Introduction - Scheduling Software Online Reports


Employee Scheduling Software


Since 1983 Asgard Systems has been producing employee scheduling software. Our product, Time Tracker, analyses and automates the scheduling process. It also manages shift schedules, time off, attendance, absence and vacations.
Time Tracker reports and schedules, may be delivered to appropriate recipients in a variety of different ways.  The purpose of this very simple site is to discuss some of Time Trackers reporting features and to demonstrate one of the many ways schedules or reports may be distributed.  

Scheduling Software Reports

Information stored in Time Tracker is validated, cross-referenced and transposed to generate reports suitable for a variety of different needs. Time Tracker has more than 44 comprehensive reports each supporting multiple variations. They can be directed to a screen or printer. They can also be saved as HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word files.

Report Distribution

Many of the reports generated by Time Tracker are management specific. The focus and distribution of such reports; are often limited to those who generate them. Simply sending the report to the screen or printer may be more than sufficient.
Reports that are pertinent to staff scheduling are probably more of a concern. There are many different ways to handle the distribution of such reports or schedules. Reports may be printed and simply handed out to staff or posted in the hall.
Reports may also be saved as files - HTML, PDF or Microsoft Word files. Such formats facilitate their distribution.  Files, can be saved on a network server where all network participants can access them.  They can also be emailed as attachments’ or uploaded to a web site and posted online.

Online Reports

The advantages of publishing your reports online are obvious. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to have access to the most recent published reports and schedules – anywhere and anytime.
You can set up your own web site. You can even do it for free and you do not have to be that tech savvy. There exist, numerous service providers that free of charge will allow you to build and design your own web site. They even provide web design tools that deliver a great deal of flexibility and sophistication.  

While You Are At It

You might start thinking of other ways that you can use a web site. After all, once you have your staff frequenting the web site there are many other features that might prove to be beneficial:
  • Upload reports and schedules
  • Password protect the site or specific components
  • Share other documents
  • Publish Organization News
  • Enable a Chat Line for Your Staff
  • Setup a discussion board
  • Provide a calendar
  • Show the Weather, Traffic, Stock Reports, News Feeds
  • Post Instructional Movies, Slide Shows, Presentations
  • Show World Clocks, Google maps (or MSN, Yahoo)
  • Provide links to other sites
  • Or whatever is relevant for your staff

Google Web Sites

There are probably a great many internet service providers that provide the tools and services for creating and hosting web sites free of charge. Here we have chosen to focus on the web site service called “Google Sites”. The ever-popular search engine Google provides the service. They have a solid, dependable reputation. The service is hosted free of charge and you can create your own site.
With this sample site, all we are hoping to demonstrate; is the online delivery of reports and staff schedules. We could have done all sorts of amazing things, instead; we will leave that to your creativity.
Please note: Google Sites currently does not support HTML documents to be directly uploaded as attachments.