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      Paster Les Sennin

Brought to you each weekend by Salem Crossing, part of the American Senior Communities family of fine nursing care facilities.  Call Salem Crossing at (812) 883-1877 or visit them on the Web.

Come on a cross-country trip with host Flip Robison as he plays the best of emerging bluegrass groups along with new releases from the hottest groups you know and love.  Each week, Flip "throws the dart at the map" and features new artists and music from one of our great 50 states.  We feature talented bluegrass artists whose work doesn't make it to the airwaves so often, artists who need breaks and who are going to be big when they get some!  You heard 'em here!  Of course, we feature recent releases from well-known artists, too. 

But, wait a minute, there's more!  What's a country show without some good country humor?  Flip often brings on his two favorite relatives, his dear cousin Percy "Fats" Robison from the hills of northern West Virginia and his beloved, kindly uncle -- the Most Very Reverand Pastor Lester (we just call him Les) Sennin.  Pastor Sennin guides the flock at the Tennessee Church of Blessed Religion in Martin Hollow, TN.  Each week Fats Robison or Les Sennin bring their unique Appalachan stories to the microphone to cheer us up and remind us, "There's them that worse'n off than y'all."

                         Flip Robison, Host of the Silver Creek Bluegrass Show

Cousin Percy "Fats" Robison and his Jong Wong mandolin