Campo de Ciencia y Arte (Science and Art Camp)

Friends and Family,

Trip Update -  We're leaving on Saturday.  Thanks to you all for your kind words and support.  We've got a lot of supplies to pack, but details are coming together.  We're very excited to have some wonderful friends from Honduras taking the bus from Tegucigalpa to help us with translation.   This camp could very well be the first of its kind in Nicaragua and will hopefully pave the way for future events like this.  We'll likely be "off the grid" during out time there, but will certainly post pictures and a full report when we get back.  Again, thanks for your enthusiastic support as we embark on this pioneering adventure.  

While we've received some great financial support, we're still taking donations until we return on June 23rd.  Directions for donations are below.  Also, we have a logo thanks to La Vida alum, Meredith Chew Harmon.  This will be the logo for our camp t-shirts that will go to all 200 kids and staff.  We've added some art classes to our science theme, so we'll fit with the new acronym STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), but mostly the focus will be on FUN.

About Our Trip
In June, our family is heading off to Nicaragua to bring some making and science fun
 to about 200 kids in the small town of San Juan de Oriente.  We'll be joining three other families for a week-long camp made up of of classes and activities science and engineering related.  We'll of course have lots of things that fly (rockets and airplanes) and also classes on circuits, wind and solar power, air pressure, and color and light...  all the stuff we love..  This trip combines our passions for science/making and traveling in Latin America all in one!

While we've been to Honduras a number of times, we're excited to experience a new Central American country.  San Juan de Oriente is a dusty little town about an hour outside of Managua. Most of the kids in this extremely poor town would never have the opportunity to experience a camp like this.  We'll be partnering with La Vida Education (, an awesome one of a kind lending library.  La Vida has grown to be a well know organization and is now the biggest library of its kind in the country.  This camp fits with La Vida's educational vision and their staff will help out during the week.

La Vida is a community organization not affiliated with any church, although the River Church helped fund its start up.  The River Church, will help manage the finances for our trip.  This camp is a great opportunity for you to partner with us to provide an awesome camp experience for these kids.  We're looking for folks interested in partnering at any level to help with the nearly $5500 needed for the trip, that will cover some travel costs, supplies for the camp and camp t-shirts for all the kids.  The easiest way to partner is through
The River's Pay Pal Site (   Click the preceding link, click Donate on the left to go to Pay Pal, put in your donation amount, and log into Pay Pal, make sure you add a comment designating the donation for the Schertle's Nicaragua Trip.  With all donations, you'll receive a tax receipt from The River.  If you wish to donate via check, you can follow the directions below.  

Our kids are awesome travelers and hard workers and we're so excited to be doing this as a family.  See a few pictures from past trips below.  We're thankful for you too in helping us out financially and/or with moral support (both necessary)!  We'll be sure to keep you updated on progress and we'll have plenty more pictures and stories to share upon our return.  

Muchos Gracias y Buen Viaje!

Rick, Angie, Kelly and Micah

P.S. We went digital with this letter.  If you want a hard copy, we would be happy to send one your way.  Just let us know.  

Giving via Check:
Make Checks out to: The River
For tax reasons, Don't write on the memo line of the check, but include a note attached indicating it is for the Schertle's Nicaragua Trip

Mail checks to:
The River Church Community
670 Lincoln Ave. Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95126 

Pictures from past trips...
Rocket fun in Honduras!

Building Rockets in La Tigra, Honduras.

Micah and Aaron.

Kelly and Angie making sandwiches for 200 plus kids!

Micah on our first trip to Honduras at age 4.

Getting round Honduras style (crossing creeks and stuff)!