aLibrary membership is open to all  who live or work in Waltham Forest.

Membership fees:    

Adults:   bronze membership £1.00 (renewable annually)

                silver membership £5.00 (lasts for seven years)

                gold membership £10.00 (lifetime membership)

Children: (under 18 years of age)   50p (renewable annually)

To join, complete a form in the library, or alternatively, download the membership form here, and bring the completed signed form, together with the forms of ID indicated, and the fee payable, to the library.

Up to three books may be borrowed, for a period of one month, renewable by return library visit, phone, or email.

A donation is typically invited when overdue books are returned.

Computers with internet access are available, together with word processing facilities for letter writing. The fee for use of one of these is £0.50p/hour. Members are allowed 15 minutes free usage per day.

All the above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Where to return your books

 South Chingford Community Library is an independent organisation run by volunteers, and therefore totally separate from the other Council run Waltham Forest libraries.

Please return books borrowed from the Community Library to the Community Library, and NOT to any other library.

Please return books borrowed from any other Council run Waltham Forest library to any Council run Waltham Forest library, and NOT to the Community Library.

Thank you.