The library catalogue currently contains something over 7000 books, displayed in adult fiction, non-fiction, and children's sections on the ground floor of the library. We do not have sufficient space to display all the titles, and so some are stored upstairs.

The catalogue is displayed below. Books are in author order, and entries in blue refer to books which are in the upstairs storage area. We regularly rotate books between the shelves and upstairs to keep the display fresh. We are grateful for the regular donations of books received from library members and others,which are also added to the collection, or join our books for sale, as appropriate. The revenue generated by book sales helps with the running costs of the library.

The catalogue contains mistakes (many!) which we are working  continuously to remove. Consequently it is issued on an E&OE basis only. We will endeavour to update it fairly regularly to cover the latest stock changes, issues, and returns.

Catalogue Issue Date: 31 July 2015