Handmade Scarves for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Thank you for your interest in this project. My name is Jen Mearls and I live in Plymouth MA. My niece taught me how to knit over a year ago. This project began as knitting pink scarves for women with breast cancer. Well, it has been expanded to knitting for all types of cancer people suffer from. I am knitting different color scarves to support cancer patients and survivors. My scarves will be given to the Cancer Center at Jordan Hospital in Plymouth MA, and other patients along the South Shore. If I can bring a smile, a bit of hope, and encouragement with a scarf to someone who is going through treatment or has been through treatment, I have succeeded. I thank my very special Aunt Shirley who is a breast cancer survivor and a true inspiration to me. Her strength and spirit have made me want to find ways to help. Thankfully my Dad is cancer free as well. He has such a positive attitude and is doing great.
"Reaching out one scarf at a time"
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                                                     -  Tara Lacher, the original pink scarf lady 
Hi! My name is Joanne Lussier and I live in Weymouth, MA. I learned to knit and crochet in the winter of 2007. After I read an article about a woman who knits pink scarves for breast cancer patients, I thought, what a great idea! So I got together with my friend, Jen, and we created Pink Scarves in Massachusetts to donate handmade scarves to local South Shore hospitals. And now that we're doing even more colors, we can reach more people than ever! My scarves are in memory of 3 strong women; Joyce Jackson, Christina "Red" Fortner, and my good friend Joanne Murphy, and in honor of my best friend for over 30 years; Trish Hautala who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, for her father; Michael Capone, Sr; who is currently undergoing treatment, and for Betsy Tiemann, a breast cancer survivor.


Why scarves?

Like Tara Lacher explains on her website, patients going through chemotherapy shiver no matter what season it is, even in the summer. So these scarves we are making will help keep them warm all year long.    


Please check out our progress!

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How can you help?


You can help women get free mammograms by going daily to www.thebreastcancersite.com


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Please visit www.mypinkscarf.com to meet the woman who inspired this project