District Awards Competition 
(Chair: Brother Leron Rahynes )  Entry Deadline: September 27, 2017 (extended)
Updated:  September 17, 2017

District Conference Awards 

The Fraternity established the Conference Awards in order to boost Alpha activity and involvement, to promote outreach and service to the community, to promote cooperation and collaboration, as well as to increase and continually encourage academic excellence.  These awards are bestowed upon brothers and chapters who exemplify Alpha manhood and whose work on behalf of the Fraternity far and truly exceeds the guidelines set by the General Organization.

How to register:
Here is the Entry Form for Chapter/Brothers to use if they plan to compete in District Awards:

Please compete by September 27, 2017


We are also looking for Brothers to be Judges for the Award Competition.
To sign to be a Judge, please use the following form by September 22nd :


Any member applying for a District Conference award must be registered for the respective conference and be an active member of the Fraternity.  Any Chapter applying for a conference award must be an active chapter in good standing with the Fraternity and have its full delegate strength registered at the respective conference.

Award Participation Criteria   

Alumni Chapters:

It is mandatory that each Alumni Chapter participate in at least one display award (i.e., Brother of the Year, Chapter of the Year, Charles Greene Award of Merit, the Augustus Witherspoon Leadership Award or the Charles H. Wesley Collaboration/Chapter Initiative Award) in order to participate in Intake.

College Chapters: 

Mandatory participation is required in the District Step Show for college chapters with 7 or more members and in accordance with the current step show guidelines.  Those with less than 7 or more members would assist at the step show.


  • Alumni Chapter of the Year
  • Alumni Brother of the Year
  • Charles W. Greene Award of Merit (7 Years)
  • Augustus  M. Witherspoon Leadership Award (3 years, No Display)
  • Charles H. Wesley Brotherhood Award
  • College Chapter of the Year
  • College Brother of the Year
  • College Chapter -  Highest GPA (The Joseph E. Heyward Sr. Award)
  • College Brother -  Highest GPA (The Elester Garrett Award)

Other Competition Awards
  • Miss Black and Gold
  • Step Show
  • John Hope Franklin Collegiate Scholars Bowl
  • Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest
  • Outstanding District Website Award
  • Hobart S. Jarrett Debate Competition
  • March of Dimes Awards
  • Spirit Award (Most Registered Brothers Outside of the Host Area)

Below you will find all the information needed for you and/or your chapter to participate in Awards and Achievements:

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