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Glossary of Terms

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Calligraphy - 1 a : artistic, stylized, or elegant handwriting or lettering b : the art of producing such writing.  Etymology:  French or Greek; French "calligraphie," from Greek "kalligraphia," from "kalli" (beautiful (from kallos beauty)) + "graphia" - graphy.  Date: 1604 (Merriam-Webster's 11th collegiate Dictionary)

Blue Vitriol - Cupric (copper) Sulfate CuIISO4, aka Roman Vitriol

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 Oil of Vitriol - hot concentrated sulfuric acid

Sulphate of Copper - Copper Sulfate aka Blue Vitriol

GLOSSARY OF OBSOLETE CHEMICAL TERMS  from Manuscript Inks  by Jack C. Thompson  

Aloe epaticum: Also, hepatic aloes. From East Indies originally. Reddish brown or liver color; powder is of a dull yellow color.  

Alum: Typically, potassium aluminum sulphate (K2SO4.Al2[SO4]3.24H2O).  

Alum plumosum: Plumose alum, or Plume alum. A kind of natural alum, composed of a sort of threads, or fibres, resembling feathers; whence its name; artificially produced by treating clay tobacco pipes with sulfuric acid to produce crystals; not asbestos.  

Aurum musicum: Also, Aurum mosaicum, musitum,  musivum, purpurina, porporina; mosaic gold. 

Stannic sulphide (SnS2).  

Argentum musicum: Mosaic silver.  

Ashes of Copper: Cuprous oxide (Cu2O)  

Auripigmentum: Also, orpiment, opiment.  Arsenic trisulfide (AS2S3).  

Blew heidleber: Bilberry, whortleberry, huckleberry.

Blue vitriol, blue copperas; copper sulphate (CuSO4.5H2O)

Brasill: Brazil wood. A natural dye from the wood of Caesalpina braziliensis. (C16H12O5).  

Brimstone: Sulfur (S).  

Colofoniam: Colophony; a resinous substance from distillation of light oil from turpentine.  

Conterfein: Metallic zinc (Zn).  

Gauls: Oak galls.  

Gall of eels, Gaule of Eeles:  also, Bile yellow; bile from the gall bladder of eels; gall stones.  

Gineper: Juniper.  

Indicum: Indigo; a plant dye prepared from the fermented leaves of the plant, Indigofera tinctoria.  

Limbeck: Alembic; a glass or pottery vessel used to distill or reduce liquids over heat, consisting of a body/cucurbit/matrass, a head or capital, a pipe, and a receiver.  

Luttum: Lute, typically of clay, to form a seal.  

Oxe gaule: Ox gall; prepared liquid from a bovine gall bladder, used as a surfactant, and as a coloring agent.  

Pixgraecum: Also, pica greca. Greek pitch.  

Pomestone: Pumice stone.  

Quick silver: Mercury (Hg).  

Red lead: White lead or litharge heated for some hours to approx.  480 C (Pb3O4).  

Salarmoniacke: Sal Ammoniac, (also Sal Armoniac,  Salt Armoniack); ammonium chloride (NH4CL).  

Strong wine: Brandy.  

Unsleact lime: Unslaked lime.  

Verdigreece: Verdigris (verdegrise, vert de grise), basic copper  acetate (Cu(C2H3O2)2 . 2Cu(OH)2).  

Victriall: Vitriol; typically ferrous sulphate, also known as  Green vitriol (FeSO4).    

White vitriol; zinc sulphate (ZnSO4).  

White lead: Basic lead carbonate (Pb(CO3)2 . Pb(OH)2).