Why SST?

Why pick Scenic Science Tours (SST) for your next excursion? Here are some reasons to consider us:

1. Flexibility
Most tours have rigid schedules, in timing, length, and location. SST has flexibility in all of those areas. Wanna leave on a Wednesday? We can do that. Wanna go to location X and Y, but not Z? Not a problem. Do you like short hikes? Long hikes? No hikes? We will create a trip with your preferences.

2. Inexpensive
We save you money in multiple ways that other tours typically do not offer. We use a per day charge instead of flat rate. Most tours have a flat rate PER PERSON that can be thousands of dollars. We charge per day instead. That means a family of 6 can take a 2-day tour for as low as $300. That price is hard to beat!

3. Eliminate hidden costs. 
-Most tours give you food and lodging, which is just an excuse to find more ways to make profit off of you! By camping, or allowing you to get the food or lodging of your choice, there is no inflated costs, plus, you know what you are getting and can get what you like!

So, sign up for a tour today, you won't regret it. We are smarter than your average tour... Scenic Science Tours!