District Service Project Sign-up
Updated:  September 5, 2017

Instructions for Service Project Sign-up

During the District Conference. two service projects will be held at local schools. We are asking District Brothers to sign up for those project and show Alpha's commitment to service and developing young men to be leaders and scholars.

Let's Tie Things Up and Alpha Men Do Read 
(Registration Deadline: September 29, 2017)

South Carolina Alpha Brothers will serve middle school students through the "Let’s Tie Things Up" initiative by conducting interactive workshops regarding the importance of a positive and professional male image and career readiness. Brothers will cover a range of topics from dress for success, verbal communication strategies, tips to being successful in work environments, to career exploration.  Brothers will ultimately support young men in tying ties with a supply of donated neckties and booties.  The four objectives for "Let's Tie Things Up" participants are:
    1. To explain the importance of a positive image.
    2. To help participants identify a career choice and skills necessary to be successful in their career.
    3. To demonstrate how to tie a neck or bow tie and dress professionally.
    4. To help participants develop critical thinking skills, creativity and teamwork.
The "Alpha Men Do Read" initiative represents the District’s proactive measure to promote literacy development in elementary schools. Brothers will conduct a book drive and dedicate reading time at local elementary schools."  The objectives of "Alpha Men Do Read" include:
    1. To identify a career choice and skills necessary to be successful in a career.
    2. To develop reading comprehension, critical thinking, and analytical (perspective talking) skills. 

Please volunteer for these projects by filing out the following form: 

2017 District Conference Community Service Projects