SCC Alpha Talks 

    Spring 2018  Thursday evenings  5:30 – 8:15 PM

     Geneva Hall in main building,  Sequim Community Church


     A…anyone: ages, backgrounds, religions/spiritual journey

     L…learning and laughter: through teaching and discussion

     P…pasta: a great meal

     H…helping each other

   A…ask anything 


Click on link to watch film


April 12 -  Who is Jesus (and why is he relevant to me)?

Is there more to life than this?  film   (21 minute video)

Who is Jesus? film (25 minute video)

Historical quotes about Jesus  (references to Jesus outside the Bible)

Jesus and the Trinity - History

Who is Jesus? talk handout  (word file)

April 19 - Why did Jesus die? 

Why did Jesus Die?  film (28 minute video)

How can I have faith?  film (24 minute video)

Rick's Shroud of Turin talk (60 minutes with slides and video segments)

The face of Jesus from the Shroud video (87 minutes)

Why did Jesus Die? talk handout (word file)

April 26 - Why and How should I read the Bible?

Rick's series on Bible and Creator 

Why and How should I read the Bible film (25 minute video)

Why and how should I read the Bible handout  (word file)

Why and How should I read the bible - Rick's audio 

YouVersion Bible app

Faithlife Study Bible app

Bible Gateway App

Bible Hub - see Greek and Hebrew words

May 3 - What about the church? 

What about the church film (30 minute film)

What about the church handout (word file)

What about the church - Rick's audio 

May 10 - How Does God Guide us? 

How Does God Guide us film (24 minute video)

How Does God Guide us - audio.mp3

How does God Guide us handout.pdf

May 17- Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit film (26 minute video)

Who is the Holy Spirit audio.mp3

Who is the Holy Spirit handout.pdf

What Does the Holy Spirit Do film (24 minute video)


Alpha retreat talks are available on DVD with notes. Contact if you would like this.

May 24 - Why and How do I pray? 

Why and how should I pray film (28 minute film)

How can I resist evil film (28 minute film)

Does God heal today film (26 minute film)

Why and How do I pray handout (word file)

Why and How do I pray - Rick's audio


May 31 - How and Why should I Tell others?

How and Why should I tell others film (27 minutes video)

Telling others audio.mp3

Telling others handout.pdf


June 7 - How can I make the most of the rest of my life?

Making the most of my life film (26 minute video)

making the most audio.mp3

making the most handout.pdf