Image courtesy of IHP.
This conference has now concluded.

We are pleased to announce the 2017 edition of the Strings, Cosmology, and Gravity Student Conference, to be held at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, from the 15th to the 17th of February.

The conference is designed to bring together young PhD and early stage postdoctoral researchers working in theoretical high energy physics, especially in areas of string theory, cosmology, and gravity. Our primary aim is to give attendants the opportunity to present their research via contributed talks and to form collaborations. There will be no registration fee, and the conference is open to all interested graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

The deadline for applying to speak at the conference has expired, but you may register as a non-speaking participant until the capacity of the venue is reached. The conference poster can be found here. While some useful pieces of information are available here. All of the conference presentations can be found in PDF format here.

This is the eighth incarnation of the SCGSC conference. For information regarding previous conferences, please consult:
  • SCGSC16 (Imperial College London),
  • SCGSC13 (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik),
  • SCGSC12 (Institut Henri Poincaré),
  • SCGSC11 (London Mathematical Society) (Website inactive),
  • SCGSC10 (Institut Henri Poincaré),
  • SCSC09 (Imperial College London),
  • SCSC08 (Institut Henri Poincaré).
This tremendous opportunity is made possible by the generosity of the Institut Henri Poincaré and our sponsors, listed below, to whom we are most grateful.


The post-conference picture is included below, and alternate versions can be found here.