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Note: news and reports on Chingford Foundation Academies Trust and Harrow Green Community Library appear on their own pages alongside.

James Atherton's jumper

This story is especially for all fans of James Atherton, former star of "Hollyoaks", whose character Will Savage had a dramatic exit from the soap at the end of 2013. This year, James has been performing in a new award-winning play "Crocodiles", alongside Melanie Hill of "Waterloo Road" fame, at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre, during the first half of October.

This is all very interesting, I sense you are thinking, but what has this got to do with SCCL?

Well, when theatre designer for the set of "Crocodiles", Sarah Beaton , needed a jumper knitted for James, she contacted Jean, who as you know runs the two knitting groups "Knit and Natter" on Thursdays and "Sit and Knit" on Saturdays. Jean accepted the commission, and the library benefitted to the tune of £20.

Here is James, playing the part of the son Vincent, wearing the jumper knitted by Jean (picture courtesy of Sarah Beaton).

James Atherton's jumper

The next James Bond film is scheduled for release towards the end of 2015. With luck, Daniel Craig may need a nice new knitted cardie.

The bingo quiz was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all. Enormous thanks go to volunteers Barbara, Marilyn, and Maurice for all their work in organising the event, which raised £500 in aid of library funds.

Thank you all for your support at the MacMillan coffee morning on Thursday 25th September. The final total raised was £206-12p. Especial thanks are due to Jean and her excellent team of cakemakers. 

Engaging with the community
Sue Jean and Alan Step into Your Community
On the 24th July, Sue, Jean, and Alan represented the library at a "Step into Your Community" event, organised by North East London NHS Foundation Trust (Waltham Forest).  The event targetted residents of the borough who have either direct or indirect experience of the effects of mental health. The aim was to increase their engagement with the local community, as experience suggests that increased social engagement is an important contributor to improving mental health.  

The event proved a great success for SCCL. Many visitors took information, and there were enquiries from potential new volunteers. The team also took the opportunity to meet other stakeholders and organisations represented there, with a view to setting up new partnerships and starting new initiatives to help the library develop further.

Subsequently, on the 29th July, Sue attended a Job Fair with some regular members of the weekly job club from the library. This proved a useful opportunity for an update on the local job market, and the members returned with a list of vacancies to work on.

Annual General Meeting

AGM 2014
Approaching 30 members attended the 2014 Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 7th May at South Chingford Methodist church hall. The meeting was chaired by Susan Brown, in this new post, with new treasurer Stuart Manning, and secretary Narinder Matharoo, alongside.

Susan welcomed the attending members, and Narinder took the meeting through the minutes of the previous (first) AGM, with no matters arising. 

Susan then summarised the current healthy current position for the library, and recorded thanks to volunteers and the membership for making this possible. She then advised the need for major funding to cover the years ahead, and
           Susan, Stuart, and Narinder at the top table

outlined the approach to generate this, via seeking partnerships and stakeholders, and approaching local businesses for sponsorship. She stressed that we can only seek funding for projects with clearly defined aims and objectives, with recorded outcomes, as opposed to just asking for money to cover expenses, and mentioned the official opening of the new IT facilities as a typical example of such a project (report appears below).

Narinder confirmed to the meeting that we achieved charitable status on 11 September 2013, and displayed our certificate to the meeting.  He explained that our final constitution followed a format suggested by the charities commission, and differs significantly from the first one proposed. He pointed out that the constitution can be viewed in the library, and that a copy may also be downloaded from the website. He explained the role of the trustees, and their limited liability in the event that the charity is wound up.

The final constitution was approved unapposed.

Stuart stated that we have agreed funding of £14K which we can consider almost rubber-stamped, of which £11K is definite in the short term. This represents funds to run the library for two years. He reinforced the need for new projects to generate revenue. Very significant revenue this year has come from Jean's knitting groups (£1K), and also from book sales at £500. Stuart reported that the book revenue was generated before the price was reduced to 20p/book, and much higher book sale revenue is expected next year. A point to note is that once the lease is agreed and signed (covering the remaining seven years), the library becomes liable for paying utility bills (jn addition to the phone bill, at present). In response to a question from the floor, Stuart stated that current active membership is around 450 to 500, from a total value of about 700 if the lapsed members are included.

Stuart then went through the election of Trustees, covering proxy votes already received, plus votes from the membership in the hall. The following were elected:

Greg Pope
Susan Brown
Narinder Matharoo
Stuart Manning
Richard Ashen       
Debbie Baldwin
Earnest Afriyie
Jean Cobb
Peter Illes 

Because of our small size, there is no compulsion to appoint auditors, and it has been decided that we will audit the accounts ourselves.

With no further business to discuss, the meeting ended in a little over an hour.

Extending the range of newspapers and periodicals available in the library

library periodicals

A selection of recent periodicals and foreign language newspapers is now available for reading in the library, courtesy of Waltham Forest  Council Library Management, and the staff from Walthamstow and Hale End Libraries. These are updated on a regular basis.

Do come in to see what we have on offer. 

South Chingford Community Library needs your support
Over the past two years, SCCL has successfully provided library and community services that are used by members from all areas of Chingford, and beyond. We have over 700 members and about 60 active volunteers who give their services for free. We have received Waltham Forest Ward funding, but due to our success, the expansion of our opening hours, and increase in community activities, we now require more substantial funding to enable us to sustain the library and its services beyond 2014.

We have applied for Big Lottery and Comic Relief funding, but were not successful due to the nature of the library's business. We are now looking for a local sponsor or business who can either assist us financially or with advice on seeking funding.

If you can assist, then please contact us via social media or you can email us.

Thank You

An associated piece appeared in the 20th March edition of the Chingford Guardian:

Guardian piece March 2014

Then the following appeared in the 4th April edition of the Chingford Times:

Chingford Times piece on appeal for funds

Councillor Jemma Hemsted opens  the new ward-funded IT facilities at SCCL 

Jemma opening new IT suite
On Thursday 27th March, Councillor Jemma Hemsted of Valley Ward officially opened the upgraded IT suite in the library, which was financed by Valley Ward funding. The upgrade has enabled SCCL to increase the IT training sessions with Age UK. In attendance were Emma Tozer, Active Ageing and Volunteering Manager, Age UK Waltham Forest, Marilyn and Barbara : Team Leaders for Thursday sessions and lead contacts for Age UK silver surfers sessions, Peter, volunteer IT trainer for Age UK, Sue, SCCL Treasurer and Chair Elect, and seven people attending the silver surfer sessions.

Jemma commented “It was a pleasure to be asked to officially open the new IT facilities at the SCCL. It was great to see it being put to good use for the Silver Surfers Club.  All of the volunteers are doing a fantastic job in providing a much valued and needed community facility and, I am always more than happy to help whenever and wherever I can.“ 

Marilyn, Peter, Barbara, and
Emma with Jemma at the opening

 Emma said “Age UK Waltham Forest is pleased to work in partnership with South Chingford Library to provide beginners computer classes to Older Adults. The introduction of the new equipment means students who take part in the course are able to access the most up to date software. We are also working to expand our range of courses on offer to ensure older members of our community have access to a range of subjects and to different types of technology.
report by Susan Brown