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Online Information Resources for Scribes

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Medieval Archaeology - Society for Medieval Arhaeology - Scans of their periodical covering vast subject matters starting with volume 1

Medieval Manuscript and Medieval Book Art - Randy Asplund

Medieval Writing - Dr. Dianne Tillotson

Binders and Glues

Fish Glue

General Glue Information

Medieval Glues up to 1600 -Class Notes - SCA Estrella 23 Collegium, Feb 18, 2007 C. M. Helm-Clark, Ph.D.

Gesso and Components



Scribal Tools

Historic Drawing Tools -
Some direction on silverpoint and other tools - Mistress Grace Vibbert.

Ink Wells and Inkhorns -
Links to pictures and manuscripts that have period ink wells and ink horns by year.

Medieval Pencil - Cast Lead - The Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Medieval Writing Surfaces - Part 1 - Youtube video - Dr Mary Watt

Medieval Writing Surfaces - Part 2 - Youtube video Dr Mary Watt

- Links to pictures and manuscripts of penners by year.

Scribes and Scribal Tools - Links to pictures and manuscripts of scribes and their tools by year.

Notes on the Manufacture of Gold Beaters - The American Institute for Conservation.

Making Vellum - Dirty Jobs