A PETITION from Space Coast Feline Network (Brevard County, FL) and its supporters to the Brevard County Board of County Commissioners 

TNR - The practice of trapping, neutering, and releasing feral, abandoned & homeless cats in an effort to reduce the over population of cats and, subsequently, the reduction of cats/kittens entering the Brevard County animal shelters that, for the most, end up being euthanized.

We the undersigned respectfully request that Brevard County continue to support the theory of TNR as these services are provided at no cost to Brevard County taxpayers by SCFN and other rescue groups in Brevard County.  We also respectfully request that Brevard County Commissioners (through Animal Services) continue efforts towards a "No-Kill" goal for our County shelters, of which TNR is a major key to making this possible.  Restricting the number of cats allowed on a specific lot size will only hinder the "No-Kill" progress and is not necessary IF adjacent property owners are "cat-friendly."

Finally, we the undersigned request that Animal Services hire an additional veterinarian to improve the numbers of neuters & spays done by the county rather than more Animal Control Officers in order to permanently help with the long term goal of “No-Kill” and not more euthanasia in the County animal shelters which will be the only outcome of more officers.

Let’s make Brevard a humane “No-Kill” County!