Training and Outreach

The Hams of SouthCars offer both training and outreach via the *SCARS* server of Echolink. The training is for those who help SouthCars manage and maintain its on-air and online activities. We have several organized "nets" each week in addition to the rag chew sessions that take place, and each one requires a Net Control Station (NCS) to act as a sort of "master of ceremonies" and to keep everything organized and orderly. In addition, SouthCars is interested in helping non-hams become involved in our wonderful hobby of Amateur Radio, and in helping new hams become proficient in the many aspects of our hobby. We've organized our activities into two departments: training and outreach.

Southcars Training

Why offer training? Training is offered as a way of helping people do things in a certain way or at a certain level of proficiency. SouthCARS VoIP offers training in the following areas (click on Training Materials to the left on the Sidebar):
  • Using the User’s List on *SCARS* Server 
  • Hospitality Division
  • VoIP Administrative Control Page 
Outreach Department

Why reach out? SouthCARS VoIP is a friendly organization of ham radio operators. Many members have only recently become hams, and we want to share our wonderful hobby with others, young and old alike. To that end, several projects are in the works to help non-hams, new hams, and veteran ham radio operators enjoy this wonderful hobby that brings us all together in a world-wide fraternity of fun and fellowship. SouthCARS VoIP offers training in several areas on an annual basis. You can also take advantage of audio recordings (podcasts) of our previously held "live" courses. See the link below for our archives (earlier course material).

Regular Courses:

  • Technician Class license course 
  • General Class license course 
  • Extra Class license course 
  • International Morse Code course
Earlier course material 
  • Materials and podcasts of 2011 and earlier courses are available for download here.