Sommarat Chantarat

7101 Coombs, Canberra, ACT 0200 Australia

Email: sommarat.chantarat{at}
Phone: +61 2 6125 3756  Fax: +61 2 6125 3700


Welcome to my homepage.

I am a faculty member at the Ardnt-Corden Department of Economics, Crawford School of Economics and Government, the Australian National University.

My research interests span the following areas of development microeconomics

  • Poverty traps, vulnerability and rural welfare dynamics
  • Risk management mechanisms in poor communities
  • Rural financial market, microinsurance and microcredit
  • Field experiments in development economics
  • Policy impact evaluation

My current works involve the use of risk modeling and original field survey and experiments in tackling development of pro-poor risk management and credit instruments as a means to reduce poverty and vulnerability among poor communities.

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