Group
When Camco was acquired in 1998, it included the Riserless Light Well Intervention department (RLWI), which had an exclusive alliance agreement with WellOps (later called Helix Energy Solutions Group). In 2005, the agreement ended and Schlumberger divested the RLWI hardware and personnel to Helix.

In 1987, Schlumberger acquired Hidromet-Tecnobrás S/A, located in Americana, Brasil, which had been leading the domestic velocimetric meter market for water since its founding in 1950. In 2001, the Americana factory became part of Actaris with the divestiture of RMS.

S.A. Holditch & Associates, Inc. was founded in 1977 by Dr. Stephen A. Holditch, a Professor at Texas A&M University, as a full-service petroleum engineering and geologic consulting company. The company specialized in tight gas reservoirs, coalbed methane and shale gas reservoirs. Schlumberger purchased the company in 1997, making it one of the key components of the new Data & Consulting Services (DCS) segment. Dr. Holditch became a Schlumberger Fellow from 1997 to 2004. From January 2004 to January 2012, he was the Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M. He retired in January 2013.

See ReedHycalog.
See International Drilling Fluids.

Industrial Drive Maintenance Inc. — see Omron.

See Integrated Exploration Systems.

The Stanford Rock Fracture Project (RFP), a research consortium co-directed by Professor David D. Pollard and sponsored by O&G companies around the world, was created in 1989 to develop tools to characterize fractured reservoirs located in structurally complex areas. The consortium developed innovative tools (Poly3D, Dynel2D and Dynel3D), and the sponsoring companies recommended the creation of a new company to create commercial versions of these tools. As a result, IGEOSS was created in 2004, and occupied the same building as TECHSIA in Montpellier, France. Schlumberger acquired IGEOSS in April 2010 and is integrating its tools into the Petrel suite sold by SIS. The organization is now part of the Montpellier Technology Center (MpTC).

An acquisition and development (A&D) services company launched in 2000. Indigopool operated a Web-based content management system for the exchange of information regarding leases and other assets that companies were trading.

Industrial Drive Maintenance Inc.
See Omron.

A market leader in data quality management for E&P, acquired in 2007.

A maker of fiber optic stress measurement systems for the subsea integrity surveillance market, acquired in 2007.

Inside Reality
A 3D virtual reality system company, acquired by Schlumberger in 2002.

Integrated Exploration Systems (IES)
A supplier of petroleum systems modeling software and services, based in Aachen, Germany, acquired in 2008.

Integrated Project Management (IPM)
Schlumberger launched IPM in 1995 as an independent service and engineering group to provide integrated field development and operation services to clients.

A joint venture formed with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) in 2009.

Intera Technologies Corp.
Schlumberger acquired the petroleum division of Intera in 1995. That division consisted of two groups:
  1. The Eclipse reservoir simulator software product line, including Black Oil, Compositional and thermal simulation along with various support software programs. It was based in Abingdon, UK.
  2. The reservoir engineering consulting group, with consulting centers in Henley-on-Thames, UK; Denver, Colorado; Calgary, Alberta (Canada); and a Middle East location.
The software development group was merged with the GeoQuest software products line and the consulting group was renamed GeoQuest Reservoir Technologies (GRT for short).

International Drilling Fluids (IDF)
This company was originally part of English China Clays (ECC), and was owned by London-based New London Plc when it was acquired by Dowell around 1993. It had an annual revenue of about $100 million at the time. Its EMEA region was based in Daint-Germain-en-Laye near Paris. For an exhaustive history of ECC, of which IDF counted only for about 6% of the business, see this article. IDF was merged to a small drilling fluids unit already owned by Dowell, DFS (probably standing for "Drilling Fluid Services") based in Aberdeen. Sola Oyinlola was a key coordinator of the acquisition and integration.

See Integrated Project Management above.

Itron was founded in 1977 in Hauser Lake, Idaho. It acquired Schlumberger Electricity Metering (the U.S. part of the metering business) in 2004, and Actaris, the Eureopean spin-off created in 2001, in 2007. By then, Itron had essentially inherited all the metering businesses that had once been held by Schlumberger.

IVS, located in Concord, Mass., was founded in 1980 from a project at MIT Lincoln Laboratory to design image processing systems for advanced research applications. It later shifted its focus to equipment for the inspection of integrated circuits. Schlumberger acquired IVS in late 1997 and made it part of the Diagnostics Systems division of its ATE group. As part of the piecemeal divestiture of the ATE businesses, the division was spun off through a management buy-out to form Soluris in 2003. Soluris was acquired by Nanometrics in May 2006 for $7 million. Some ex-IVS engineers created a new company, Inspectrology, in 2008 to service and refurbish IVS metrology equipment.
Johnston Testers
The Johnston Formation Testing Company was created in 1927 by the Johnston brothers to exploit a new invention, the drill stem test (DST). It was acquired by Schlumberger in 1956. Macco Oil Tool Company was bought in 1974 and merged with Johnston, becoming Johnston-Macco. This division was merged with Flopetrol in 1986, forming Flopetrol-Johnston.
K&M Technology
An extended reach drilling (ERD) engineering company, founded in 1988 and acquired by Schlumberger in ??? (in or before 2009). K&M, based in The Woodlands, Texas, maintains a separate brand and Web site, which states: "Although owned by Schlumberger, we operate independently. We have, and always will, give unbiased advice."

Kihei, acquired in ???, manufactures extremely reliable and rugged neutron detectors. Kihei operates a manufacturing center on Pinemont Drive in Houston, but is functionally under the control of the Princeton Technology Center (PTC).

Koppens Automatic
This Dutch gasoline dispenser company, based in Bladel, near Eindhoven, was acquired by Schlumberger in 1985, and combined with other acquisitions in this industry segment to form the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim. There is still a Tokheim location in Bladel as of 2012.

KUDU Industries
KUDU Industries Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of complete Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) solutions, founded in 1989 by Robert and Ray Mills. In 2014, Gévelot Group subsidiary PCM acquired KUDU Industries, and almost immediately sold it to Schlumberger in a deal valued at about $220 million.
Lee Tool
"Lee Tool was founded in 1977 in the heart of the Canadian oil industry, Red Deer, Alberta. Throughout the 1980s the company grew steadily in the business of slick-line and cased-hole production services. In January 1995 the company became a fully owned subsidiary of Schlumberger of Canada. Current Canadian field operations include our head office in Red Deer, and a district office in Whitecourt. As well, a district operation out of New Iberia, Louisiana services the Gulf Coast area." (quoted from the Lee Tool web site). Lee Tool manufactures the Memory Production Ogging (MPL) products, which record and store data downhole for later reading at the surface.

This German telecommunications equipment manufacturer, principally based outside of Framkfurt, Germany, was acquired by Sema in March 2000. The cost of that acquisition and its financial losses were a key reason why Sema was for sale a year later and was acquired by Schlumberger.

Lonkar Services
Lonkar Services, which describes itself as "a leading, independent, full service wireline company" is a division of Schlumberger Canada Ltd., based in Red Deer, Alberta. Lonkar was founded in 1985 by Dennis Kennett. Frank and Pat Tirpaks and Tim and Lisa Albers bought the business in 1994, with the Tirpaks becoming sole owners in 2006. They sold the business to Schlumberger in November 2009, with Frank Tirpak remaining President. Lonkar operates in Western Canada, Colorado and North Dakota, where it provides slickline, logging and perforating services.

Lyng Drilling AS
Lyng, based in Vanvikan, Norway, was founded in 1984 and acquired by Schlumberger in 2006. It produces PDC drillbit technology for its home market of the North Sea, as well as in South America, the Middle East, and Asia. It is now part of the "Bits and Advanced Technologies" sub-segment.
See Mantovani e Vicentini.

Macco Oil Tools was bought by Schlumberger in 1974 and merged with Johnston Testers, becoming Johnston-Macco, which was later merged with Flopetrol.

Mantovani e Vicentini (M&V) S.R.L.
A filtration and solids control company based in Berra, Italy, acquired by M-I Swaco.

Manufacturing Data Systems Inc. (MDSI) was founded in 1969 by Charles Hutchins and Ken Stephanz to commercialize the results of their efforts to develop a programming language for numerically-controlled machining. MDSI, based in Ann Arbor, Mich. (next to the University of Michigan, from which Hutchins had graduated) was a leader in the computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) industry. It was acquired by Schlumberger in 1980. Later on, Schlumberger formed the Schlumberger CAD/CAM division by combining MDSI, Applicon and Benson Graphics. Schlumberger divested its CAD/CAM business, piecemeal, in 1993.
In 1995, Charles Hutchins started working on an open-architecture CNC system, eventually forming a new company that took the name MDSI again in 1996, after the original trademark lapsed. This "new MDSI" was sold to Hurco Companies, Inc. in 2007.

See PT Mecoindo.

See Companhia Brasileira de Medidores.

A cutting tools manufacturer located in Provo, Utah, acquired by Smith International in 1985. MegaDiamond became part of Schlumberger as a result of the Smith acquisition in August 2010. The tooling part of MegaDiamond was sold in December 2012 to Element Six, a member of the De Beers Group of Companies (the name "Element Six" refers to the fact that carbon occupies the sixth position in the periodic table of elements). Element Six is serving the automobile and aerospace precision cutting markets, rather than primarily the rock-cutting business.

Membrain Ltd. was a manufacturer of funtional and in-circuit test equipment, based at the Ferndown Industrial Estate, Wimborne, Dorset, UK (a few miles north of Bournemouth). It became part of Schlumberger ATE and was divested when Schlumberger got out of the ATE business.

A Canadian petroleum economics software company purchased by Schlumberger in 1999 and made part of Schlumberger Information Solutions.

Merlin Geophysical
This company was acquired in 1985. The following year, when Geco was acquired, Merlin was merged with it.

Meta Downhole
In April 2016, Schlumberger acquired Meta Downhole Limited, an Aberdeen, Scotland-based engineering and service company that offered downhole metal-to-metal isolation solutions in well integrity applications. At the time of acquisition, Meta employed 30 employees across four locations: Aberdeen, Houston, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

A joint venture between Smith International (60%) and Schlumberger (40%) that resulted in the world's largest drilling fluids company.

As a result of the acquisition of Smith International in 2010, M-I SWACO became a fully owned division of Schlumberger. a detailed history of the acquisitions and mergers that led to the M-I, SWACO and M-I SWACO companies under successive corporate owners was compiled here by Ryen Caenn.

Missimer Groundwater Science
A consulting group based in Ft. Myers, Florida, which specializes in the design and construction of aquifer storage and recovery systems. Acquired by Schlumberger in January 2007 and made part of Schlumberger Water Services.

Montpellier Technology Center (MpTC)
The name given to Techsia after its acquisition in 2010.
1) An offshore drilling company created in 1964 as a joint venture between Forex (50%) and Languedocienne (50%). Merged with Forex in 1971 ro create Forex Neptune.
2) A U.S. water meters company acquired in 1985. Upon Schlumberger's exit from the metering business, the division making Neptune meters in Greenwood, South Carolina, became part of Itron. In May 2012, the Itron-Greenwood division was sold to Measurement Technology Group Inc., which continues to manufacture and sell them under the name Red Seal Measurement.

Network & Infrastructure Services (NIS)
A renaming of Schlumberger Network Solutions prior and during its short-lived integration into SchlumbergerSema.

The Network for Excellence in Training (NExT) is the training arm of Schlumberger Technology Corporation, with several offices worldwide. NExT is headquartered in College Station, Texas. Many retired Schlumberger people are contract instructors for NExT. The catalog of courses is available here.

Newco Valves
An operating subsidiary of Cameron since 2010, Newco thus became part of Schlumberger in 2016. Newco was the result of a series of mergers and name changes that included Newmans, created in 1936 and incorporated in 1946 in Tulsa, Okla. to make commodity gate valves and wellheads; Precision Castparts Corp.; the OIC® brand; and Cooper Valves, acquired from Dresser Industries.

Nexus Geosciences Inc. (NGI) was established in 2005 in Sugar Land, Texas, to develop integrated seismic software and workflows for fast and accurate imaging, seismic modeling and interpretation of complex geology. It was acquired by Schlumberger in March 2010, and merged into WesternGeco.

In August 2002, Smith nternational acquired the assets of Aberdeen-based Neyrfor-Weir Ltd., a subsidiary of Weir Group Plc, and formed Neyrfor Turbodrilling Co., which later became part of Schlumberger as a result of the Smith acquisition in August 2010. Neyrfor developed the first steerable turbodrill in 1982. In 1992, Neyrfor improved the design by creating a steerable turbodrill using a bent housing. In 2001, the last year before its acquisition by Smith, Neyrfor had revenue of $17 million.

See Network & Infrastructure Services above.

Norbar Minerals AS
A Norwegian chemicals and fertilizer company, acquired by the M-I SWACO division of Schlumberger.

Norse Electronics
A Norwegian company acquired by Schlumberger circa 2001 and merged with Data Marine Services.

In September 2015, Schlumberger acquired Novatek Inc. and Novatek IP, LLC, U.S.-based companies that specialize in synthetic diamond technology primarily for the oil and gas industry. Dr. H. Tracy Hall founded the company in 1955, a year after his invention of man-made diamonds. The company's literature insists heavily on its application of "Edison’s system of innovation" and on its portfolio of over 1000 patents, all of which rather incredibly name David Hall, Tracy Hall's son and owner of Novatek, as the first inventor. Novatek's campus is located in Provo, Utah.
From 1999 to 2001, Novatek operated a division, NovaDiamond, that produced enhanced natural diamond gems through high-pressure, high-temperature processes. It quit this business because gems made through this process could be repolished to eliminate trademarks and serial numbers, and then resold.

A company spun off by Schlumberger in 2003, consisting of parts of the Automatic Test Equipment division. In June 2003, Schlumberger agreed to sell NPTest to a group led by Francisco Partners and Shah Management for $220 million in cash. The deal came shortly after plans to take NPTest public in an IPO collapsed. NPtest was later sold to its erstwhile competitor Credence, which then merged with its own competitor LTX, forming a union of the three companies that had once shared a large part of the U.S.-based integrated circuit testing business.

A small Italian service company, acquired by Schlumberger in 1996, and integrated into the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was sold in 1998 to Tokheim.
Odegaard A/S
A Danish provider of surface seismic data inversion software, acquired in 2006 and integrated into WesternGeco.

A company based in Tulsa, Okla., whose Production Analysts and Oilfield Manager assets Schlumberger bought in early 1996.

Oil Partnering Network
A computing and data trnasmission facility, introduced by Schlumberger in 1994, operating in the North Sea, to facilitate collaboration among oil companies and/or oilfield service companies.

A reservoir sampling and analysis company acquired by Schlumberger in 1996.

A joint venture created in 1995 between Schlumberger and Cable & Wireless plc to provide networking services to clients. Schlumberger bought out the C&W share in 1999. Omnes was then renamed Network Services, then briefly Network and Infrastructure Services (NIS), then Schlumberger Network Solutions (SNS), which became a division of SchlumbergerSema in 2002. When Sema was sold in early 2004, what was left of SNS (i.e., what had not sold to Atos Origin or shut down altogether) was made part of SIS.

Omnes Communications Nigeria Limited
A non-Oil & Gas networking business in Nigeria. It was sold to Information Connectivity Solutions Limited (ICSL) in 2006.

See GlobalSoft.

Omron Oilfield and Marine
Omron Oilfield and Marine Inc., based in Houston and consists of 139 employees, was acquired in June 2016. The company designed, manufactured, sold, and provided aftermarket services for automated drive and control systems, power houses, and drillers’ cabins. The company also offered software-based drilling technologies on a rental or subscription basis. Omron Oilfield and Marine was founded in Houston as Industrial Drive Maintenance Inc. (IDM) in 1973. It was acquired in 1999 by the OMRON Corp., a Kyoto-based global leader in the field of automation.

A briefly planned joint venture between Schlumberger and its competitor Weatherford, designed to deliver completions products and services for unconventional plays in the US and Canada. The JV was approved by the U.S. Government on December 6, 2017, but on December 29 (three weeks later), Weatherford announced that it was dropping the plan for the JV and instead selling their stimulation division to Schlumberger outright for $430 million.

A joint venture, announced in November 2012, between Schlumberger and Cameron, to develop products and services for subsea completions and production. The JV combined Cameron's pre-existing subsea division with Schlumberger's Framo, surveillance, flow assurance, and Power & Control businesses. Schlumberger contributed $600 million in capital to the new venture, which was managed by Cameron. Cameron owned 60% and Schlumberger 40% of OneSubsea. With the acquisition of Cameron by Schlumberger in 2016, OneSubsea was completely integrated into Schlumberger.

See Oil Partnering Network.
Parkeon is the successor to Schlumberger's "Urban Terminals and Systems" division, which made parking meters and urban transit payment stations. The division, created circa 1977, was (and Parkeon still is) based in the eastern French city of Besançon, where there was access to an ample worksforce capable of working on precision mechanisms, since Besançon was the capital of the French watchmaking industry until the invention of electronic timepieces. The U.S. division is based in Moorestown, N.J.

Pathfinder Energy Services
Pathfinder was created in 1995 by Halliburton as a new product line encompassing MWD and LWD developments and services. Halliburton sold Pathfinder to W-H Energy Services Inc. in late 1999. W-H was acquired by Smith International for $3.2 billion in August 2008. Pathfinder became part of Schlumberger when it acquired Smith in mid-2010. At that time, some analysts predicted that Schlumberger would divest Pathfinder, due to anti-trust issues or financial reasons, but this has not happened.
In 2009, Pathfinder started working on a new corporate facility in Katy, west of Houston, on a 34-acre (14 ha) site they already owned. Since 2012, this expanded complex, now known as the Katy Technology Center, also hosts Dyna-Drill.

PetroAlliance Services Company Limited
Schlumberger acquired a minority share of this Russian oilfield services company in 2004.

Petro-Technical Solutions (PTS)
A joint venture, formed in 2012, consisting of Data & Consulting Services and the Geosolutions part of WesternGeco.

Phoenix Petroleum Services
A company based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland providing artificial lift products and services (including electrical submersible pumps and bypass completion products), acquired by Schlumberger in October 2001.

Pierre Clément-Schlumberger
The "Etablissements Pierre Clément" were a maker of high-quality audio record reading and engraving equipment, founded by inventor Pierre Clément (1906-1970). While the company supplied the recording studios of the French Radio & Television agency (RTF) as well as the more quality-conscious members of the general public, by the early 1960s 80% of the company's industrial recorder production was absorbed by Schlumberger, which bought the company. More information about what happened next?

This German company was founded in 1963 by a merger of Seismos GmbH, founded in 1921, and Gesellschaft für Praktische Lagerstättenforschung (Prakla) GmbH, founded in 1937. Acquired by Schlumberger in 1991, this company was then merged with Geco to form Geco-Prakla.

Princeton Technology Center (PTC)
Located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, this is the successor to EMR Photoelectric.

Priority Call Management
A unit of Sema specializing in enterprise systems for the telecom companies, in particular enterprise telephony and answering systems. It was founded in 1991 and based in Wilmington, Mass. After the Sema acquisition in 2001, it reported to the North America unit of SchlumbergerSema, headed by Bill Coates. Their largest customer was Sprint. After the Sema divestiture was completed in early 2004, Priority Call Management was acquired by uReach Technologies, Inc. in July 2004.

Production Wireline & Cased Hole Services Group
This company, which operates as a subsidiary of Geoservices since August 2008, and thus became part of Schlumberger in 2010, provides O&G field services and slickline services across the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region. The company is based in Broussard, Louisiana with an additional office in Fairfield, Texas and a facility in Mission, Texas (another facility in Manvel, Texas is now closed).

Nickname for "Société de Prospection Electrique," the original French legal entity for Schlumberger.

PT Mecoindo
An Indonesian metering company founded in 1985 as part of Schlumberger's Asian expansion of its metering business. "Mecoindo" stands for Metering Company of Indonesia.

See Princeton Technology Center.

See Petro-Technical Solutions
GeoQuest acquired Radian Corporation's computer mapping group in 1994. Two of Radiant's products were CPS3®, a 3D mapping system for geological, environmental and GIS applications, and the Full Fault Modeling System (FFMS™), which automated volumetric modeling of multiple horizons with vertical and non-vertical faults.

See Rock Deformation Research Ltd.

In 1911, Armais Sergeyevich Arutunoff (born in Russia in 1893) invented the electric submersible motor in Russia. He immigrated to the U.S. to find funding for downhole applications. General Electric refused to fund him, saying that his invention "defied the laws of physics" and could not work. Supported by Phillips in Bartlesville, Okla., the first ESP was installed in 1926 and the Bartlesville Manufacturing Plant opened in 1928. REDA (Russian Electro Dynamo of Arutunoff) was formed in 1930. All other ESP companies have been spin-offs from REDA. TRW purchased REDA in 1969, then Camco aquired REDA in 1988, and Camco was purchased by Schlumberger in 1998.

ReedHycalog (sometimes spelled in two words, Reed Hycalog, or hyphenated as Reed-Hycalog) is a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of drill bit technology and expertise. It was formed in 1983 through the merger of Hycalog (Hydrocarbon Logging) with Drilling & Service (D&S). Camco acquired ReedHycalog in 1997, and was in turn sold to Schlumberger in 1998. ReedHycalog was sold by Schlumberger to Grant Prideco in December 2002 for about $350 million ($255 million in cash, 9.7 million shares of Grant Prideco common stock valued at $90 million, and the assumption of about $5 million in debt). Grant Prideco merged with National Oilwell Varco (NOV) in 2007. Bits are manufactured in Houston, three locations in the UK, and in Singapore. ReedHycalog Coring Services is based in Denver.

Resource Management Systems
A division formed from the splitting of Measurement & Systems into the metering businesses (RMS) and the Test & Transactions business.

A Norwegian advanced completion solutions company , acquired by Schlumberger in 2006.

Retail Petroleum Systems (RPS)
A division of Schlumberger, formed from multiple acquired companies which manufactured and sold gas pumps for service stations, including Volucompteurs Aster-Boutillon (acquired in 1972), Koppens Automatics (1985), Schwelm Tanksysteme (1990), Dunclare Dispensers (1991), Southwest Pump (1992), Germann (1996), Guéant (1996), CME (1996), Borgetti (1996) and Nuova RIMIC (1996). The division was eventually headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia, with key offices in Montrouge, France.
In October 1998, RPS was sold to Tokheim, based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, for $330 million. Financial analysts cricitized Tokheim's decision on the basis of its financial fragility. Indeed, Tokheim went through a bankruptcy reorganization in 2000, and by 2002 was in financial trouble again. In March 2003, its North American operations were acquired by First Reserve, then sold to the Dresser Wayne division of Dresser, Inc. Meanwhile, the international operations were sold in a leveraged management buy-out (LMBO) to a newly formed company, Tokheim S.A.S. (94% AXA Private Equity, 6% management team). Patrick Berthon, who used to be the Controller of Schlumberger RMS, joined Tokheim during the 1998 acquisition of RPS and is still President of Tokheim as of 2012.

Rig Management Group
Sold by Schlumberger to Saxon in November 2011.

Riserless Light Well Intervention (RLWI)
A department of Camco, which became part of Schlumberger when Camco was acquired in 1988. RLWI had an exclusive alliance agreement with WellOps (later called Helix Energy Solutions Group) to provide the well control equipment, and the personnel to operate it, to the Seawell well intervention vessel across the UK and Norwegian parts of the North Sea. In 2005, the agreement came to an end and Schlumberger decided not to renew it, electing instead to divest the RLWI hardware and personnel to Helix Energy Solutions Group.

See Riserless Light Well Intervention above.

See Resource Management Systems.

Rock Deformation Research Ltd. (RDR)
A company based in Leeds, UK, founded by Professor Rob Knipe, specialized in geological software development and structural geology consultancy for the oil and gas industry, acquired by Schlumberger in March 2014 and integrated into SIS. RDR’s Structural and Fault Analysis module is integrated with the Petrel E&P software platform and Studio E&P knowledge environment.

See Retail Petroleum Systems.
Sahara WCS
Sahara Well Construction Service is a joint venture created in August 2008 between Schlumberger and the Algerian company ENAFOR. The company, operated under Algerian law, specializes in integrated drilling project management services.

Saltel Industries
Saltel Industries, a France-based engineering, manufacturing, and service company that offers expandable patches and steel packers technology for the oil and gas industry, was acquired by Schlumberger in June 2016 and made part of the Completions segment. Saltel Industries was founded in 2004 by Jean-Louis Saltel and started selling its inflatable packer in 2006. It is based in Bruz, near Rennes (Brittany) and employed 70 people at the time of the acquisition. Two subsidiaries, in Edmonton (Alberta) and Midland (Texas) were created in 2011, and three additional subsidiaries in Australia, Argentina and Romania in 2013. The inflatable packers withstand HP/HT conditions and frequent pressure cyclings before failure. More than 4,000 were sold between 2006 and 2016. Saltel also made expandable steel patches, used to optimize production, restore completion integrity and repair corroded casing, and expandable steel packers for shale Fracturing and low-end stage cementing.

Sangamo and Sangamo Weston Inc.
Sangamo Electric Company was founded in Springfield, Illinois, in 1899 to make electric meters. It was purchased by Schlumberger in 1975, and the production of electric meters was moved to Oconee County, South Carolina. The factory is adjacent to, but outside of the limits of the town of West Union, SC. As a result, it has indifferently been called "West Union" and "Oconee," occasionally confusing the unwary. After Schlumberger divested its interests in the metering business in the 1990s, this company ended up being part of Itron.

SES Holdings Limited, known as Saxon, is a Calgary-based provider of international land drilling services established in 2000. Schlumberger made an initial investment in Saxon in 2008, and purchased the remaining shares in March 2014. At the time, Saxon had 3700 employees and operated a fleet of 87 rigs (70 drilling and 17 workover) in 10 countries, and provided support services to an additional 35 rigs worldwide.

See Schlumberger Business Consulting.

See Schlumberger Business Continuity Services.

See Smart Cards & Terminals.

Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC)
SBC was established in 2004 "to help oil and gas companies realize dramatic performance improvements and sustained growth. SBC operates independently from Schlumberger but is governed by an Advisory Board chaired by Schlumberger's CEO." SBC was sold in August 2015 to Accenture Corp.

Schlumberger Business Continuity Services (SBCS)
A division of SchlumbergerSema that provided disaster recovery facilities, especially to the financial industry (trading floors, office and data center space). The main location was in the Southwark area of London, and also served as a hosting facility for the data centers of WesternGeco and Schlumberger IT. Also known as SGRS for "Schlumberger Global Recovery Services." Divested in 2004 to IBM as part of the dissolution of SchlumbergerSema.

Schlumberger Cambridge Research (SCR)
A research center opened in Cambridge, UK, in 1983 to serve the non-Wireline part of the business (Drilling & Pumping Services). Nicknamed "the circus" by the locals due to its unique architecture reminiscent of the "big top" of a circus. Renamed Schlumberger-Gould Research (SGR) in 2012 in honor of ex-chairman Andrew Gould shortly after his retirement.

Schlumberger Data Services
Merged in 1993 with GeoQuest and Finder Graphics to form the GeoQuest product line.

Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonates Research Center (SDCR)
A research center opened in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 2006, in association with King Fahd University.

Schlumberger-Doll Research (SDR)
The first research center of Schlumberger, established in 1948 in Ridgefield, Conn., about an hour and a half north of New York City. Took its current name in 1967 upon the retirement of Henri Doll. SDR was moved to Cambridge, Mass., in 2006.

Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development (SEED)
A global non-profit educational outreach organization created in 1998.

Schlumberger Global Recovery Services (SGRS)
See Schlumberger Business Continuity Services.

Schlumberger-Gould Research (SGR)
New name given in 2012 to Schlumberger Cambridge Research in honor of ex-chairman Andrew Gould shortly after his retirement.

Schlumberger Industries
The name of the metering group formed in 1987 to restructure Flonic, Enertec and Sereg into specific market segments: electricity, gas, water, heat and regulation.

Schlumberger Information Solutions
The Schlumberger segment that sells software to clients for real-time reservoir management and and R&P business optimization. The software catalog of SIS includes Geoframe, Petrel, Pipesim, etc. SIS was formed in May 2001.

Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science (SLCS)
Created in 1988 in Austin to replace the Schlumberger Palo Alto Research lab of the Computer-Aided Systems division (SPAR-CAS). Also see the Fairchild article.

Schlumberger Limited (SL)
A Netherlands Antielles holding company, with its seat in Curaçao, founded in 1956 to own all Schlumberger businesses. For many years, the SL main office in New York City was located on two floors of 277 Park Avenue. In 2006, after a short period at another location in New York City, these headquarters were relocated to the building at 5599 San Felipe Rd. in Houston, most of which was already occupied by several divisions of Schlumberger.

Schlumberger Messaging Solutions
Located in Reading, England. Sold to Taral Networks in 2004, as part of the dissolution of SchlumbergerSema. A bit of trivia: the first Short Messaging Service (SMS) message was sent by Neil Papworth, a Sema employee at the time, in 1992.

Schlumberger Network Solutions (SNS)
The name given to Omnes when it was integrated into the Schlumberger organization after the acquisition of the Cable & Wireless share of the company. It then became Network & Infrastructure Services (NIS).

Schlumberger Offshore Services (SOS)
The name of a legal entity that over the years has owned various operating divisions of Schlumberger. It is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Technology Center (SRC)
Opened in 2000 in Rosharon, Texas, south of Houston. The facility was expanded in 2004.

Schlumberger-Riboud Product Center (SRPC)
The name given in year?, in honor of ex-chairman Jean Riboud, to the engineering center previously known as Etudes et Productions Schlumberger, located in Clamart near Paris.

The name given to the division of Schlumberger formed from the acquisition of Sema. The logo used the same font as the Schlumberger logo, adding the letters "Sema" in orange at the end. This was controversial at the time because of the length of the name, the color clash, and the apparent violation of the rule not to alter, abbreviate or otherwise manipulate the Schlumberger family name in public communications.

Schlumberger Stavanger Research Center (SSRC)
Created in 1999..

Schlumberger Vostok LLC
A joint venture located in Sakhalin, Russia. Need more information.

Schlumberger Water Services
A division of Schlumberger that offers water management services for mines, oilfield installations and power plants, as well as groundwater monitoring services.

Schlumberger Well Services (SWS)
The successor to the Well Surveying Corp. (see below).

Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp. (SWS)
A company created in the U.S. in 1935. Later became Schlumberger Well Services (see above).

See Schlumberger Cambridge Research.

See Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonates Research Center.

See Schlumberger-Doll Research.

Secure Oil Tools
A division of Stellarton Corp., based in Calgary, Alberta, which Schlumberger acquired in October 1999 and made part of the Reservoir Development group. Secure Oil Tools offered advanced products in the areas of enhanced production technology (primarily plunger lift), multilateral production systems, sand filters (MeshRite), and production and thermal tools.

The Southeast Drilling Company (SEDCO) was founded in 1947 by Bill Clements. It was acquired by Schlumberger in 1985 for $1 billion. At that time, it was merged with Forex Neptune to form SEDCO Forex (see below).

SEDCO Forex Drilling Company
This division was formed in 1985 by combining the Forex Neptune Drilling Company with SEDCO (above). Its offshore unit was spun off in December 1999 and immediately merged with Transocean Offshore Inc. in a $3.2 billion transaction. The new company took the name Transocean Sedco Forex, and reverted to just "Transocean" in 2003.

See Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development.

Seismograph Service Corp. (SSC)
Seismograph Services Ltd. (SSL)
SSL was a subsidiary of SSC, which was itself part of Raytheon Corp. Schlumberger acquired SSL, certain other U.S. assets of SSC, GeoQuest, and the COMESA joint venture betwen SSC and PEMEX, all in 1992, from Raytheon. SSL was then merged with Geco.

SSL was housed in Holwood house in Keston, county of Kent, a grand mansion that had been the home of William Pitt the Younger, British Prime Minister in the 19th century. Schlumberger sold the mansion after the acquisition, around 1995. As of 2015, the mansion is for sale again, for about £12 million. What used to be office space and a canteen for SSL employees has again become the grand salons and rooms visible at the above link. The view was absolutely fabulous, and SSL employed gardeners to maintain the substantial gardens, which were opened up to the public once a year. Due to Raytheon’s (the owner of SSL) involvement with the US military during the first Gulf War (1991), big security was suddenly put in place, such as entry barriers. {This paragraph courtesy of Michael Meerman.)

Sema plc
Sema was a French company founded in 1958 by three alumni of Ecole Polytechnique of Paris to develop software applications for operational research and economica. The name was an acronym for "Société d'Economie et de Mathématiques Appliquées," i.e. Economics and Applied Mathematics Company. Sema was the first IT services company in France.
Following a series of acquisitions in the 1980s and 1990s, Sema had become a primarily UK-based IT consulting and outsourcing company when it was acquired by Schlumberger in April 2001. This was a controversial diversification decided by then Schlumberger chairman Euan Baird, based on the promise of synergy between Schlumberger's existing IT-related activities (including Schlumberger Network Solutions (SNS) and Schlumberger Business Consulting (SBC), and Sema's activities. The purchase cost $5.2 billion and added 20,000 employees to the company. The new division was renamed SchlumbergerSema.
The move did not work out as expected and under Baird's successor, Andrew Gould, SchlumbergerSema was sold to the French-Dutch company Atos Origin (now simply "Atos") in January 2004 for €1.3 billion. about a third of what Schlumberger had paid for it.

Schlumberger acquired this company, based in Southampton, UK, which makes fiber optic temperature sensing solutions, in 2001.

A line of component testers made by Fairchild Testers.

A line of integrated circuit testers made by Fairchild Testers.

One of the three divisions created in 1977 from Compagnie des Compteurs, devoted to industrial control and valves.

SERVCO was a company founded in 1946, and purchased by Smith International in 1968. In September 2011, a year after acquiring Smith, Schlumberger combined all its fishing and intervention services (i.e., those it had previously operated plus those of Smith's SERVCO unit) into a single group, to which it gave the SERVCO brand name.

SES Holdings Limited
See Saxon.

See Siberian Geophysical Company.

See Schlumberger-Gould Research.

Schlumberger Global Recovery Services. See Schlumberger Business Continuity Services.

Shores Lift Solutions
Based in Edmond, Okla., Shores Lift Solutions was formed from the merger, in early 2013, of three companies: Shores-Sentry LLC, Rod Lift Consulting LLC, and Waters & Waters Services Inc., each providing artificial lift pumping units and rod equipment, optimization solutions, and field services to oil and gas operators. Shores Oilfield Equipment was created in 1992 and became Shores-Sentry LLC in 2008. Rod Lift Consulting was formed in 2010 and became part of Shores-Sentry that same year. Waters & Waters, named after its father-son management team, was started in 1980 and acquired by Shores-Sentry in 2012. Schlumberger acquired Shores Lift Solutions for an undisclosed amount from its private-equity owner White Deer Energy in October 2013, and made it part of its Artificial Lift Services segment.

See Stonehouse Product Center.

See Stonehouse Technology Center.

Siberian Geophysical Company (SGK)
SGK was acquired in 2006, and sold to Eurasia Drilling Company (EDC) in April 2011, as part of an exchange of assets and strategic alliance between Schlumberger and EDC. See the EDC entry for more information.

Siberian Training Center (STC)
Located in Tyumen, Russia.

A software and training company based in the Faroe Islands (an autonomous region of Denmark), acquired by the NExT training division in March 2014. Simprentis, founded by Olavur Ellefsen, is the developer of the OilSim upstream learning simulator for interactive training and is a global provider of team-based training courses to oil and gas companies, governments, and educational institutions.

See Schlumberger Information Solutions.

Schlumberger's company in Japan. Also designates the R&D center in Fuchinobe, near Tokyo.

See Schlumberger Limited.

See Schlumberger Laboratory for Computer Science.

Smart Cards & Terminals (SC&T)
This division of Schlumberger was built over the years from the acquired business that dealt with all forms of electronic transactions, including smart cards (Solaic, CP8), payphones, parking meters, transit ticket vending machines, etc. SC&T was divested in pieces around 2003-2004. The smart cards business was spun off as Axalto, the parking meters business was sold to Parkeon. incomplete

Smith International
A Fortune 500 oilfield services company, based in Houston, acquired in August 2010 in a stock deal valued at $11.3 billion. This was the largest acquisition made by Schlumberger to date. Smith International was founded in 1937, but its predecessor, Smith Bits, had its origins in the shop of a blacksmith, Herman C. Smith, in Whittier, Calif., in 1902. Prior to the acquisition, Smith had 20,000 employees and revenue of about $11 billion. Smith became the core part of the new Schlumberger Drilling Group.

1) Schlumberger Montrouge Research (see GIERS)
2) Schlumberger Moscow Research

Software Management System. See GlobalSoft.

See Schlumberger Network Solutions.

Société d'Instrumentation Schlumberger
A company founded in 1961 to coordinate the expansion of Schlumberger into electronic measurement systems in France. headquartered in V´lizy, a few miles southwest of Paris.

Société de Prospection Électrique
The company created by Conrad and Marcel Schlumberger in 1926 in Paris, marking the official start of the company.

Software Management System (SMS)
See GlobalSoft.

Solaic was the smart cards division of SLIGOS, an IT services company that was itself a subsidiary of the French bank Crédit Lyonnais (now known as LCL). The rest of SLIGOS merged with Axime to form the original Atos (later Atos Origin, and now again Atos). Solaic was acquired by Schlumberger in 1996 and became part of its Smart Cards & Terminals division. Its main smart cards manufacturing and personalization facilities were south of Orléans, France.

A UK electrical instruments company, based in Farnborough, acquired in 1961. It became part of Schlumberger Measurement & Control, later renamed Resource Management Services (RMS).

See IVS, which Soluris succeeded as a result of a management buy-out in 2003, during the piecemeal divestitute of the Automated Test Equipment (ATE) businesses.

A division of Schlumberger, based in The Hague, Netherlands, specifically set up to take advantage of favorable Dutch tax rates on publishing businesses. Sophia distributed printed and electronic documentation to the field, charging a transfer price that would be a business expense in other countries, and a profit taxed at a lower rate in the Netherlands, all in a perfectly legal manner.

See Schlumberger Offshore Services.

See Sugar Land Product Center.

A U.S.-based gas meter company, which Schlumberger acquired from its then owner, Textron Inc., in 1985. Sprague was integrated into Sangamo Weston.

SPT Group
Acquired from Altor Fund II in April 2012. SPT used to stand for "Scandpower Petroleum Technology."

See Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Technology Center.

See Schlumberger-Riboud Product Center.

See Seismograph Services Ltd.

See Schlumberger Stavanger Research Center.

Staag Imaging
a Houston-based provider of depth imaging technologies for seismic data processing, acquired in 2008.

A company acquired by Geco before it became part of Schlumberger.

See Siberian Training Center.

Stonehouse Product Center (SHPC)
Stonehouse Technology Center (SHTC)
In April 2003, Schlumberger announced the creation of a Global Drilling Technology Center in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, UK. The facility became the SHTC/SHPC centers, designing and manufacturing directional drilling equipment.

Sugar Land Product Center (SPC)
The Sugar Land campus was created in 1993, about 15 miles southwest of Houston. Several engineering centers are collocated there, mostly under the name SPC.

Schlumberger Surenco S.A., founded around 1930 and incorporated in Colombia, is a holding company for the South America assets of Schlumberger.

Abbreviation for Schlumberger Well Surveying Corp., later for Schlumberger Well Services, and most recently for Schlumberger Water Services.

T&T Engineering
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Schlumberger, located in Tomball, Texas. It was founded in 1997, incorporated in 1999, and acquired in September 2015. The company's products include BOP handling systems, drilling equipment, and rig transport equipment. Its engineering services focus on failure and structural analysis, extending beyond the oilfield domain to civil engineering and construction.
Not to be confused with the abbreviation T&T used in the late 1990s for the Test & Transactions group of Schlumberger, which included Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and Smart Cards & Terminals (SC&T), all of which were divested around 2003-2004. The similarity is just a coincidence.

Technoguide AS
An Oslo-based provider of collaborative software for reservoir modeling, founded in 1996 and acquired by Schlumberger in 2003. It developed the Petrel workflow product.

A startup company founded in 2000 by Stephanie Gottlib-Zeh in Montpellier in the south of France, acquired by Schlumberger in 2009. Became the Montpellier Technology Center (MpTC).

A Salt Lake City, Utah-based provider of geomechanics measurements and analysis, acquired by Schlumberger in 2006.

Test & Transactions
A division mostly formed from the combination of Automatic Test Equipment and Smart Cards & Terminals.

A line of test fixtures, made by Factron in Latham, NY, which became part of Schlumberger ATE.

Thomas Tools
Thomas Tools started as a downhole specialty tool provider in 1961. It became a full-service tool rental company in the 1970s, and developed high-torque drillpipe and connections in the 1980s. In 1984, it started an MWD division, and it merged with W-H Energy Services. In 1998, it created a new division, Thomas Tubing Specialists. In 1999, Thomas MWD merged with Pathfinder Energy Services. In 2002, Thomas Tools created a tubing inspection division. In 2008, it was acquired by Smith International, and it became part of Schlumberger as a result of the Smith acquisition in August 2010. Subsequent to the acquisition, Thomas Tubing Specialists and Thomas Tools operate under the single name Thomas Tools.

Thorn EMI Gas Metering
A UK metering company acquired in 1989.

ThruBit, LLC, a Houston-based Shell Technology Ventures Fund company providing openhole logging services, was founded in 2005 and acquired by Schlumberger in December 2011. It had about 110 employees and operated in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.

TLA was a company based in Westerville, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) making IC thermal conditioning systems and pick-and-place handlers. The name TLA did not mean anything, it was a joke on "three-letter acronym." TLA was acquired by Schlumberger in July 1993, and integrated into the Automated Test Equipment division under the name of Automated Systems. It was the first part of ATE to be divested when Schlumberger decided to get out of the semiconductor testing business, and once it decided to sell ATE in pieces rather than in one block. Automated Systems was sold to San Diego-based Cohu Inc. in July 2001 for $14.1 million. Cohu integrated it into its Delta Design subsidiary.

A West Siberian-based geophysical and wireline logging company, acquired in 2007.

See Volucompteurs Aster-Boutillon.

VanEssen Instruments
A company based in Delft, Netherlands, which makes pressure transducers, dataloggers and software for shallow groundwater monitoring. Acquired by Schlumberger in 2001 and made part of Schlumberger Water Services. Sold to Nova Metrix LLC in March 2015.

Vector Cable
Acquired in 1962

A UK-based leading reservoir geomechanics software and consulting company, acquired in 2007.

Virtue Brothers Manufacturing
Virtue Brothers Manufacturing Ltd., of Los Angeles, was founded in 1926 by Julian and Philip Virtue to apply the new technique of chrome plating to furniture. The company, initially named the US Plating Company, became a successful provider of tables and chairs with chrome-plated legs for schools, offices, homes, and the military during World War II. Schlumberger became the owner of this business, apparently in the 1960s, because it was part of a conglomerate of companies it wanted to buy and that was for sale only as a package. The reality of this unexpected ownership is attested by a 1981 appeals court judgment concerning a loan made in 1972 "to Virtue Brothers Manufacturing Co., Inc. (VBM), a wholly owned subsidiary of petitioner," said petitioner being identified as Schlumberger Limited in this record, which also states that by 1974, VBM was owned by another entity and went bankrupt. That owner was probably the Sperry & Hutchison Company (the famous "green stamp" people), to whom Schlumberger had sold the Virtue division.

Volucompteurs Aster-Boutillon
A gasoline dispenser company, created in France in 1920, acquired by Schlumberger in 1972. Additional acquisitions in this industry segment from 1985 to 1996 formed the Retail Petroleum Systems group, which was divested in 1998.

Schlumberger acquired Norwegian-based VoxelVision, a high-end PC-based visualization and seismic technology company, in 2003.
Water Management Consultants
A cosulting group based in Denver, Colo., specializing in groundwater solutions for the mining industry. Acquired by Schlumberger in October 2007 and made part of Schlumberger Water Services.

Waterloo Hydrogeologic
A company based in Kitchener, Ont., Canada, which develops groundwater modeling software. Acquired by Schlumberger in 2005 and made part of Schlumberger Water Services. Sold to Nova Metrix LLC in March 2015.

Westbay Instruments
A company based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, which makes modular groundwater sampling and monitoring equipment. Acquired by Schlumberger in 2000 and made part of Schlumberger Water Services. Sold to Nova Metrix LLC in March 2015.

In 2000, WesternGeco was created by merging Geco-Prakla, which belonged to Schlumberger, with Western Geophysical, which belonged to Baker Hughes, to form a joint venture owned 70% by Schlumberger and 30% by Baker Hughes. In 2006, Schlumberger bought out the minority Baker Hughes share. Several subsequent acquisitions (Odegaard A/S, Geosystem, ...) were merged into WesternGeco.


Wilson Distribution
This company, acquired as part of the Smith International deal in August 2010, was sold to National Oilwell Varco (NOV) in May 2012.

WesternGeco Penang Product Center. Opened in Penang, Malaysia in 2011 to support global demand for geophysical services.
A company that manufactured testers for memory chips, acquired and integrated into Fairchild Testers in the mid-1970s. Eventually, manufaturing and testing of memory chips was taken over by Japanese industry. Incomplete (origin, acquisition date, location, etc. -- who can help?)

Schlumberger acquired the coiled tubing drilling and coiled tubing units from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp., a Calgary-based company, for C$205 million in June 2016. With this move, Xtreme repositioned itself as a pure Tier 1 contract driller.
Do not confuse Xtreme with Extreme Engineering.

The leader in rigless ESP deployment technology, acquired by Schlumberger in November 2014. The ZEiTECS portfolio allows conventional ESPs to be conveyed into the well on wireline, coiled tubing or sucker rods, eliminating the need for a rig. The division was incorporated into the Artificial Lift International Segment (ALIS).


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