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Colorado is the state that most embodies the Rocky Mountains, though the mountain chain runs through much of the Western United States and even into Canada. Maybe it is the fact that some of the tallest peaks in the Rockies are found in Colorado that gives them the primary claim to them. Regardless, it is a beautiful state with a lot to offer, including the picturesque mountains you would expect, but also one of the most dramatic cliffs in the world and a magnificent dune field. Below is sample itinerary, all items flexible:
Day 1, 8 AM - Leave Salt Lake City
12 PM - Get lunch on the way, possibly at Rawlins.
4 PM - Arrive at Rocky Mountain National Park. Head to Beaver Meadows visitor center. Reserve a campsite at Glacier Basin campground.
5:30 PM - Drive up Bear Lake road. Do a short hike at Sprauge or Bear Lake.
7 PM - Eat dinner, either back in town or at camp. Down for the night.
Day 2, 8 AM - Leave camp, check out Moraine Park (& museum) before heading north toward Fall River.
9 AM - See Fall River Visitor Center. Then head west along Fall River road, stopping at spots along the way.
12 PM - Eat lunch and explore at the Alpine Visitor Center. Hike a short trail like the Alpine Ridge Trail.
3 PM - Continue heading west and then south toward Kawuneeche Visitor Center. Drive on toward Granby. Stay or camp near there, stop for the night.
Day 3, 8 AM - Continue traveling south, passing through Breckenridge, Leadville, Buena Vista, and Gunnison, stopping as needed and for lunch.
2 PM - Arrive at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Explore visitor center, do the short hike to Gunnison Point and Oak Flat Trail.
3 PM - Drive the South Rim Road to High Point. Hike to Warner Point and/or other short hike.
6 PM - Leave, camp and eat in Montrose or Grand Junction.
Day 4, 8 AM - Drive to Colorado National Monument, just west of Grand Junction. Take scenic drive, possible short hike.
10 AM - Leave towards Salt Lake.
12 PM - Eat lunch in Green River. Continue towards Salt Lake.
4 PM - Arrive in Salt Lake.

A late-spring meadow in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Days: 3-5
Total drive time (round trip): ~24 hours

Other things to see:
Fossil Butte National Monument, WY
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, CO
Pike's Peak
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO
Mesa Verde National Park, CO

The Painted Wall, one of the tallest cliffs in the Western US. What you see is steep canyon erosion provided by the Gunnison River, exposing Precambrian basement rocks layered by felsic dikes.