Virtual Book Clubs!

Welcome to Virtual Book Clubs!

Welcome to our Virtual Book Clubs Site! 

Our goals include facilitating and even showcasing the collaborative work done by students surrounding traditional and digital literacy skills necessary in the 21st century! 

Please sign up using Google Form if you are interested!

This is flexible. You will be able to see the spreadsheet when it is finished and find others you would like to connect with. Connect, Collaborate and share your experiences! 

Virtual Book Clubs

A flexible format that can incorporate Blogging, Google Apps for Education, ie., Google Hangouts and Google Classroom, docs and more; Book Trailers; QR codes for book talks, Skype, twitter, Edmodo, Blogs, Google, - the sky is the limit for collaboration, connections, and building traditional and digital literacy skills!

The main goal of this site is to provide you with ideas,come just the opportunity to connect, collaborate and build knowledge outside of your classroom. All the while building 21st century learning skills including: 

  • Literacy Skills
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Collaboration
  • Student Engagement
  • Student Voice
  • Safe uses of technology and social media
  • Knowledge building
  • Learning!

Let's redefine our learning and engage in new and innovative ways to integrate technology into their work, and increase literacy!

If we provide students with opportunities to build literacy skills with technology and social media in safe manners, with books and literature, THEN we will promote collaboration, student engagement, digital citizenship, safe uses of technology, student voice, literacy, and digital literacy skills.  

Some of the innovative ideas that students can apply to the books they are reading:

  • Blogging reflections & Book Reviews
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Book Trailers on iMovie
  • Twitter accounts for characters in a book
  • Publishing stories and poetry into an eBook
  • Classroom Newsletters & website dedicated to authors and books, characters too!
  • Use amazing programs including ‘Explain Everything’, 'Haiku Deck'; Google Docs & iBooks where students can explain what they are doing in math to teach another group of kids, or show to their parents.
  • Publish work anonymously
  • Use of various presentation formats to demonstrate a continuum of learning
  • Drama Presentations turned into iMovies with Greenscreen
  • Skype with an author
  • Create infographics, or other visual representations of data and information in books and about books
  • Create and record music soundtracks
  • Podcasts

2014/2015 Virtual Book Club Sign Up

View Others Responses and see if there is anyone you would like to connect with! 

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