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Creations Team



Tatjana Brishe Bromfield:

Tatjana is 16 years old and works for Creations Studio as a team leader. She lives in Rochester, New York and attends Allendale Columbia. She aspires to be a fashion designer and loves to be creative. She likes to draw in her spare time.





Cleveland (Michael) Whitfield:

Micheal is 14 years old and attends Aquinas High School. He plays football and would like to become a pilot or a judge. He lives in Rochester, New York and has a twin brother and a younger brother and sister. Micheal likes art because there are no boundaries to what one can do. He loves painting. He joined Artpeace to do what he loves and make money for it.





Tiyreek Butler:

Tiyreek is hard working. He likes to be productive and likes to create jewelry and t-shirts. He is 15 years old and attends Gates Chili High School. Tiyreek lives in Rochester,New York. He has five sisters and three brothers. Tiyreek likes to play basketball and football. He likes to draw and work on the computer(he also really likes to talk to girls).





Tiquane Pratt:

Tiquane is 15 years old and attendes Norman Howard School. He likes boxing and football. In art he really likes to draw and paint. He lives in Rochester and he lives with his grandmother and grandfather. He joined ArtPeace for the experience and he wanted to do a job which included art.




Clark Canty:

Clark is Black and handsome. He lives in Rochester NY. He attends Wilson High School and is 17 years old. He likes working with his hands, creating art and trying new materials. Clark likes to play sports. He likes rapping and listening to music. He joined ArtPeace because he likes art and was looking for a paying job. Clark has learned how to paint, mix colors, make jewelery and how to come up with a business plan.





Shavonna Burgess:

Shavonna is 14 an attends School Without Walls. She likes to write poetry and laugh. Shavonna joined ArtPeace not knowing that she would be making so many products. She didn't consider herself with her jewelery making talents. Shavonna would like to be a poet, a psychologist and a model.






 Brittany H.:

Brittany is a sophmore on her school's step team. In her spare time she enjoys knitting scarves and reading. She joined ArtPeace because she needed a summer job and liked the idea of learning about visual arts. Brittany would like to be a lawyer because she likes to help people. "Without art there would be no interesting world."




Camilla Perryman(Missy):

Missy joined ArtPeace again this year because she had a fun experience last year and wanted to try again. She has found jeweley making satisfying and painting her own potrait Missy is 16 years old and atttends Edison Tech High School. She lives in Rochester NY and has three sibilings. Missy aspires to become a doctor.





Savonna White:

Savonna is 15 years old and attends Franklin High school. Savonna joined ArtPeace to improve her painting skills. Savonna plays basketball, volleyball,and baseball. Savonna has two brothers. She has enjoyed how to paint portraits and has created many pieces of jewelry. She hopes to become a pediatrican and paint on the side.





Shapell Worth:

Shapell is 15 and attends School Without Walls High school. He likes playing football,psp,basketball,and going to sleep. He would like to become a lawyer and make really good money. He joined ArtPeace because he likes art, especially mixing colors to create new colors.