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LoveSouthChingford - in August 2015, a campaign was started to improve the appearance of South Chingford, with the aim to also attract a greater variety of quality shops to the area. Run by an excellent team of five ladies, their website may be accessed here.

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  an online community noticeboard, started in Waltham Forest in the Summer of 2013, where anyone can volunteer their services, and also seek assistance from others

Neal Zetter, the local performance poet who entertained us so well at the Arts Award poetry evening in March 2013 was most interested in the community library, and very supportive and encouraging. It was interesting to learn that his wife used to work in Rossi's ice cream shop, which, of course was located in the building that is now occupied by the library.

The Government's JobCentre Plus job search engine may be accessed here. You may also register and upload your CV to the CV-Library, where it will be seen by thousands of job recruiters. 

We are grateful to our friends from St. Edmund's Church for their ongoing support and encouragement.

Jim Brooks, chair of the Friends of Little Chalfont Community Library, and pioneer of community libraries in this country, has visited and been most helpful in providing suggestions for us. They have made a most encouraging short film, covering their work, following receipt of a Community Force award. They also appeared in a piece on BBC Breakfast.

David Young of the Chingford Historical Society has made a most generous donation to the library.

We are grateful to Lorna Lee from the award-winning  re-opened William Morris Gallery for a donation to the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Christmas Party. view here the BBC London report on the gallery re-opening.

Members from the Arts Award Group at Chingford Foundation School provided first class musical entertainment at both our Diamond Jubilee Christmas parties. For a sample of the quality music produced by the School, try this stunning remix of John Murphy's  Adagio in D minor by "ThatGuitarBloke" from the Music Department.

We are very pleased that the Harrow Green Community Library is up and running at the other end of the borough. We wish our colleagues in arms the very best of luck, and look forward to joint future success for the two community-run libraries in Waltham Forest!