15 generations with six surname variations

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Julie Amanda SCARROTT   
born 19 FEB 1968 Portsmouth Hampshire ENGLAND . 
James Hamilton SCARROTT
Jimmy was born 14 JUN 1933 at 5 Prospect Terrace , Milton Road , Portsmouth Hampshire ENGLAND. his middle name hamilton was given as he was concieved in Hamilton Glasgow. jimmy was evacuated in 1939 to Clarence Road Newport Isle of Wight Hampshire during World War II.  Occupation Gas Meter Reader; married Jean Rosemary PARHAM. National Service in Royal Army Medical Core. Tree Warden for Milton Portsmouth. In 1968 had one child , a daughter ... Julie Amanda Scarrott [ see above ]
William Arthur SCARROTT
Born 28 March 1885 in 16 Leopold Street Southsea Portsmouth Hampshire ENGLAND Occupation before 1904 was ' Painter ' [ with his father ] joined Royal Navy in 1904 ; first ship he served on was HMS Melampus ; 1912 Naval description of him :5 ft 6 inches tall, brown hair, brown eyes and sallow skin. Dark brown mole on side of left forearm. Between 1912 - 1916 he was recommended for Medal & Gratuity 4 times in four years . In 1915 aged 30 William married Elsie Elizabeth STARES at St Lukes Church Portsmouth Hampshire - he states his occupation as ' Ships Steward '. In 1916  William gained four ' War Chevrons ' sometimes known as service stripes - worn point up on lower right sleeve. Also William was part of the British Convoys . 1919 Awarded The Victory Medal, the Star and British War Medal. In 1925 he was pensioned off by the Navy . Had ten children with Elsie namely : Betram Douglas Scarrott 1917 [ he died 19 Dec 1942 when the ship HMS Snapdragon was attacked by German Bombers [  Gerd Stamp a Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot wrote to Roy many years later stating how he detested war and explained what happened - apparently the clouds cleared and he bombed HMS Snapdragon three times at 8.30am ]  , Roy Arthur Scarrott born 1919 , Peter Clarence Scarrott 1921 - 1979 , Kenneth Thomas Scarrott born 1922 , Beryl Elsie J Scarrott 1923 - 1989 , John Henry Scarrott 1925 [ served at Dunkirk ] , Doreen Elizabeth Scarrott 1926 - 1996 , William David Scarrott 1929 - 2008 , James Hamilton Scarrott 1933 [ see above ] , Miriam Florence Scarrott 1934 - 2004.   William died 5th February at 15 Petworth Road Portsmouth Hampshire .
William and Elsie are buried in Highland Road Cemetery in Southsea , Portsmouth [ Headstone fallen on ground ]
Born 3rd May 1840 at 116 Moland Street Aston Birmingham Warwickshire ENGLAND . His birth was registered Thomas Scarrott Julian as his mother had had him illegitimately but in 1851 he is staying with his Grandparents Thomas [ born 1786 ]  & Mary Scarrott and listed as Grandson Thomas Scarrott [ mistranscribed in 1851 census as Scarrow ] . Occupation Stoker in the Royal Navy and received the Abyssinia Medal in 1870 on HMS Achillies and was aboard HMS Nymphe in 1871 moored at Zanzibar in Tanzania. Thomas had a hand injury which meant he was invalided from the Navy.    He must have met his future wife through naval connections as his father in law was Samuel Groom  - Afterguard [ a discipline officer ] in the Navy. Thomas married Mary Ann Groom in 1871 in Alverstoke Hampshire. Thomas & Mary had at least twelve children : Thomas Percy Scarrott 1872 - 1954  , George Arthur Edwin Scarrott 1874 - , Florence Emily Scarrott 1875 - 1962 , Alice Mary Scarrott 1876 , minnie Blanche Scarrott 1878 - 1879  all these children were born Alverstoke / Gosport Hampshire; Honora Lucy Scarrott 1880 - 1963 , Harry Samuel Scarrott 1882 - 1974 , William Arthur Scarrott 1885 - 1953 [ see above ] , Eva Gertrude Scarrott 1887 - 1888 , Edith Rebecca Scarrott 1889 - 1969 , Alexander Hubert Scarrott 1891 - 1976 , May Scarrott 1894 - 1923 all born in Portsmouth Hampshire.
 Thomas lived in various places in Portsmouth ; 5 Prospect Terrace , Milton , Portsmouth , York Place , Bolton Road , Leopold Street ,  54 & 55 Cross Street where he was a grocer He was also a Painter . . Thomas died in 1920 in Portsmouth and both him & Mary Ann are buried in Highland Road Cemetery in Southsea Portsmouth [ No headstone ] . 
Thomas Emmanuel SCARROTT
Born 15th April 1820 Birmingham Warwickshire ENGLAND Occupation ' plater ' in 1839. had illegitimate son with Sarah Julian [ nee Sumner ] named Thomas Scarrott 1840 [ see above ].  Became Sergeant Major of 16th Regiment of Foot; Firstly married Ann Beauchamp in Ireland in 1845 ; he had two children by Ann ... a son named William Alfred Scarrott who was christened and probably died in Corfu and a daughter named Emily Scarrott in 1851 again in Corfu.  Thomas, Ann and Emily moved to Jamaica where Ann died in 1851.  Thomas was stationed to Ireland in 1854 as it is here he marries the mother of his first child Thomas Scarrott   [ see above ] . Sarah Julian [ Nee Sumner ]  was also illegitimate .. her Father was Thomas Adams from Cumwhitton near Carlise !  Thomas career in the Army was varied ; he travelled and served in Corfu , Malta , Gibraltar and Halifax in Nova Scotia . He retired in England and received an Army Pension . He lived out his days in West Gorton near Manchester and died 24th September 1880. Thomas died at 7 Hoylake Street West Gorston Lancashire of Pleurso Pneumonia prior to death for 10 days. Emily Bowler, daughter, present at death  Thomas is buried with his daughter Emily and her family in St Johns Churchyard Buglawton in Cheshire. Sarah his wife is buried in Harby Leicestershire next to her father Thomas Adams and near her daughter Adela Dunsmore [ nee Julian ] .

 born 1786 St Phillips Parish Birmingham Warwickshire ENGLAND Occupation Private 43rd Regiment of Foot under the name Sherratt ;  21st November 1804 in Worcester joined the 43rd Regiment of Foot as a Private till 13th Sept 1806 when he was promoted as Corporal. Served in The Peninsula Wars as part of the Light Division [ this part of the company used Guerrilla warfare ] . When marching  to Calais in 1817 Thomas had an accident to his groin . He was discharged from Valenciennes 18th July 1818 and finally left the army on 15th Sept 1818 due to rupture to left groin.  Thomas returned to Birmingham England where he married Mary HOBBIS 25th July 1819 in Handsworth . Thomas & Mary have two children named  Thomas Emmanuel Scarrott born 15th April 1820 [ see above ] and Sarah Jane Scarrott in 1823 both born Birmingham. In 1841 Thomas & Mary are living in Kings Norton , Edgebaston in Birmingham; thomas gives his occupation as Book Keeper. in 1851 Thomas and Mary have their grandson Thomas Scarrott [ born 1840 ] staying with them in Sandy Land Edgebaston Birmingham and Thomas lists his occupation as Chelsea Pensioner .

born 1762 Wellington Shropshire ENGLAND Occupation Button Maker;  married Sarah HALLEN had two children with Sarah Hallen : Thomas Scarrott born 1786 [ see above ] and John Emmanuel SCARROTT died when he was three months old in April 1787 . Also in 1787 , documentation shows that a William Lucy was apprenticed to Hallen & Scarrott Button Maker of Newall Street Birmingham , so it maybe that Sarahs father was also in the button trade .  On further investigation regarding the Hallen side of the family its seems the Hallens were iron platers and frying pan makers over six generations and 200 years, providing an unusual example of a specialised trade (manufacture of wrought iron frying pans) dominated by a single immigrant family over a long period in several parts of England. The enterprise began in 1601 at Stanton Drew, Somerset, making armour plate and pans. The chief workman was Cornelius Hallen, possibly from Mechelen, Belgium. A second and larger branch was established at Wandsworth in or about 1634, with about fourteen foreign workmen, some at least from the Liège area. Between 1647 and 1654, the Hallens established three further branches in the West Midlands, at Coalbrookdale, Stourbridge and Newcastle-under-Lyme, with a plate mill and pan shops at each. Around 1700, the two earlier sites were converted to copper working, but the Hallens continued to make iron pans in the Midlands. A Birmingham branch was added in about 1719. There was decline after about 1750, with the end of panmaking in Newcastle after 1754, Birmingham in about 1776, Stourbridge in 1780, and Coalbrookdale in or after 1798. The probable causes were improved rolling mills and improved cast iron making the Hallens' wrought iron pans uncompetitive.

Sadley Sarah died in the February of 1788 when Thomas Scarrott was 2 years old . Sarah is buried in St Pauls Churchyard Birmingham , with her son John Emmanuel Scarrott . 

Emmanuel was left with his son Thomas for five years but in 1794  married Sarah Read in Alcester in Warwickshire , by whom he had at least seven children; namely : Jane Scarrott born 1796 St Phillips Parish Birmingham , William Read Scarrott born 1797 [ William  may have taken part in the Battle of Waterloo]   during 1797 Emmanuel was listed as a ' Button Maker living at 36 Newhall Street in Birmingham . Hallen & Scarrott was the name of the button making company .  
Another son was born and named after himself : Emmanuel Scarrott born 1799  however he died when he was two in Birmingham , George Scarrott died 1801 in Birmingham , Sarah Scarrott born 1803 in Birmingham, Emmanuel Read Scarrott who was born St Georges in Bloomsbury London and who died when he was five years old is buried Spa Fields Burial Ground London  under the surname SHERRROTT and Elias Scarrott [ probably named after Emmanuel's brother ] born 1817 in Bloomsbury London. Elias went on to become a Pianoforte Maker.
Emmanuel died 5th May 1846 at St Marylebone Street London ENGLAND.  He was buried 13th May 1846 at St Giles in The Fields Churchyard , London.
Emmanuel is 4 x Great Grandfather to Actor Ray Winstone !
born 1732 Wellington Shropshire ENGLAND married Mary TURNER 26 January 1756. Had at least four children ; Thomas Scarrott born 1756 , Elias Scarrott 1759 , James Turner Scarrott in 1760 and Emmanuel Scarrott in 1762 [ see above ] . Thomas died 1806 in Polesworth Warwickshire.
born 1706 Wellington Shropshire ENGLAND married Jane POWELL 25th January 1729 in Wem Shropshire.  They had at least seven children born in Wellington ; Ann Scarrott 1730 , Thomas Scarrott 1732 - 1806 [ see above ] , Jane Scarrott 1735 , Humphrey Scarrott 1738 - 1742 , Humphrey Scarrott 1742 , Mary Scarrott 1746 , Emmanuel Scarrott 1750
born 1678 Wellington Shropshire ENGLAND married Jane CHESHIRE 8th october 1699 in Shifnal Shropshire . Humphrey & Jane had at least one child Humphrey Scarrott born 1706 [ see above ]
born born 1649 Warmingham Cheshire ENGLAND married Anna . John died in Wellington Shropshire July 1717 ; had at least one child Humfrey Scarratt in Wellington 1678 [ see above ]
born 20th May 1607 Warmingham Cheshire ENGLAND married Jane PARES 1630 in Chester Cheshire . Houmfrey & Jane had at least eight children all born in Warmingham Cheshire ; Jane Skerritt 1639 , Elizabeth Skerritt 1640 , Ellinor Skerritt born and died 1643 , Humfrey Skerritt 1644 , Ann Skerritt 1647 , John Skerritt 1649 [ see above ] , Hughe Skerritt 1645 - 1739 and Margaret Skerritt 1658 . Houmfrey died in 1676 in Warmingham Cheshire
Randolphus SKERRIOTT
born 1575 Warmingham Cheshire ENGLAND . Married unknown and had at least three children all born Warmingham Cheshire : Houmfrey Skerriott born 1607 [ see above ] Elizabeth Skerriott born and died 1609 and Robert Skerriotte born 1612. Randolphus died 1659 in Sandbach Cheshire.
born 1548 Warmingham Cheshire ENGLAND married Elizabeth NEWTON 3rd May 1573 in Warmingham Cheshire had at least six children : Robert Skerrette 1573 , Elizabeth Skerret who died in 1577,  Johan Skerret,  a daughter who died in 1580 , Randolphus [ aka Rondle ,  Randle , Ranulphe ] Skerriott or Skerrette [ see above ] in 1575 , Margaret Skerrett born 1577 and died aged 1 year old and John Skerrett born and died 1580.
born 1518c CHESHIRE ENGLAND married Jone FITHEON 8th July 1545 in Warmingham Cheshire . Robert & Jone had at least four children all born Warmingham Cheshire  ; Jone Skerriotte 1544 , Houmfrey Skerryotte 1548 [ see above ] Thomas Skerryotte 1553 and Margaret Skerryotte 1554.