Sandhills Community College and 
Moore County Schools in North Carolina will team up to offer
FunFest XXV on Friday, April 7, 2017

FunFest is a group of competitive engineering and technology events for high school and middle school students.
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FunFest is hosted by the following Sandhills Community College departments:
        Engineering Technology Department    
Students, parents or teachers interested in these program areas should contact:
Ed Spitler, Chair & Professor        
Department of Engineering Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3797        E-Mail:
Diane Innes, Chair & Professor        
Department of Computer Technologies
Phone: (910) 695-3798        E-Mail:

Steve Ingham, Coordinator/Associate Professor
Automotive Systems Technology
Phone: (910) 695-3958        E-Mail:

FunFest Proposed Schedule
When: Friday, April 27, 2018

              09:30AM - Events Begin
                               *Teachers Check In with Professor Ventola on the Patio
                               *Students go directly to their event locations upon arrival at SCC
                                 See the FunFest Competition Map
             09:30-09:45AM - Select Creative Problem Solving Competition Time (LH176)

             10:00 AM - Egg Drop Starts
                                *ET Marketing Competition Begins

             11:00 AM - SCC Foundation Provided Lunch - Bring your Ticket
                                Hot Dog, Chips and a Drink

             11:45 AM   Lunch Ends

             12:00 PM - Awards Ceremony Begins
             09:00 AM on Monday, May 4, 2018 - ET Marketing Competition Ends

Where: The Sandhills Community College Campus in Moore County 
FunFest Competitive Events include:



Event Location 

 Event Notes

Alex Cameron Metric 500 Competition

 Alex Cameron

Sirotek Hall

CO2 cartridges will need to be purchased by MCS.

Need a little less than 200.

Mousetrap Car Competition

Brian Garner

 Sirotek Hall


Egg Drop Competition

 Paul Steel

 Little Hall Room 233

SCC will provide materials and a ladder.

Preregistration is required for the Egg Drop Competition. 

Submit registrations using the linked form by Monday, April 23rd.

Click HERE to Register Your Team

Registered Teams

Ron Currie Bottle Rocket Competition

 Ryan and Alicia Riggan

 Athletic Field

We need an air compressor.

SCC provides water and the launcher.

Bottles must fit on a 1/2 inch PVC pipe.

Balsa Wood Bridge Competition

Matthew Sheffield 

Little Hall

Room 153

SCC provides the testing apparatus.

Toothpick Bridge Competition

Matthew Sheffield 

 Little Hall Room 153

 SCC provides the testing apparatus.

Kim & Jim Morris Creative Problem Solving Competition

Lindsay McManoman

 Little Hall 


176 & 160

Preregistration is required  for the  Creative Problem Solving Competition.   

Submit registrations using the linked form by Monday, April 23rd.

Click HERE to Register Your Team

SCC will provide the challenge problem and required materials. 

Registered Teams

John O'Brien Balsa Wood Airplane Competition

John O'Brien

Outdoors at the Ballfield

Make sure to check dimensions on airplanes.

Digital Media Design Competition

Scott RobinsonWendy Kauffman

Computer Lab for Adobe Spark updates:

Little Hall 

Room 224

Submit the Adobe Spark link by 11am  via e-mail.

For FunFest XXV, the logo competition was changed to a Digital Media Design competition. 

In general, the new event will require students to:

1. Prepare an Adobe Spark site prior to the competition.  Adobe Spark is free, and work is performed online with no local software needed.

Click HERE for an example of an Adobe Spark site.

2. Take photos of event while at FunFest, and then update their Adobe Spark site.  A computer lab in Little Hall will be available for students to make their updates.

3. Submit a link to the updated Adobe Spark site via email to and by 11:00am on the day of FunFest.

Click on the competition link for additional details.

Digital Media Video Competition

Jackie Babb

Little Hall 

Room 224

 The rules can be found at the following site:

Contact Jackie Babb with questions:

Over 320 Moore County Schools Students,Teachers, Volunteers and Judges Participated in
FunFest XXV in 2017!!!
Middle School Participants
Crain's Creek
Teachers: Skyla Stuckey (

Teachers: Janet Dunn (

Teachers: Derrick Cockman (

New Century
Teachers: Leon Monroe ( &
Marissa Grooms (

Teachers: M Methta (

West Pine
Teachers: Deborah McMillan (
Jim Morris (

Teachers: Derrick Cockman (
High School Participants
North Moore
Teachers: Kim Morris (

Teachers: Roger Woolard (

Union Pines
Teachers: Paul C. von Hardenberg (
& Terrie McCrimmon (