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Scribal Artist's Marks

A scribal artist mark is much like a maker's mark used by other craftsmen.  It is used by the scribe as a way to claim having done the work or approving of the work apprentices, journeyman and others under their workplace have finished.  Here are scribal marks for modern day scribes in the SCA.  If you want to have your mark added to this list please feel free to contact me.  Include your SCA Name and appropriate title, your Kingdom and your local group.  If you wish to include your "Mundane," name you certainly may but it is not required.

An Tir
Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Barony of Dragon's Laire
Mark: Fieldless an inverted seablatt argent
East Kingdom

Lady Lisabetta Medaglia
Shire of Mountain Freehold
Mark: Purple Griffon's Head

Middle Kingdom

Ercc Glaisson mka Anthony Satoh
Shire of Vanished Woods
Signature: EG3D (used only on the back of a scroll

West Kingdom

Evaine Ni MacGreger
Principality of the Mists
Mark: Gold Fret