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Capitol Reef

Central Utah, home to many wonders, is slightly less visited then the southwest and southeast corners of the state, though to overlook it would be a mistake. The highlight of the area is Capitol Reef National Park. The name derives from the domed structures of Navajo Sandstone (the same rock unit that dominates Zion Canyon) that top the reef (the topographic barrier). This reef is formed from a 100-mile-long monocline, a rare geologic structure, of which this is the world's best example. Below is sample itinerary, all items flexible:
Day 1, 8 AM - Leave Salt Lake City.
12 PM - Eat lunch in Torrey, just outside the park.
1 PM - Enter Capitol Reef, stop at the goosenecks and other sites before stopping at the visitor center.
2 PM - Take the scenic drive. Hike along Capitol Gorge, looking at the Pioneer Register and tanks. If there is time, hike the 2 mile hike to the base of the Golden Throne.
4 PM - Drive back to main road, seeing petroglyphs. Do short hike (1 mile) to Hickman Bridge.
5:30 PM - Head to camp, at Capitol Reef campground. If time, hike Fremont River trail and/or tour the fruit orchards.
Day 2, 8 AM - Drive east toward Hanksville.
9 AM - Drive to Goblin Valley State Park. See the visitor center, explore the park, and do a short (1 mile) hike into the goblin hoodoos.
11 AM - Drive north to Green River.
12 PM - Stop to eat lunch at Green River.
1 PM - Drive back towards Salt Lake.
4 PM - Arrive back at Salt Lake.
Rainbow over the campground at sunset
Trip - 2-4 days
Drive - 4 hours, one way.
Other sites to see:
Anasazi State Park
San Rafael Swell
Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry
The strange hoodoos of Goblin Valley