What is a "Photowalk"?

Often times, budding photographers want to find a group of peers that they can take thousands of photos with while learning each others' tricks of the trade but are mystified by the notion of what a "Photowalk" really entails.

In a nutshell, photowalks are social meetups and walking tours for people who want to take photos together. They’re free, informal, and fun. You can be a newbie with a camera phone or a seasoned vet with a 35mm film SLR -- absolutely everyone is welcome. The only real requirements are something to take photos with, and comfortable shoes. Bring your friends, family, acquaintances, pets along! 

Photowalks usually start with a meet-up location and time. The group is usually also informed of the ending location and the approximate time to meet back up.
The "leader" of the photowalk will then start to stroll along in a general direction. Feel free to wander off, get into different nooks and crannies of places, and explore to your heart's content. Photowalks usually get very spread out and you temporarily will lose "the pack", which is completely normal. Be creative at your own pace. 

Throughout the event, feel free to ask questions to other photographers and discuss different things. People are generally very friendly and open at these events - we're all here to advance the creativity of the photography community! Many find that they learn a lot just by watching how people compose their shots and by asking how they dialed their cameras. If you're feeling a little intimidated, just remember that you're probably not the only one.

Work your way towards the general ending location and don't forget to meet up with others at the end so you can reminisce about all the stuff you just saw on the stroll. If the event is too long, feel free to drop off anywhere. People often come for an hour or two and then leave to go do something else. It's completely fine. 

See you all in Austin!