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The following piece appeared in the 8th February edition of the "Chingford Times"

Sue holding newsletter


27th April - Arts Award and  SEQ Award Events

Two events took place in the library.

For his Arts Award gold level, Kai Ponde displayed photographs of the USA boxing team from the 2012 Olympics, and  took portrait photos for people on the day.


Kai USA Olympic boxers

  Kai Pond's pictures from the London 2012 Olympics

Andrew Baldwin presented a web design service aimed at small local businesses as his entry for the Social Enterprise Qualification bronze level.

Andrew Baldwin's web design service 
 flier for Andrew Baldwin's web design service for small local businesses

Saturday morning College

Chingford Foundation School is running a Saturday morning  College covering varous arts and crafts subjects, and public speaking, for adults and students of various ages. The details are below:

CFC Saturday morning Summer school

If you have difficulty reading the above text, you may download the flier instead.

Community library hosts an afternoon of fun and magic

South Chingford Community Library was again the venue for a Chingford Foundation School event on Saturday 16th March. Following a poetry evening just days earlier, Arts Award students doing their Social Enterprise Qualification staged an “Easter Egg-Stravaganza”. The students entertained a group of primary school children with a program which included card tricks, face-painting, portrait painting, card making, and cake decorating. The highlight was an Easter-egg hunt, which took the students to all corners of the library.

card tricks   face painting
         card tricks for the children                          face painting

Easter egg hunt   cake decorating
  announcing clue 1 for the Easter egg hunt             cake decorating

portrait painting   raffle
               portrait painting                                   organising the raffle

Proceeds from admission fees, sale of goods, and a raffle, were £45. All profits will be put towards the next Social Enterprise Qualification event which must also benefit the community.

Chingford Foundation School Arts Award fifth annual poetry evening

Tuesday 5th March saw the South Chingford Community library as the venue for its first public event; the Chingford Foundation School Arts Award fifth annual community poetry evening. Theme of the evening was “I have a dream”, to celebrate fifty years since the famous speech by Martin Luther King.

MC for the evening was local performance poet Neal Zetter, who entertained the packed library with a selection from his comic poems.

Neal Zetter perfoming at poetry evening
Neal Zetter performing to a packed audience in the South Chingford Community Library

The audience was principally made up of parents and children from local schools. These included Parkside Primary School (year 4 with their class teacher Mrs Pearce), Larkswood Primary School (year 6), Oak Hill Primary School, Chingford Foundation School, and Rushcroft Sports College. Via Chingford Foundation School's Arts Award supporter status, students from two schools from further afield were also present; Heathcote School and Havering Sixth Form College. A ladies writing group from Loughton was also represented.

Children and adults presented a variety of their own poems to an appreciative audience, and each received a signed certificate to commemorate the event. Not to be outdone, Alison Griffiths, job club coordinator from the community library, gave an impromptu performance of “The Owl and the Pussycat”.

Yolanda Guns, Arts Coordinator from Chingford Foundation School, who organised the event, also presented several poems.

Yolanda guns presents a poem at the poetry evening
Yolanda Guns presenting a poem at the poetry evening

After the event, Yolanda said “I'm really pleased that you were able to let us use the library for the Poetry Evening. I knew it would be the perfect venue and it was!

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Friday 30th May 2013

The first AGM was held on Friday 31st May 2013 in South Chingford Methodist Church Hall. The meeting heard addresses from Chairman, Greg Pope, Secretary, Narinder Matharoo, and Treasurer Sue Brown.

Greg summarised the history and development of SCCL, and explained the concept of SCCL being more than just a book lending facility, but rather a hub for activities for the local community. He explained the continuing need to raise money, in particular to enable the upper floor to be refurbished, which will greatly increase the possible uses of the building. He reminded the meeting that our volunteer Keith Winch is running on Sunday 9th June to raise money for SCCL, and urged members to come into the library to pledge money for this. Further ideas for raising money were invited. He also emphasised the need for further volunteers so that opening hours can be extended to include Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, and also pointed out that we have a vacancy for a Health & Safety Officer.

Narinder explained the process we are engaged in to move towards charitable status, and explained that extra documents were requested during the application process. He estimated that maybe six weeks will elapse before the procedure is concluded. He summarised the contents of the SCCL constitution for the meeting. He also pointed out the need for a lease longer than 5 years being required when funding is being requested from external organisations.

The meeting voted to adopt the constitution.

Sue presented a verbal summary of the accounts, and explained that full details were available for inspection. She informed the meeting that the basic annual running cost for SCCL is about £17K.

                       Narinder, Greg, and Sue address the SCCL AGM