Scarlet INside News


recrding complete. tracks being prepared for mastering.
no professional mastering for me, so i'll do what I can.

This may be last time i record anything's time for a new website

see you on the other side


Scarlet Update
We have been joined by a new bass player, one david Blane. specialist in fretless and upright bass. had one 'small' rehearsal and he sounds perfect for the band.
the new album is complete barring mixing and last minute fixing.

The title of which shall be

THirty Rivers to CRoss

release date TBC later

Brian is heading of to the USA again. so no work for a fortnight. he's taking the vocal melkodies and his co-lyric writer Grahame with him, so there should be some work to do on his solo album on return.
i'm playing an acoustic set at the end of the month, think i'll ask jerry to see if he will play backing percussion.

forgot to mention i had to have an injection in my thumb...oh pouvre moi. recovery in a couple of weeks.


studio rehearsal with jerry. didn't use any of the backing tracks, played the tracks bare to allow him a softer 'in'. Brian has recorded the rehearsal and will get hem over to me as soon as...
Rehearsal was rough but ok.


work on the new album continues apace.
had a few meetings with jerry to go over some of the tricky bits he'll have to get.
Brian is slowly getting on with his solo album.

Hey hey, we're back
Working with a new Drummer, Jerry Good. only one meeting and one rehearsal so far, but he's keen so let's see where we go from here.
very quiet on the performance front, so we'll try to put together some gigs int he near future. also working on next years festival scene.
1st Half of Brians new Solo album
now available.
new studio rehearsals start next week
having problems finishing the new Scarlet INside album, but we'll get there, we'll get there. 


Well! we lost another bass player. nuff said.
Brian's new album is slowly being releasesd online as he organises himself.
new gigs coming up soon...News to follow.
started rehearsing new tracks from old albums to include in the set.

Wed night we had an audition for a new bass player, Steven Patrick.
everything went well, and he's keen to join as we are pleased to have him join the project.

Seems that spring break is over, endless delays and false starts.
so we move on

Brian's solo album for the 'Visions of Light' project, possibly called Spycatcher has completed recording the first 5 tracks. The five 'songs' in the project. Vox by Kevin Kennie.
new bass players are being lined up to join the band. first audition is on wed 15th July. hopefully it'll all go well.
new Scarlet INside material in the process of being arranged and organised for recording, possibly later this year, possibly early next year. probably at the same time as we start recording part two of the 'Visions of Light' stuff.
also found an old review for 'The FAll' so i thought i'd post it here for you all to read and to cheer Scarlet up.

The FAll, is an extended EP of stunning experimental music by a Trio from Glasgow who have combined their unique talents and Individualism to wonderful effect.
The album opens with a track of Minimalist wonder, a single note, almost inaudible but bursting into life with heartbeat skipping effect, this leads directly into the multi-genre, ethnic rock, Title track; The Fall, blissful Sitar layered over electro beats which meld into a pumping rock track and clever lyrics and ever surprising turns of events.
Dungeons and fishtails, gets you going with a funky ethnic beat which blends into a cracking progressive blues track about meeting an old friend who is down on his luck. powerful, assertive and with supreme musicianship the track will drag you along with it. don't forget to listen for all the weird noises ( e.g. a studio full of people battering on bags full of tin cans, bottles, car tools and percussion instruments which add to the feeling of creativity and fearlessness.
The Simple MAchine Kills the FLorid Idea...Is a crunching, pounding track, again entirely different from the two which precede it...electro beats, crashing drums and guitar that sounds like Satan gargling tarmac, drive along the bizarre lyrics...but this is a multi layered track with nuances and changes of pace that will have you reaching for your air guitar before the end
the last track is FOur OVer - an extended, prog heavy, many splendoured, textured song of wonderfulness.
you will drift along on the soft beats, the swirl of guitar and the pumping bass, your fingers will dance in the perfumed air of flute solos and guitar solos. while the heart will fly on the wings of such Powerful vocals, singing of bliss and loss that maybe a tear or two will drip onto your smiling cheeks.
In this their first and no way their last recording, Scarlet Inside show a brand of fearless, experimentation, fun with noises, bravery of choices and a degree of talent in musicianship, musical composition and musical construction that will surprise, delight and challenge you. no style is out of bounds, no instrument is out of bounds, there is nothing that cannot be used as an instrument and layered together produce a debut of mature and classic performance that makes this album feel like a band on the top of their game already.
trust me, you will love will want more...and if I'm not mistaken they will be happy to supply it.
this is music for people who love music and love those who want to use it to its highest level of creativity and joy.

Spring Break


delays, delays, delays.
work on Brian's new solo album has been delayed due to 'reasons'.
work on Scarlet INside rehearsal and gigs has been delayed due to 'reasons'
work on the new acoustic album, the best of album and the 30th anniversary stuff, have been delayed due to 'reasons'

we'll be abck


Aaaaaaand while we were away, we managed to release a new single.
DReaming of an ENDless Day BEneath the DEsert Sun.
Available on all major and minor platforms

hey!!! we're back.
sorry about the gap in updates and news here. computer issues led to us being offline for a wee while.
so....many rehearsals, a few gigs and we're up to date.
next gig is on the 16th January at the Buff Club. should be a good one.
gig on monday night at Box was a bit slap dash but Brian brought along Derek, a photographer friend of his, saw some examples of the black and white photo's he took, and they're going to look absolutely cracking, when we get access to them.
Brian and I are still looking for new members to join the collective and are looking into organizing a tour next year. so plenty to look forward to.


reheasals next week, then gig. trying to get a new drummer this week. let's see how that goes. working on new backing beats for pushing out and NIghtwatch.

new rehearsal began this week after a months break. everything sounding good. still workiong on getting anew percussionist in....secret, devious plans,,,hahahahahahah. even got some open mic, acoustic gigs and jamming in recently so good stuff all round.

New Scarlet INside poster
Brian in a previous incarnation mid 80's

after gig photo at McSorley's in July 2014, with myself Brian and our wonderful host Becca Starr

our first gig. Scottish Acoustic festival at Dram in GLasgow.


update. rehearsals and gigs going reasonably well. playing with Brian and Solo. spreading the good word. Brain is off to Berlin to see his producer Ralf about completing his Solo album and re mixing some Scarlet INside stuff.
Tony is remixing 'In the NIght GArden...
going to do about one gig per month....
still looking for a percussionist and maybe a bass player...

PLaying our first gig on wednesday. more of a warm up than a full stage gig, but nonetheless this is the new start.

Scarlet INSide facebook page is now

Rehearsals almost complete. planning to arrange gigs for late June.

cover picture for the new S.INside album
PAssive SPace in RASter Lines


We here at Scarlet INside are delighted to announce the release, by our sister project, S.INside;
the new soundscapes and soundtracks album
'PAssive SPace in RAster Lines;.

A 9 track, varied collection of soundscapes, moods and music.

available here on the Scarlet INside Bandcamp site for the opening price of £5 or 50p per track.

Rehearsals carry on as planned. almost ready for gigging. still looking for a percussionista to fill up the band. 
this week will be spent advertising the band online. 
next week we're back to rehearsal then gigs.

the new S.INside album.
PAssive SPace in RAster Lines, is almost ready. hopefully get it out as soon as possible.

studio rehearsal booked for 18.04.14. after Brian gets back from another holiday.
i'm currently working on putting together a new electro-soundscapes album, hopefully to release by the end of the month. 

next rehearsal will be in studio. full band rehearsal in preparation for first full big band gigs. hopefully sometime in May. new songs also on their way.

rehearsal with Brian tonight
next gig McSorleys 13th Feb

The BLood that we Share (Volumes 1 and 2)
The FAll 
UNarmed and UNSteady
now available on Nimbit

first rehearsal of the year arranged for tomorrow.
first gig will probably be on feb5 TBC.
working on getting a full band onstage for a full years (?) worth of playing and recognition.

hi! first blog of the year. have started work on a new acoustic album while creating a few bits and pieces. waiting for Brian to come back from holiday to get going on his new album.

work on new projects being postponed until January of next year.
guest vocaling on Brian Johnstone's new album, held over for rewrites, after which we will be touring Scarlet material whilst composing together for a new crossover album.
recording of both projects should begin sometime around early spring.


new store for buying Scarlet music now available

Scarlet INSide are delighted to announce the release of our new album The BLood that we SHare (Volume 2: INSide)

Today will see the Digital release of the new Scarlet INside Album; The BLood that we SHare (Volume 2: INside).
the culmination of 2 years work. 

just waiting the return of Nightwatch and Storm from Tony, who's mastering them, then the album can be released.

received a four track EP of old Scarlet Tracks, remixed by Tony Kennie in the BLue ROom. great remixes, track 1 Outside the Box, is so good it looks like it could use some vox to get it out into public awareness.
Tony is also Mastering and messing about with the last two tracks of the latest BLood album. we will then move on to, Hopefully, a full album of work together.

Outside the Box, currently available here:

delighted to announce the Digital release of our new single
a new departure a new style for Scarlet INside but very definitely us

have decided to take a little more time to finish off the new album, as i have, as usual, come up with some new tracks at the last minute. added new video for 'In the night Garden...'

have moved into my new studio. still putting things together the way i'll like them but writing still going on and recording only  a heartbeat away
edited, early release teaser of STill Ill from the PiLLs, made available to listen

only a few bits and pieces left to finish off Volume 2 of The BLood that we Share. mostly lyrics mind you.

attempted to play in a competition despite the fact that i hate the damn things. (was asked by a friend and decided to treat it as a rehearsal gig)
played int he semi-final, or rather i didn't. friend lost control of the time and as last on i got to play for a whole ten minutes...left before  i got angry

also available from Drew McKinlay on cd


album now available on cd

£6.20 (£5 plus £1.20 p and p)

The new ALbum is now available to purchase in digital format

1st Demo cd finished to test levels and quality. no really bad problems found so album will be officially released next week. haven't finalised the date yet.
have released another teaser track which can be heard here

mastering of tracks almost finished. release by next week.

release of early bonus track 'In the NIght GArden, we AWait the FAll of Silent STars'. 
from the forthcoming album

Drew has given me the design for the back cover of the CD. it's very beautiful 

looks like we've got the track list for the album
album title will be
'The BLood that we SHare'

got Drew the drum to sign off on a few of the possible tracks for the new album. definitely down to the last fiddly bits and oh shit, we forgot that bit, bits. drew reckons he'll be back later in the year so hopefully can be fully reintegrated without much of a to do.

been off for a while, gigging and gogging. done some acoustic stuff and some (+) stuff. putting out feelers for new musicians to tour the new album
BTW. the main tracks for the new album are all but finished. just mixing mastering and last minute emergencies.

one t-shirt sent off to drew. one to kaela, one about to be sent off to sandy. it begins

new t-shirts with a number of designs have begun production. designs will be shown here soon and t-shirts can be made available/ sent on request or purchased at gigs or from me personally

just received the DVD's and cd's in the post of the film I did the soundtrack music for...rather pleased. will post it here soon as technically possible

original drummer, drew mcKinlay, may be returning home this year, so  he'll be re enjoined into something that the project does.

first drip of news of the year `13. played a little rock n blues on hogmanay, had a great time, picked up a friend or two. made arrangement to get together with Steven Callaghan, to get him to play some sitar and/or flute for me. working on 'an cuilinn; and Immortal for this project.

just finished a great remix of an old track 'NAils'. uploaded onto SOundcloud. going tore organise all my files, all my tracks and finish as much of the unfinished stuff as possible. time for a heart of winter, spring clean

1st mix of newly completed track; 'OBsidian', now available on Soundcloud

from here to there up to No 4 on the tourdates charts. dungeons and fishtails to be played on TEd rock tonight. new vox tracks layed down on Obsidian. might just scrap the whole fucking lot of them and start again...maybe

David has left, citing the  'you can't teach and old dog', defence. 
I thought he was delightfully talented enough, but he fekt he couldn't do it and scarpered.
a body that doesn't work and no musicians...mmmm?
best thing to do is just record and produce a new album myself. 

new semi-acapella track, the self itself...uploaded to SOundcloud. for some strange reason I got pingged for copyright infringement. how can i infringe on my own voice...weird. anyway there you go..

Life's a bitch..then you dress up like one

Studio rehearsals start next week. David keen to write new material...what a good idea

still advertising for new band members, nothing yet. week long rehearsal coming up...should be hot and tight after that

New Bandpage set up on facebook
 hey ho

False CReator (vocal mix)  and WE choose to Drift like Terns on a winter's Sea Breeze are being used by Andrew McKinlay as SOundscape music for a new film under production. excited. 

mostly working on trying to increase the radio airplay and sucking musicians into the hell that is Scarlet INside (Mwuahahaha). too shitty outside to do anything but work indoors. rehearsal on Saturday then we should be into the studio.

Rehearsal day today. 

couple of rehearsals coming up to finalise the set list and tighten up our arses. more to come after then,
New review  from Playmusic magazine for the last EP 'The FAll'

♫♫♫♫ = 4 out of 5


Experimental Scots art rockers Scarlet Inside

combine ethnic instrumentation with synthesizers

and industrial rock. This idea was already done to

death by the end of the 90s but don’t panic! It’s

definitely worth pressing on; the disparate influences

eventually distill into a vaguely menacing psychedelic

electronica that recalls Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were

Here on one hand and Black Tie White Noise era

David Bowie on the other. Among a plethora of

interesting musical ideas, standout track The Simple

Machine Kills The Florid Idea sounds like a stoned

Dalek jamming with Shellac. Weird, but we listened

to it more than once, which probably means that we

are as bonkers as they are!

NOt too shabby.

Much and Many useful discussions being had over new material. 


had a first stripped down rehearsal with Davie. easy does it, but it all just felt right. great ideas on old and current material, great new ideas. particularly on Obsidian. which could be a surprise entry into the new set list. he's got a lot of tracks to work on but it's just to give him a full idea of what it's like to be a S.INner. he seems to be having fun

first meeting with davie to discuss band...good time had by all. will take it slow and easy and get some rehearsal organised soon


special treat...a vocal version of False Creator, just to creep you out

enjoy, S.INners


ok...looks like I got David McCombe on Bass...other musicians to follow hopefully soon...rehearsals to be arranged soon. 
first track has been sent to Tony for pre recording production and ideas

New Video for Simple Machine now available on you tube

First track of new album, guitar's drums, synths etc...sent off for mixing to the magic fingers of Tony Kennie

YouTube Video

New Video for the TRack FT from 'THe CReaTion of AFter EFfects'

News and Views

New Website. links to music, videos and news
other Scarlet stuff as well.
Scarlet INside is more of a project than a band. the number, name and type of participants has changed many times over the years.
the music stems from a simple policy of 'let's see what happens when we hit this'. turn this into a workable/performable song or a lengthy soundscape or something indescribabble and you've come somewhere close to the music of Scarlet INside.



‘One of the best examples of progressive music to come out of Glasgow ina  long time. You can never presict what type of show you will get from this experimental trio. What’s guaranteed is that you’ll be completely blown away by their superlative musicianship. Check out their latest EP, ‘The FAll’, on i-tunes’

Paul Wishart: Paul Wishart events

‘known collectively as Scarlet INside and their EP is called ‘The FAll’, certainly influences abound in this EP. Not those of other bands however but sounds and sonic textures from other parts of the world. Take the eastern textures in ‘The FAll’ for example, that bring the kind of variety rarely heard in the output of a Glasgow band. You don’t doubt the maturity of the participants either with ‘Dungeons and Fishtails showing a near theatrical demeanour reminiscent of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. None of the songs here are three minute, radio friendly snapshots of ice-cream and summer days, but that is hardly a criticism. ‘The FAll’ is the work of an intelligent and committed band.

Review by: Bluesbunny

The bluesbunny,

‘A much stronger performer was Kevin Kennie. A little box of electronic tricks kept his acoustic guitar company for most of his set and that allowed him to stretch out his songs to near prog-rock dimensions. That’s not actually the the insult it sounds like, as there was no doubt the Mr Kennie could both sing and play and I can see him having a lot of appeal to chilled out rock fans

The bluesbunny,


The mastermind and sole member of Scarlet Inside, Kevin Kennie, displays his monstrous music talents throughout these thunderous music landscapes. The music took my ears to lands of new sounds and then to progressive rock waves. This was really deep, moving music, built strongly with voice caverns in perfect placed 
settings. FORKSTER respects the music efforts and talents of Scarlet Inside.


Tony Kennie 

having listened to this album on a few occasions, the fact that I have listened to it more than once; should tell you how enjoyable it was. There is a range of genre based music, from pure rock, jazz, techno and contemporary computer based stuff. What is interesting is the use of different accents/ effects on the vocals, which keep your attention. The range and different tempos also keep the listener attentive. Good stuff.


yesterday I got  a new pair of headphones in the mail and this morning I downloaded 3 new software synths. so much weird noising will occur. I pity the neighbours.
  30.06.12. recently bought myself am AKAI MPK mini for helping with live shows. 

still looking for other members to play in the band, but when you're as impossible to work with as me, it's not easy. that, and I haven't asked anyone.

01.07.2012. fucking 'ell It's July now, another day closer to the blessed relief of the void. any way. found some old songs on a hard drive this morning and decided to mix and post them on soundcloud and facebook. what the hell, let the world hear them, maybe they'll have been worth the effort all that time ago..

Now have two albums on Bandcamp
'Unarmed and UNsteady - the acoustic + EP
'The FAll' - the full Scarlet INside EP

preparing another album of minimalist electro soundscapes / stories
'The CReaetion of AFter EFfects'

have come up with another idea. to offer individualised albums where people can pick and mxi all the tracks I make available and I will prepare a download album (for a price, I'm hungry y'know) or even prepare a CD ALbum with CD case. They can even give the album their own title as long as  i get the credits.
just figuring out how to organise and advertise this. be back later when I work it out

new track added to the Creation of aftereffects on Bandcamp.
layers of new minimalist track laid down on cubase.
busy morning really. 
HIggs Boson discovered...not sure how that will change my music, maybe I'll write a ditty about it.
'Oh Higgs, where have you been?
you make up everything
nothing will ever be the same
but can you stop the rain...

or some bollocks like that

NOw on reverbnation as well, again.

early morning composing and recording is always fun. you never know what crap you're going to come up with. 
uploading a track called Jkfrui-02 to Bandcamp at the moment. fuck knows why.

finished with 'The CReaTion of After EFfects' album.
that now makes 3 albums /EP's available for sale or free download, depending on what website you go to.
I'd prefer the buying option, I'm hungry.

Here's the album picture

spooked yet? Woooooooo

might just turn to a crunchy rock album now.

fancy the idea of performing again, but would prefer the option of an oddly situated singular performance. 

might have to go for the idea of a manager or organiser, to get some of the work done, and take it out of my hands.
currently doped outta my skull but still coming up with some cool beats and toons, doods.


feeling very froody today. got some good sounds recorded last night. still can't sing but that'll come when my throat gets better. 

got the backing tracks laid down for 'Still ill from the pills' just guitar and vocals, but may need to write new lyrics.

got a very sore third toe on my left foot today...weird.


gonna try to do some acoustic gigs, then eventually some Scarlet INside gigs. will have missed another summer...never seem to get to do gigs in Summer (Cursed!!!) but getting back to the stage soon. if you want me, you know where to find me

got two gigs organised
playing at Curlers (!) on the 29th July
and at Bar SNo at Xscape, Braehead on the 2nd August. 
playing these as solo acoustic as  a bit of a warm up

Ok so me fucked up...not playing the gig at Sno on the 2nd Aug. but will be playing the 29th July gig at Curlers Bar. 

Played a nice gig at Curlers Rest last night. my bleeding guitar lead insert fell out and i had to borrow another guitar. took the Ugandan Harp as well., which I had tuned to a nice Japanese tuning and sang Blue STreet to. this went down very well. made some good contacts as well as revisiting some old ones. all in all a good night. back hurt like hell though

dear diary, nothing much to say...ah bloody hell, there really isn't much. no gigs, no band, no legs, no liver, well, you know what I mean.
not getting (as Promised) the masters of 'The FAll' turned into professionally made cd's, got the masters back instead. not what I wanted,  but after waiting three months, better than nothing. 
think I'll record a new being bored. 

I know, I know, it's been a while, and summers over and you're all depressed and thinking fuck sake it's nearly xmas...anyway news material under way, recording, re-recording, and sent off for mixing by Tony down south. and I have a bass player if I want things are looking up.

Google Calendar

New Scarlet INSide album.

New  S.INside album now available on Bandcamp

Click on Soundcloud URL for 3 sets of different Scarlet INside Music

The FAll EP now available on Bandcamp, at

other albums/EP's available on Bandcamp
UNarmed and UNSteady


The CReation of After EFfects
(still a work in progress though)

get INfo and updates on my facebook page

Scarlet INSide EP 'The FAll' Availability

the sound on this one isn't great but it was our first ever gig, for this version of Scarlet INside, there had been no rehearsal and everyone was just busking it as much as they could

Scarlet INside video's

old you tube video of 'We Cry ALone' at PIvo Pivo in Glasgow.

YouTube Video of 'We Cry ALone

old video of  'Pushing Out' Gallus, Glasgow (lots of crowd noise)

YouTube Video of 'Pushing Out'

copy of a great old tune Grew Within in a link to Scarlet INside myspace sites new and old