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Yellowstone, America's first true 'National' park, is the largest concentration of geothermal features anywhere on the surface of earth. Along with its unmatched wildlife, the geologic wonders you will see can take your breath away. The park is quite huge, and no tour could capture it all, but we will do our best! Any trip to Yellowstone must at least drive through Grand Teton, which is to the south. Below is sample itinerary, all items flexible:
Day 1, 8 AM - Leave Salt Lake City
12 PM - Get lunch on the way, possibly at Idaho Falls.
2 PM - Arrive in West Yellowstone. Arrange hotel/camp. Head towards Madison and Norris.
2:30 PM - Hike around the Norris Geyser Basin and visitor center. When done, drive north to Mammoth Hot Springs.
3:30 PM - Explore Mammoth Hot Springs and visitor center.
5 PM - Drive to camp/hotel, eat dinner, retire for the night.
Day 2, 7 AM - Drive to the Lamar Valley, "America's Serengeti." Early morning or early evening are the best viewing times for wildlife.
10 AM - Drive back toward Tower-Roosevelt, see the petrified tree.
11 AM - Arrive at Canyon Village. See visitor center and hike to viewpoints of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
12 PM - Eat lunch at Canyon Village.
1 PM - Drive toward Yellowstone Lake and Lake Village, stopping at Mud Volcano and Sulphur Caldron.
2 PM - Head south towards Lake Yellowstone. Stop at West Thumb to see the West Thumb Geyser Basin.
3:30 PM - Head towards Old Faithful and the rest of the upper, middle, and lower geyser basins, as we head back north.
6 PM - Head to camp, eat dinner, retire for the night.
Day 3, 8 AM - Pack up camp, head south.
9 AM - Enter Grand Teton National Park, see visitor center.
9:30 AM - Head to Colter Bay on Jackson Lake.
10 AM - Head to Jenny Lake. Take a short hike in the Jenny Lake area.
12 AM - Head south out of the park. Eat lunch near or in Jackson, WY.
1 PM - Start to head back toward Salt Lake City.
6 PM - Back home in SLC.
Old Faithful erupting... it does so every hour or two.

Map showing SLC to Yellowstone to Grand Teton and back.
Trip: 3-5 days
Drive: 5 hours

Other things to see/do:
-Craters of the Moon
-Bear Lake
The Tetons over Jackson Lake