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Structuring and Complementing continuing Education in Medical INformatics
Structural Measure grant C007B05 for the period 15 May 2006 until 14 August 2007.

SCEMIN consortium members

Grant applicant: Technical University of Crete, Greece
Grant coordinator: School of Electrical engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

  • University of Montenegro, Montenegro
  • University of Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Max Planc Institute, Germany
  • University of Aalborg, Denmark
  • Medical School, University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Institute of Public health, Montenegro

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  • upgrading learning facilities and services for students of both electrical engineering and Medicine by developing a powerful tele-education network connecting the partner universities (starting from JEP InCoHEALTH) and major health care institutions, bringing directly everyday medical practice into classrooms;
  • identifying needs for continuing education in ICT for health care personnel and assessing the results obtained by SCEMIN by organizing workshops;
  • establishment of two Continuing education centers which will be responsible for the delivery of continuing education in ICT health-care professionals (the centers will run on a pilot-basis and complement the results obtained in CD JPEG 16072-2001 InCoHEALTH) using specialized workshops and the development of a web portal;
  • building programs, developing teaching methodologies and producing teaching material for courses on diverse aspects of ICT in HCS, and delivering them to the medical personnel in selected health-care institution;
  • the existing infrastructure will be used and further extended by substantial modification of the teaching curriculum and quality assurance procedures;
  • development of a web portal for securing effective dissemination of the results for widespread use in a wide range of educational and medical institutions;


    ICT systems in health-care
        ICT infrastructure for medical databases
    Instrumentation in health-care
    Clinical decision support
        Medical knowledge and decision support
    Medical imaging

        Modalities, systems and processing

        Digital image processing and analysis

        Signals, systems and random processes

        Teaching material  

    Multimedia communications

        Distributed multimedia systems 



    Health care systems: architecture
        e-Health systems
    Management of health-care processes

        Performance management

        Human resource management

    SCEMIN Course

        ICT in healthcare 17-28.09.2007.


        Using Internet

        Using PC

        Using MS Office

        Pictures 17-28.09.2007.