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Student Creativity Center - UCLA Samueli Engineering

Welcome to the Lab Manager's site for the Student Creativity Center at the UCLA Samueli Engineering!

Fall move-in check list (to be completed by end of October):

  1. Attend the Lab & Safety Environment, Health, and Safety (EH & S) training on Thursday, October 4, 2018 at the Mong Memorial Learning Center. Online registration is here: and complete tasks associated to this training. Information from this training can be found on the Lab & Safety for UCLA Samueli Engineering Student Organizations website. You will need to visit this site to gain access the Safety Protocols packet, online forms, and trainings you will need.
  2. Inventory your lab/space SCC furniture based on the SCC Inventory List (these furnishings belong to the SCC and must remain in the room it is assigned). Inform SCC manager of any missing items.
  3. Submit SCC Signage information (see below),
  4. Complete and review EH & S Chemical Inventory Form with your faculty advisor. After reviewing it with your faculty advisor, send an e-copy to Wes Uehara, SCC Staff Manager at and Alex Norris, EH & S Senior Safety Specialist at .
  5. Prepare/ update Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all chemicals approved for storage in the SCC by EH & S, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all equipment and tools as required by EH & S, and locate user manuals for tools. Review the aforementioned and any other safety protocol by your faculty advisor and have them approve it.
  6. Conduct a walk-through of your space with your faculty advisor and finalize the set-up of your SCC lab space.
  7. Schedule an appointment with Lex Kopfer, Building Superintendent,, to arrange for anchoring of your furniture.
  8. Schedule EH & S Safety Inspection walk-through and address any issues that are identified through the EH & S Safety Inspection report. Provided after the inspection.
  9. Host workshop with your membership to cover SCC Space Utilization Agreement form, Safety Protocols document your lab policies, cleaning schedule, and any inform them of any SDSs and SOPs they need to complete to use corresponding equipment. Your organization is responsible for providing this information and trainings to new members throughout the year.
  10. Inform Marlon Williams, UCLA Engineering Logistics and Materiel Services,, when you are ready to arrange key distribution to your membership. The Key Request form can be found below.
  11. Post (or keep readily accessible) SDS, SOP, and any other training/safety information, and log of approved users for equipment in the lab.
  12. Make sure user/owners manual is near each tool/piece of equipment.
  13. Post a copy of the SCC Space Utilization Agreement form in your lab/space.
  14. Remember motto - Be great leaders, keep everyone safe, to no harm. Start every activity with understanding and reducing the hazards and impact to your crew and our community.

~Please note that it is the responsibility of the officers to update the aforementioned for any new chemicals or equipment that are introduced through the year.

EH & S Inspection information:

Please calendar your EH & S Inspection walk-through and make sure you are on-time. EH&S staff must be greeted outside the room as they do not have keys to the facility. You will need to have these items:

  1. Anchoring of furniture completed,
  2. Copy of your EH & S Chemical Inventory Form (this is required regardless of having chemicals in your lab),
  3. Any SDS, SOPs, or any other safety protocol/instructions you've prepared for chemicals and equipment from your room (signed off by your faculty advisor),
  4. Your SCC Space Utilization Agreement form posted,
  5. User manuals for equipment/tools,
  6. Guidelines for self-inspection (to help you prepare)

Forms & Documents

SCC Space Utilization Agreement form

SCC Inventory List

Safety Protocols document for student organizations - includes templates, chemical inventory form, etc.

SCC Key Request Form

EH & S Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts & Shops Safety online training link

SCC Signage

We will print Student Creativity Center signs for your room at the start of the year. Revisions through the year cannot be made. Please discuss with your organization and project teams to make sure information is accurate. It will include the title of the umbrella organization and can include project teams. Please have the president of your organization email to Wes Uehara, (by October 19):

  1. Your organizations name (umbrella name),
  2. Teams (if applicable) that should go in small print under the organization name,
  3. Your room number

See below for examples: