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Yosemite National Park is the first area ever designated as protected for its natural beauty in the world. A unique valley, carved deep by glaciers, has inspired young and old, rich and poor, the masses and the famous, including John Muir and President Theodore Roosevelt (see below). The granite cliffs boast the best climbing in the world, including the tallest pure vertical drop in all of the United States, El Capitan, and the most unique cliff, possibly in the world, Half Dome. If that was not enough, Yosemite is also home to groves of giant Sequoias, the largest living things on earth. Not too far from Yosemite is Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, where you can see another grand valley of the Sierra Nevada and even more grand trees, including the five largest. Below is sample itinerary, all items flexible:
Day 1, 8 AM - Leave Salt Lake City
12 PM - Get lunch on the way, possibly at St. George.
6PM - Stop for dinner, possibly in Barstow. Drive north and west.
9 PM - Camp for the night at Lake Isabella (or Tehachapi).
Day 2, 8 AM - Drive north to Sequoia/Kings Canyon.
10 AM - Arrive at Sequoia visitor center, explore.
11 AM - Drive the tunnel log and GIant Forest loop, stopping at the General Sherman trail to see the world's largest living thing.
12 PM - Keep heading north, stop at a picnic site for lunch.
1PM - Keep heading on the general's highway, stop at Kings Canyon visitor center. Hike the General Grant tree loop.
3 PM - Head toward Kings Canyon. Stop at Cedar Grove visitor center and canyon view.
4 PM - Arrive at end of the Kings Canyon road, hike Zumwalt Meadow. After, drive back west.
6 PM - Eat dinner, possibly in Fresno.
7PM - Find camp as we drive north.
Day 3, 8 AM - Finish drive north. Enter Yosemite near Mariposa Grove. Explore the area.
10 AM - Drive north, take road to Glacier Point.
11 AM - Drive on to Yosemite Valley. Eat lunch and explore the valley, including the visitor center.
4 PM - Drive north up to Tuolumne Meadows. Explore the meadow, including the visitor center. Hike Lembert Dome. Eat dinner and find camp for the night.
Day 4, 8 AM - Drive out of Yosemite.
9 AM - Stop at Mono Lake, explore the lake and visitor center. After, head east, back to Salt Lake City.
11 AM - Stop for a quick lunch at Tonopah.
6 PM - Arrive at SLC.
View of Half Dome.
Trip: 4-6 days
Drive time: 

Other things to see/do:
-Crystal Cave in Sequoia
-Hike Half Dome
-Hetch Hetchy
-Great Basin National Park

Famous picture of the two men most responsible for our current National Park System: Teddy Roosevelt, who loved nature and expanded the Antiquities Act (against popular opinion at the time) to protect lands for future generations; and John Muir, a Scottish man who came to America and fell in love with its wonders, becoming, essentially, the world's first environmentalist and conservationist.