Mission Statement

To maintain and run a volunteer community library centre based in the South Chingford area of the London Borough of Waltham Forest

To provide a customer facing service within the library that will provide a number of services including book lending, and a computer room with internet connection, that will ensure both equality and inclusion of the diverse customers within the geographical area of Chingford

To recruit and train volunteers ensuring all community groups are represented

To secure grant funding from both local and regional resources to enable the sustainability of the library service and support community workshops and clubs being run by volunteers

To support the unemployed people within the local area and enhance their employability through the Community Job Club and building up working partnerships with external organisations to give local residents access to facilities and support and assist residents in gaining training and employment

To have insurance for the assets of the organisation

To facilitate community sessions and clubs that reflect the diverse nature of the community in Chingford ensuring the service is accessed by all client groups