A New Musical by Michelle Horgen

Scarlet is a funny, (yes, funny!) sweet and heroic show that stays true to history and Hawthorne's novel. It's a heart-wrenching tale of two star-crossed lovers and a scorned husband who is consumed with hatred. Its a moving story about an independent woman whose one purpose in life is to protect her child.
This new musical is backed by a large cast of talented singers and full orchestrations. Horgen has assembled a cast, who combined, have performed in virtually every professional theater house and choral ensemble in Portland, Oregon. Like many Broadway musicals, Scarlet is witty, hysterically funny, and "encore!" worthy!
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About Michelle Horgen

Michelle Horgen, who holds Master's degrees in Conducting and Education, has been a high school teacher for over 16 years and currently teaches at Riverdale High School in Portland, Oregon. Horgen comes from a musical home where she picked up a love for music at an early age.  She has been involved in directing, conducting, and playing musicals professionally for the past 20 years.