Single carrier frequency division multiple access (SC-FDMA) is a new multiple access scheme which utilizes single carrier modulation, orthogonal frequency multiplexing, and frequency domain equalization. SC-FDMA is currently adopted as the uplink multiple access scheme in 3rd Generation Partnership Project Long Term Evolution (3GPP LTE) and it has drawn great attention as an attractive alternative to OFDMA.


This workshop will bring together researchers exploring SC-FDMA at the physical and MAC layers. They will present new results, describe work in progress, and explore relationships among their diverse approaches. There will be talks and posters for brief presentation of new ideas and it will conclude with a lively panel and audience debate on what it all means and where it is going.

The following is the program (PDF version):

Time Speaker Title
9:00 ~ 9:30 Dr. Hyung G. Myung, Qualcomm/Flarion Registration & opening remarks
9:30 ~ 9:55 Prof. David Falconer, Carleton University Single and Multicarrier Modulation: A Brief History
9:55 ~ 10:20 Prof. Hikmet Sari, L'École Supérieure d'Électricité (SUPÉLEC) A Review of OFDMA and SC-FDMA and Some Recent Results
10:20 ~ 10:45 Prof. Fumiyuki Adachi, Tohoku University Single-Carrier Packet Access in a Frequency-Selective Channel
10:45 ~ 11:10 Break & poster sessions
11:10 ~ 11:35 Prof. Tadashi Matsumoto, University of Oulu & Japan Advanced Institute Science and Technology Frequency Domain Turbo Equalization for Single Carrier Signaling, and Its Information Theoretic Considerations
11:35 ~ 12:00 Dr. Michael Schnell, German Aerospace Center / Institute of Communications and Navigation Interleaved Frequency-Division Multiple-Access and Its Relations to SC-FDMA
12:00 ~ 12:25 Prof. Anja Klein, Technische Universität Darmstadt Block-Interleaved Frequency Division Multiple Access (B-IFDMA) and its Application to Future Mobile Radio Systems
12:25 ~ 13:30 Lunch
13:30 ~ 13:55 Prof. David J. Goodman, Polytechnic Institute of NYU Channel Dependent Scheduling in Single Carrier FDMA
13:55 ~ 14:20 Prof. Mamoru Sawahashi, Musashi Institue of Technology & NTT DoCoMo Requirements and Radio Access Techniques for LTE-Advanced
14:20 ~ 14:45 Donald Grieco, InterDigital Communications MIMO and Transmit Diversity for SC-FDMA
14:45 ~ 15:10 Break
15:10 ~ 15:35 Dr. Volker Jungnickel, Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications / Heinrich-Hertz-Institut Optimal Transmitter and Receiver Design for Single-Carrier Frequency-Division Multiple Access
15:35 ~ 16:00 Gilberto Berardinelli, Aalborg University SC-FDM for Single User MIMO LTE-A Uplink
16:00 ~ 16:25 Uyen Ly Dang, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Comparison of Receivers for SC-FDMA Transmission over Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels
16:25 ~ 17:30 Panel discussion and audience Q&A


This workshop is sponsored and organized by Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology (WICAT), a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center at Polytechnic Institute of NYU.


Technical Program Chair: Dr. Hyung G. Myung, Qualcomm/Flarion

Advisory Board: Prof. Henry Bertoni & Prof. David J. Goodman, Polytechnic Institute of NYU

The official workshop website is at .