The following facilities are available to everyone, whether member or not.

Computers with internet access are available, together with word processing software installed for letter writing. The fee for use of one of these is £0.50p/hour. (Members are additionally  allowed 15 minutes free usage per day.)

Printing and photocopying facilities are available at a price of  £0.15p/page (B & W), and £0.40p/page (colour). Laminating A4 sheets is charged at £1, and scanning is available at no charge (but donations are always gratefully received!) , but please supply your own memory stick if you want to retain the scan when leaving the library.

A free wi-fi connection is available (best connection is achieved at the front of the building).

All the above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Whilst nothing like as quiet as a traditional library, there is often friendly conversation and laughter amongst the users and various groups, we do expect reasonable behaviour and consideration for other users. The following poster is on display in the library:

behaviour in the library