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How To Resources That Are Online

A page with various "How to," links concerning various activities of  and related to SCA scribal activities


Care and Use of Dip Pens

Ductus  - (if you know of any good ducti online, please let me know)

    Several Hands - Uncial, Carolingian Miniscule, Gothic and more - Dame Jennifer Trethewy

    Secretary Hand - Mistress Kayleigh McWhite - Video

Fitting a Reservoir

    Mitchel Nibs - Scribblers


    Guidelines and the AMES Lettering Guide - Alexandre
Printing Out Guidelines from your computer - Scribblers

     Using the Mighty Ames Lettering Guide - Dharbin!

Left Handers (Sinister Scribes)

     Left handed calligraphy - IAMPETH

     Teaching Left Handers Calligraphy - M.K. Holder, Ph.D.


Decoration - Painting and using non-gold materials.

     Celtic Knotwork Tutorial - A. Reed Mihaleow

     Making Scroll Blanks - TH Lord Ian the Green

     Painting a figure from the Manesse Codex - 14th Century German - Video Lesson - Mistress Dairine mor o'uHigin

     Pennsic Traceable Art Project - Common (and uncommon) charges scribes may have to draw and paint

      Simple Drawn and Painted Borders - Wolfgangcat

     The Making of an Illuminated Page - Master RanthulfR

Illumination - Working with Gold

     Introduction to Gilding Techniques and Materials - Master Iefan Colledig ap Dynfwal Abertawe, O.L.

     Gottingen Model Book - Period Resource


     Medieval Page Layout Meisterin Katarina Helene

Make Materials


Making Medieval Ink - A website devoted to ink making.

Black ink using Copper Sulfate (aka Blue Vitriol aka Roman Vitriol) - Original treatises: dating from the XIIth to XVIIIth centuries on 
Art translated by Mary Philadelphia Merrifiled

     Slaked Plaster - Jerry Tresser


Making Glair - Online Model Book

Sealing Wax

    How to make period sealing wax

Make Tools

Light table

     How to Make a Cheap Light Box

     How to Make a Light Table - Youtube video


     Cutting a quill pen - Regia Anglorum

    Tools and Techniques of Calligraphy - Quills Part 1 - Peter Fraterdeus (video)

    Quill Cutting Tutorial - Estelle de la Mere

Scribal Desk - Portable

     Portable Scribal Desk - Lia de Thorneggie

     Portable Scribal Desk - Mahee of Acre

    A cheap do it yourself alternative - Alexandre St Pierre

Scribal Desk - Non- Portable

    Drafting Desk - Instructables

Prepare Writing Surface
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