I have always loved math.  It is beautiful, elegant, simple yet complex.  

Math is one giant puzzle. But it's the journey to that puzzle's solution that is most intriguing.  That journey might include number theory, calculus, linear algebra or non-Euclidean geometry.  You never know what it might take until you try it.

I encourage you all to embrace the puzzles you will face this year.  Try them.  Use your instincts to try a method you are familiar with.  If it fails, try something new.  Don't give up!  Keep struggling with the puzzle until you discover the solution.  Very few problems in life can be solved (or resolved) by trying only one method.  Become critical thinkers and see how far that can take you in your life's journey and all its puzzles.

Have a great year!

Yours In Mathematics,

Mr. Schlomer