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We Will Remember Them Poster

The two schools, Chingford Foundation and Rushcroft Foundation, comprise the Trust, and both  regularly make use of the Community Library as a venue for events. One of several benefits is the geographical location; as SCCL lies almost equidistant between the two schools. 

For further information about either school, please visit the corresponding website:

From the 16th October 2015 Edition of the "Chingford Times"

Trinity Arts Award October 2015

"We will remember them"

On 11th November 2014 (Armistice Day) the Academies Trust staged an evening of creative and performing arts, produced by young people from Waltham Forest, to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of WW1.

decorated table
                    decorated table from the event

Further details of the event may be downloaded as a brochure.

Creative Display of World War 1 Material in the Library 

As part of the Academies Trust events to mark the 100 year anniversary of the start of World War 1, there is currently a display in the library of the work of the school students, including  poetry, pictures, and other materials:

WW1 wall of pictures
                                       a section of the display on the wall in the library

WW1 literature
                                                       a selection of literature on World War 1

An example of the work is this account by Lucia of the imaginary life  of a World War 1 family from a young person's perspective:

Lucia story text

Lucia story pictures
There is a great selection of poems on display in the library. Here is a poignant one by Lucia:

Lucia poem

Do pop into the library sometime to view this interesting display.

Chingford Academies Trust holds 6th Annual Poetry Evening at SCCL 

poetry reading
On Tuesday 25th April 2014 at 6.30pm the Chingford Academies Trust (CAT) Arts Award and Young Writers Group held a wonderful evening at South Chingford Community Library (SCCL) where the theme this time was ‘War and Peace’. This was to commemorate the centenary of World War One.
The introductions were made by Ms Yolanda Guns which included telling people that this year’s summer Arts Award Theatre production would be ‘Singing in the Rain’ and also about the Community Cream teas held within C.A.T. We then had a series of wonderful, eclectic poems from a group of fantastic children from both academies, schools; secondary and primary, alike. It was a lively atmosphere and quite clearly they had given a lot of thought and research into something that had happened well before their time, but for which  they clearly showed a lot of compassion and empathy.
My thanks go to Francesca (CFS-7), Christina (RFS-9), Michael (CFS-8), Charlotte (CFS-8), Zara (CFS-8), Shannon (Higham’s Park-7), Luciana (Rushcroft), Nadoya (Rushcroft), Shakyra (Rushcroft), Jade (Parkside), Leutia (CFS), Lewis (Parkside-6). Also thanks go to both Kim (parent of Charlotte) who read one of her poems and Debbie Baldwin (CAT-Governor) who read out both a poem she had written and one of her son Andrew’s, as part of his Art’s Award Centenary Award. Last but certainly not least was Mr John Hunter who was inundated with poems from Chingford Cof E students (you know who you are.- be great to see you next time though) but selected four to read out. 
These were all interesting poems which showed what can be achieved when we put our minds to it. Some of these then went on to be read out at The CAT Arts Award Red Carpet Evening at the Chingford Assembly Evening too including Brad’s (CFS) fantastic, inspirational short film on Nelson Mandela.
Thanks again to everyone who participated. Thank you to Marilyn and Barbara (SCCL Volunteers) for your help with refreshments. If you are interested in knowing more about Arts Award and/or Young Writers Group and what it can do for you and/or you want your school to be involved or Community Cream Teas and who is eligible, then please contact Ms Guns on 020 8529 1853 ext 253.
                                                                                                                                           report by Debbie Baldwin

Further details on the schools' events in the library can be found in the 2013 archive.