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Scribal Resources for Scadians is private, personally run website designed to be an online resource for individuals and groups within the Society for Creative Anachronism who do calligraphy, decoration and/or illumination.  See Disclaimer.  As you look in the table of contents  you will see an easy to use listing of the web pages within this website.  The resources listed have been gathered through personal experience, conversations with other scribes and collating other online informational resources.  Wherever possible links have been provided to the referenced resource(s) for ease of use and research purposes.

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There will never be a website that will be able to cover all the resources available to us as scribes.   Doesn't mean we won't try to be that site for you.  If you have an excellent resource, please let me know about it so that I may include it here on this website.


  1. Advice Column -  Advice from your fellow scribes on specific topics

    Books for Scribes - A listing of books deemed to be good resources for Calligraphy, Decoration and Illumination.

  2. Commercial Resources - Places where Scribes can buy their supplies.

  3. DISCLAIMER - No, I'm not SCA inc.  I don't speak for them and they do not speak for me.

  4. Files - Various downloadable files including a portable scribal desk, A Booke of Secrets, a period book of scripts, pangrams and much more.

  5. Glossary of Terms - Glossaries on the internet including general use terms & medieval and ancient names for chemicals.

  6. How To Resources That Are Online - A listing of online resources that tell you how to do various scribal arts.

  7. Kingdom Scribal Pages - Need to find a Kingdom's Scribal page and/or Scribal Handbook?  Here is your one stop place to find them.

  8. Manuscripts, Pages and Collections - Online scans of period manuscripts for your use and researching puposes.  

    Museums and Libraries That Have Manuscripts - A short list of links to Museums and Libraries that have manuscripts.  

  9. Online Information Resources for Scribes - Just good to know information for scribes that isn't an article or book.  

    Parchment and things that are called parchment but aren't - What parchment is and isn't despite the modern world saying otherwise.

    Parchment vs Vellum - What is the difference between these two terms and does the difference really matter?

  10. Period Writs of Arms - Researching how they did period writs of arms?  Here are some links for you.  Currently sparse but growing.

  11. SCA Picture Galleries Online - Pictures of various SCA scribal works in the Known World.

  12. SCA Scribal Merchants - SCA merchants who are known to sell scribal supplies.  If you know of more e-mail me!

    Scribal Artist's Marks - A listing of known Scribe's marks they put on their work from across the known world.

  13. Scribal Discussion Groups - Trying to find an online discussion group for scribes can be frustrating.  Here is a collection of them for you.

    Vellum and things that are called Vellum but aren't - What Vellum is and isn't despite the modern world saying otherwise.