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Campbell Club

    The Campbell Club is a beautiful place. The 28-member Campbell Club is named after Wallace J. Campbell, an alumnus of the University of Oregon. His senior thesis, entitled Depression Cooperatives, inspired a group of men in 1935 to start a co-op in his name. Mr. Campbell went on to found C.A.R.E. and lead the cooperative movement on a national and international level. The house is based on the principle that no member be more privileged than another.

    Today the Campbell Club welcomes vegetarians, meat-eaters, cat lovers and their cats. Though not all house members are vegetarian, house money goes exclusively toward vegetarian food and a vegan option is available at dinners. This community is the best aspect of the house.  Perhaps you have stumbled into one of the infamous parties, naked bike rides, consensus training, bluegrass shows or movie nights and you want to learn more. Email us and make a dinner/tour date scaoffice(dot)recruitment(at)gmail(dot)com or just stop by!

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