About us

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Our establishment has been around since 2000. We have had the pleasure of serving the local Polk and Hillsborough communities with thousands  satisfied customers in our friendly atmosphere.
We are modern 21st century landscaping company attached to our garden center. We provide unique  fruit trees with REAL flavor which you can " NOT " compare with any other fruits in supermarkets.  Our specialty is over 40 colors of  Bougainvillea, top flowering trees; yellow and pink Tabebuia trees, Japanese and little Gem Magnolia trees, shading/flowering trees like; red Maple, yellow Elder & Cassia trees, Dynamite Crape Myrtle (and five other more common colors), Asian roses, rose bushes, trees, and climbing roses to name a few.
Our top exotic fruit trees are;  Persian Pomegranate, peach, plum, nectarine, apple, pear, persimmon, lychee, Longan, fig, red & black cherry,  several varieties of mango, avocado, loquat, sapota, grapes,  tamarind, Carambola, mulberry, tropical, Catley guava trees, blueberry, blackberry and raspberry bushes. We also offer cocktail fruit trees on some of the above fruits. 
Most of our fruit trees are bearing fruits in season from the second year and the flavors are the most divine!
Our fruit tree prices range from:  $9.95 & up to a couple hundred with fruit currently on them. 
All our prices are very competitive with other nurseries and retailers. We also GUARANTEE  our prices ARE %10 lower.
Our Citrus variety are mostly fruiting from second year and are ranging from $25 & up to a couple hundred with fruit currently on. We also have top quality cocktail fruit trees with different types of citrus on the same tree sharing one hardy root stock. 
We  also assist the home owners to do their own landscaping. We offer free design and advise where to place plants and trees.
We usually provide services by creating Fruit Orchards to private individuals, and commercial landscaping at very reasonable prices.
Our belief in making even a small fruit Orchard in the backyard, itself  is a self healing process and pleasure of having your own Organic garden, helps add positivism in families, creates sustainability, teaches children responsibility and respect for the environment. 
Our nation must think more positively in the 21 century. Unique garden/s, fruit trees, vegetable plants, herbs, annuals, perennials, butterfly gardens or whatever combination of landscaping and gardening you enjoy help keep the family occupied in their spare time and adds pleasure. Respect for environment and Mother Earth, sustainability, beauty and great taste are things we all should enjoy!