Purpose: This website was designed to provide examples, resources, and a template in which teachers could design lessons in their curricular areas that would integrate technology in such a way that it meets Iowa Core 21st Century--technology standards in one lesson or unit.

Diocese of Sioux City 21st Century Skills Standards and Benchmarks Technology Literacy 2012

Standard 1: Technology Literacy:  Each Iowa student will be empowered with the technological knowledge and skills to learn effectively and live productively.
A. Grade Level Benchmark: Use technology to create projects, identify patterns, and make predictions.
B. Grade Level Benchmark: Use a variety of technology tools and media-rich resources to work collaboratively with others.
C. Grade Level Benchmark: Utilize predetermined digital resources and tools to answer questions or solve problems.
D. Grade Level Benchmark: Use technological resources to investigate given questions or problems.
E. Grade Level Benchmark: Understand and practice appropriate and safe uses of technology.
F. Grade Level Benchmark: Understand basic technology hardware and software and their application.