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Glacier National Park is the very definition of Big Sky Country, as the backbone of the Rockies meet the crisp air of Montana. Although most of the glaciers are long gone, the shear faces of rock and cliffs that they carved are still around. What relatively puny glaciers do remain are rapidly decreasing in size, so a visit to Glacier is better done sooner than later! Even in low snow years, it is best to wait for later in the summer to travel, so that all of the attractions are open, including the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road. Below is sample itinerary*, all items flexible:
Day 1, 8 AM - Leave Salt Lake City
11 AM - Get lunch on the way, possibly at Pocatello.
12 PM - Stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument and see the recent volcanic flows. Eat (packed) lunch if have not already.
1 PM - Leave, head north.
1:30 PM - Stop at Borah Peak fault scarp, from the 1983 earthquake, most recent large earthquake in the Rocky Mountain area.
2 PM - Continue to head north, up the beautiful Salmon River valley.
5 PM - Arrive in Missoula, eat dinner.
6 PM - Head north to Glacier.
8 PM - Arrive in Glacier, check in for the night.
Day 2, 8 AM - Start at Apgar village and visitor center.
9 AM - Start on the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
10 AM - Reach Avalanche Lake. Take the (4 mile round trip) Avalanche Lake trail to see the lake itself and the cirque basin.
12 PM - Eat lunch at the lake, start to continue on Going-to-the-Sun Road.
2 PM - After traveling up the continental divide, explore Logan Pass and the visitor center. Hike Hidden Lake nature trail (3 mile round trip).
4 PM - Start to head toward St. Mary.
5 PM - Explore St. Mary. Eat dinner and camp/lodge for the night.
Day 3, 8 AM - Drive south toward Two Medicine.
9 AM - Explore Two Medicine and visitor center. Hike a short waterfall trail (several options).
11 AM - Drive south toward SLC. Eat lunch in Great Falls or Butte. Eat dinner in Idaho Falls or Pocatello.
10 PM - Arrive in Salt Lake.
On Going-to-the-Sun Road.
Trip 3-5 days
Drive: 10 hours

Other things to see:
Many Glacier - another part of Glacier NP.
Waterton National Park (CA) - extension of Glacier into Canada. Pretty, and bring your passport!
Sun River and Gibson Reservoir - great example of thrust geology, and dino bone hunting.
Flathead Lake - near Polson, MT
Missoula - a very fun town in Montana.

*This itinerary is a short version. Most of the stops can be extended, and thus, can extend the trip.

Sun River, MT, east side of the park.