Presenting AFV (Android File Verifier) v1.3 / 2-February-2011
[note: you can find the AFV (Android File Verifier) app (free) in the Android Market]



The AFV (Android File Verifier) application is a tool for helping to verify and validate that files transferred to your Android device are whole and uncorrupted.


The Android File Verifier app does this by offering:


   MD5 or SHA1 checksum calculation


    (v1.3 now includes SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512 algorithms)

   "jarsigner -verify"-type validation of signed jar-type files (.jar, .apk, .zip files)


   Nandroid backup directory verification via "md5sum -c"-type functionality





- Includes function to calculate an MD5 or SHA1 checksum for a selected file


   - Useful to verify completeness and integrity of files transferred to your Android device

   - File size is also displayed

   - Calculated checksum is copied to clipboard


- Includes function to perform jar file verification of signed jar-type files (true .jar files, .apk files, signed .zip files such as ROMs, installable .zips, etc.) via 'jarsigner -verify'-type functionality. This function will verify the SHA1 checksums of each file listed in the signed jar file's META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file.


- Includes function to verify Nandroid backup directories via "md5sum -c" type functionality. You navigate to the Nandroid backup directory that you'd like to check, long-press the nandroid.md5 file, and select the Verify Nandroid Backup option. The function will then calculate and verify the MD5 checksums of each file listed in the nandroid.md5 file against the files in the Nandroid backup directory. Additionally, I've added some special name audits for Nandroid backup directories to point-out any issues you might encounter should you attempt to restore a mis-named Nandroid backup.


- This app does not require root, but is useful for root users for validating custom ROMs, installable .zips, etc.



How to use


- From main / home screen, press the "Select File" button to enter the file-selector


- Top row (folder icon with the green up arrow) always displays the currently selected directory (touch this row to navigate UP one directory level)


- Back key can also be used to navigate UP one directory level (will return to main screen when pressing back key at root directory)


- Navigate to other subdirectories by touching a directory row (folder icon)


- Touch screen and drag up and down to scroll through all files and directories in currently selected directory


- Long-press on a file to view the available functions:


   - Calc MD5 Checksum
   - Calc SHA1 Checksum
   - Verify Jar-type file
   - Verify Nandroid Backup (long-press nandroid.md5 file to use this function)
   - Calc SHA224 Checksum
   - Calc SHA256 Checksum
   - Calc SHA384 Checksum
   - Calc SHA512 Checksum





- Works for any Android version 1.5 or higher; has been tested on:


   - Motorola Droid X (v2.1, v2.2)

   - Motorola Cliq (v1.5)

   - HTC Droid Eris (v2.1)

   - Samsung Epic 4G (v2.1)


- Menu items supported (main screen only):


   - Help

   - Acknowledgements

   - Change Log

   - Filtering options (no filtering or show only zip/jar/apk/img-type files)

   - Jar Verify options (normal / fast mode or beta / explicit SHA1 calculation mode)

   - Current settings

   - Exit App



Screenshots (click to enlage screenshots)





1. The count of files listed in the progress bar for a Jar signer verification will typically be 3 more than the number reported by the pop-up dialog that reports the number of files listed in the manifest. The difference is accounted for by the files in the META-INF subfolder (i.e., the CERT.RSA, CERT.SF, and the MANIFEST.MF files) which themselves are not listed in the manifest.


2. You should be aware that many of the functionality that this app provides can be used on very large files (such as custom ROMs). Consequently, it may take a few minutes to complete the very resource-intensive operations on such large files. Certainly, older, less-powerful devices (such as the HTC Droid Eris) might take longer to process a very large file than a newer, more-powerful device (such as the Motorola Droid X). The progress bars that are displayed should keep you informed of how far along each operation is.
3. Acknowledgements can be found via the Acknowledgements menu item (but many, many thanks to jcase at XDA; erisuser1 at AndroidForums (aka bftb0 at XDA); my daughter Rachael; AndroidForums' doogald; RLK; Robert W. Harder; and last, but not least: Google.
4. Please direct any comments, questions, or suggestions to (please prefix subject with "AFV: ").
Change Log
v1.3 - 2-Feb-2011:

- now supports SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 digest/checksum calculation

- display checksum results in a pop-up to ensure viewing checksum results on all phones

- keep screen on while progress-bar is displayed in long-running calculations

- directory name is now remembered from last file selection

- added help menu function for file selection screen

v1.2 - 23-Jan-2011:

- supported standard preferences / settings menu instead of individual menu items

- added SD card mounted check before allowing file selection

- added two methods for comparing MD5 or SHA1 checksums:

  * auto-comparison of calculated checksums w/menu option to display comparison results   
  * manual input of checksum (or paste from clipboard) value to be compared w/next calculated checksum

- changed default sort order of file / directory names to ignore case

- added option to toggle ignoring of case when sorting file / directory names

- force all screens to portrait orientation to fix/prevent FCs (future version will handle orientation changes correctly) 

v1.1 - 10-Nov-2010:
- re-instituted clipboard copy lost due to prior UI revamp
- locked orientation of main screen to portrait so checksum results are displayed on all phones
(both issues kindly reported by AF's starflorida)
v1.0 - 25-Oct-2010:
- initial publication on the Android Market
Thank you!