This RPG system uses a simple yet highly effective dice system  that as far as we know has not been put to wide use by any of the major RPG developers.  We respectfully ask that if you view our system and find it to be of use do not copy it for your own monitary gain. 

  We have been using this system for over a decade and every player that has joined our group has quickly picked up on the simplicity of it and the ease of Character creation.


*We do not claim to have any right to the Star Trek name or franchise.  The gaming system contained in the upcoming game system that will be available here we do claim right to.  The "system" was developed and fine toned over many years and countless games.  The "system" has been ported to other genre's of games and works for all situations.

This page will contain information and a downloadable copy of a simple set of rules, templates and ship stats for playing creating your own crew and adventures in the Star Trek universe with your friends.