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Math 330 (formerly 102)

Our Math 330 page contains five topics that instructors at Solano believe our students need to already know in order to be successful in this course.
If you find from going through the videos that you are ready for Elementary Algebra (Math 330), but would like it presented at a slower pace, consider taking the course in two semesters, which involves taking Math 330A (formerly Math 107, the first half of Elementary Algebra), and then Math 330B (formerly 108, the second half of Elementary Algebra).
If you find that the material on this page is too difficult for you, our Math 320 (Pre-Algebra) course may be better suited for you. Here's what you need to do:
1) Watch each video (they are between five and ten minutes each).
2) Work on the sample problems linked underneath each video.
3) Check your solutions using the link underneath each video.
4) At the bottom of the page is sample final for our Pre-Algebra course, Math 320. If you take this exam, and find that you have a good knowledge of all the material, you have a good chance of being successful in Math 330.

Topic One: Signed Numbers with Dr. Jian

Topic Three: Combining Like Terms with Miss Kirkbride

 Topic Five: The Rectangular Coordinate System and Graphing Linear Equations with Mr. Brewer
Video 1: The Rectangular Coordinate System
Topic Two: Order of Operations with Mrs. Rhoads

Topic Four: Solving Linear Equations with Mr. Esteve