About Us

Our goal at Scenic Science Tours is to give you exactly the tour experience that you want—nothing more, nothing less, while keeping it affordable. While you look at some amazing scenery, you might as well be learning something too! Scenic Science Tours is smarter than your average tour!

You may be wondering, "How do I take a Scenic Science Tour?" Well, it is as simple, and can be done in 5 easy steps.

#1 - Look over our trips page and select which tour is most interesting to you.
#2 - Look at the details of the trip you want, and think about the specifics of your trip, including duration and itinerary.
#3 - Look at our calendar page, and find a time slot that would fit your schedule.
#4 - Contact us at scenicsciencetours@gmail.com to schedule your appointment.
#5 - Download our waiver form and our other forms so you are ready for your adventure!

You might also be wondering, who are the people behind Scenic Science Tours?

My name is Matt Affolter. I am a teacher in the Salt Lake area for 9th grade science. Before teaching, I worked as a geologist for several different organizations, including mining companies and the government. I started doing scenic tours soon after I was done with my geology degrees. All of the great field trips I took as a student, all the great things I saw, I wanted to share those things with my friends and family. So I did, and the rest is history. I have been to 25 National Parks, as well as many National Monuments and State Parks, and I am always looking for new places to explore. I am originally from Ridgecrest, CA, a city in the Mojave desert, just east of the southern tip of the Sierra Nevada. I now live in Salt lake City with my wife Shawn and our cats and dogs. 

Below is the waiver that you need to fill out in order to take a tour.
Matt Affolter,
Apr 3, 2013, 9:10 PM