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"The teacher center helped me to establish a professional book club that has continued throughout the year, even without pay.  It has also allowed me to get professional books that have led to a school-wide ELA push toward doing literature circles.  Finally, we were able to purchase novels so that students have choices of books within the literature circles.  As a result of the book club, we not only have gained knowledge and changed our teaching but also now have a positive and supportive rapport with each other." --Colleen Flower, Literacy Coach

"The teacher center grant gave me and a group of Math, Science, Technology teachers and school counselors the opportunity to collaborate with professors from Russell Sage College.  As one Middle school participant put it, "It is wonderful and intellectually stimulating to be able to share ideas and learn about new research in the area of females in Math and Science not only with my colleagues but with professors who are directly involved in this type of research.   Unfortunately, it is not something we are able to do very often."

In adddition to evaluating the latest research, we worked on develpomg activities to improve the number of girls choosing the math, science and technology house .Our group brought girls from middle and high school to the Sage program -Girls Excited about Math and Science (GEMS) -and we are planning a Math, Science and Technology open house for middle school girls in the fall." --Bernadette O'Brien, SHS, Thomas Edison School of Math, Science and Technology

I was very satisfied with the help and encouragement I received from Ms. Walsh in filling out the application request form for a grant to pay for the best selling author, Da Chen’s presentation to the Global Commerce English 10 classes on April 2, 2009. The presentation was excellent and the author was paid in a timely fashion. My only regret was that funds from the Teacher Center could not be used to pay for programs involving the 10H/IB students.

Many thanks to Susie Walsh, the Director of the Schenectady Teacher Center for her professional help with the grant process. --Rosy Horowitz, SHS, Global Commerce